Sep 3, 2008

Perky is Going to be a Fairy Godmother

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Over the years I've seen a few of my girlfriends and cousins carrying their own bundle of joy. Yeah, there was that "a-ha" & "owwwwhh" moments for me when I dangle carry their baby. But none of that can compare to the overwhelming joy I felt when my bestfriend, *Sheep, told me that she was 3 months preggers.

Something hit me. I was getting all teary-eyed, jumping & screaming like as if it was me who just hit the RM1mil jackpot.

*Sheep and I have been friends since we were in primary school. So we go aaaallll the way back. When I got my first period, she was there. When she got her first boyfriend, I was there.

We were there for each other when we went through our bodily and hormonal changes, when we realized we needed glasses coz we were blind as a bat, our heartaches, our successes and failures. We went to tuition together, and skipped tuition together.

Coincidentally (or fate had something to do with it, whatever), we even went to the same university (and had many, many more crazy adventures together). Every journey a girl could go through, we were always there for each other. Even as we go through our careers, she's not too far away as she works for my dad as the outlet manager for his pharmacy store.

So when she told me about this wonderful news, I kept trying to imagine how she'll look like pregnant. As she's in Sarawak and I'm here in KL, I won't deny that I was slightly upset that I was going to miss out on watching her "grow". I was going to miss out on feeling her baby kick in her tummy. I was also going to miss out on tagging along with her as she goes shopping for maternity clothes or when she needs to go out and indulge her cravings.

I'll be missing out quite a lot actually, and there's not much I can do about that.

For most parts, I can't be more thrilled about *Sheep's pregnancy. But a small part of me kept hearing "tick tock tick tock" and I found myself wondering if I'll ever get the chance to experience pregnancy myself. Which is really strange coz I don't like them drooling, shitting, crying monsters babies.

But for now, I'll just settle on being the coolest godmother to *Sheep's child.

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ToughGirl101 said...

I like kids so long as i can always give them back... I'm afraid of one day having my own kids. I hope I have a good husband who can care for them.I dont think I'm equipped to care for a child

Legolas said...

You will change once again when you are pregnant, and it's the biggest change ever.

savante said...

Any baby would be lucky to have you as a godmother! :) I know we all hate this question... but I so have to ask it : so when are you getting your own? :P

Nick Phillips said...

I'm sure you'll make a wacky, cool and hip godmother :D

So, what's stopping you from going out and making one of those urrrrmmm, what did you call them again, drooling, shitting, crying monsters? LOL!

MiChi said...

Having a baby??? Hmm....really like hitting RM1mil jackpot.

But if you have a baby girl, that will be cool! You can go shop for ligerie together .. :D I wish my mom was there when I was buying those big "spectacles"..haha

Perky said...

Tough Girl 101:
Hahaha! That's funny - "I like kids as long as I can give them back".

I'm sure you'll be fine should you choose to have kids of your own one day :)

Hehehe... not sure if i'm ready for those changes yet though.

When am I getting my own? Hmm.. the next time I pop by a baby convenient store, I'll just buy one off the rack ;)

Nick Phillips:
hehehe... Well babies are drooling, shitting, crying monsters, you know. I like kids when I don't have to worry whether or not I'm going to break them while carrying them ;)

Erm my bestfriend is having the baby, not me. But it's almost as good as me having my own baby I guess :)

budleee said...

awwww you maternal instict is kicking in :)