Aug 12, 2008

The Replacement Killer

Scribbled by Perky |

It seems to me that the trend of adopting babies has also gotten to my mom. Yeah, I know how lonely it can be without her 3 children to give her more headache give her more house work to do spend the entire day doing nothing but shopping entertain her, but really, I do feel a little bit like I'm being pushed aside here.

Babies are lovely, I'm sure. If you say so lah. But I don't like it when someone else takes over my place as my mummy's little girl. Oh wait, I do have that one other sister. Sometimes it's hard to remember that I'm not the only princess in the family.

I would've thought my dad would object to this new addition to the family. Especially since my mom kept it a secret from him. Especially when he likes our family just the way it is. All these years I've been listening to him say,"No more! No more!"

I thought he would've flipped out when he found out. But you know, babies do have a way with people. They just know how to creep into all that yummy goodness in your heart. She's even stolen my daddy's heart. Even I have a hard time reminding my dad that I'm his daughter.

Anyways, this baby doesn't have a name yet. Yeah, mummy and daddy dearest can't seem to think of a name for her.

And you know what hurts me most? They never even bothered calling me to ask if I had any idea as to what to name her. NoooOOOooooOOOoo! Instead, they called my sister. I mean, come on people! We all know how great I am with names. Plus, I'm the next in line elder one, so naturally they should consult me first.

*sigh* I'm just hurt. I'm their daughter, for Pete's sake! And yet, they replace me with her:

She's a Persian cat and is 2 months old (the little greyish kitten). Mummy bought her for RM600 from a friend/relative in Sibu. And yes, the kitten was flown in to Kuching. FLOWN IN, okay. Talk about star treatment yo!

And these are her family members. Very well-behaved kitties, mind you. I've brought cats into my car before, and it was like unleashing a tornado in a moving box!

p/s: And yes, this would be my first video in youtube.

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8 Your say:

Legolas said...

I LOVE cats!!!!! So cute!!!! Still no name?

lyana said...

hey, kellogs has a little sister/brother! :) and i know you're secretly in love with hachiko! :)

Aziya said...

Awww.... she'd been kissed by another cat..

Nick Phillips said...

Oh my god, how could they replace you with a cat? That's absolutely mean of them, a hamster or a rabbit I could probably understand but a cat? LMAO!

Not trying to be on your moms side but she's adorable though and that's saying a lot from someone who is not a cat lover like me :D

ImitationAngel said...

I'm a dog person myself but she is really cute.

Catty said...

Haiyor I really thought your mom adopted a baby for real!

Adorable cats though!

BTW, congrats on the promotion. U deserve it :D

budleee said...


kitties !!!!


Perky said...

We finally named her Hachiko. My sis gave her that name.

Hehehe... of coz I am. I can't wait to go back home one day & finally get to meet this baby :)

So cute kan? :)

Nick Phillips:
Lmao! Yeah, how could they!! Oh the nerve! ;)

Imitation Angel:
ANother stamp of approval from a dog lover. Yay! :)

Hahaha! If it really was another human being my mom had adopted, I would've freaked out! I'm already having such a hard time with one sister! :P

Thanks! The promotion was long overdue anyway :)

More kitties to obsessed over. Hahaha!