Aug 21, 2008

It Takes a Nut to Know a Nut!

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I was reading the Are You Normal or Nuts? article in Reader's Digest and I do wonder if the readers who wrote-in were actually writing about me ‘coz honestly, it felt like I was reading my life!

Anyways, in Are You Normal or Nuts? article, they discuss about our quirks or wacky characteristics that some of us may possess. I read a few and I do agree that some of them really do need to seek professional help. Hehehe…

One person wrote in:
“I have to use things until they wear out before getting new ones. It took me seven years to use up 14 bottles of nail polish. I should get a new pair of sandals, but my old ones aren't completely worn-out yet, so I'll wait. My friends tell me this is not normal.”

I can relate to that. My sister likes to buy toiletries and she doesn’t wait til they’re finished before she buys a new one. That’s especially true with facial products and shampoo. If she feels like trying something new, she’ll just get a new one. Which is so unlike me coz I cannot use something new until the old one has finished. And that would explain why I have a closet full of toiletries!

Another person who wrote in said:
"I have trouble concentrating. If I'm on the phone and someone in the room is talking to me, I block them both out. Driving home, I sometimes space out and can't remember big chunks of the trip. My head's always wandering into la-la land. Is that nuts? "

Man, that’s so like me. I have really short attention span. I can even switch conversation topics while talking just like that *snaps fingers*. I’ve been trying to kick this habit as it annoys the hell out of my friends. Hahaha!

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone on this. I’m damn sure that there’s lots of us out there who’s hiding our little quirky side. So let’s all share our oddities together and have a laugh at it!

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5 Your say:

savante said...

Well I'm crazy enough without doing the quiz :P

Nick Phillips said...

Well, what do you know, I happen to be in the nut case category too ... at least I'm not alone. LOL!

How's work coming along with your promotion and all that ... Hope things are well.

Perky said...

Hahaha! We all know that already! ;)

Nick Phillips:
I just had my big event, so now I'm settling back to my old routine :)

Legolas said...

Changing conversation topics instantly is one of the skills which me and my friends possess. I think it's meant for people with higher level of intelligence. Haha.

Perky said...

Lol! Yeah you're absolutely right! ;)