Sep 5, 2008

Shopping at the Tip of Your Fingers

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Every girl loves to shop. But if you’re like me, though I do enjoy the occassional shopping spree, I don’t enjoy having to physically go to the store & endure the long queues, or wait while the shop assistant runs into the storeroom to look for my shoe size.

Nowadays, I even stay away from going to shopping malls because finding a parking spot is near impossible and it’s just a waste of petrol being stuck in traffic jams.

So I’ve found an alternative: To shop online from U.S. retailers. It makes sense, doesn’t it? The “shop” is available to you 24/7, you can compare prices or get the product reviews without ever leaving your home or office and the selection is unbeatable.

Yeah, I know, some of you are most probably going,”Hmm... but isn’t it expensive to get the items shipped here?”

Not if you use the package forwarding services provided by Access USA at website. As we are well aware of, many US retailers will not ship overseas and the ones that do, well, they normally charge very high shipping rates for international shipping.

So what Access USA does is they provide you with a genuine US street address that the US retailers will accept as a valid shipping destination (and btw, having a USA address can also bypass potential international shipping hurdles).

If you’re an account holder at Access USA, they help you save money in more ways than one:
• You can save up to 70% on international shipping.
• They will consolidate multiple purchases into one sturdy shipment, which will save you more on international shipment costs than having each package sent individually.

Also, if you don’t want to waste time and just get your stuff, you can even treat website as your personal shopper service provider. You just tell them what you want to order and they will buy the goods for you. They accept wire transfers, payment through PayPal and can take major credit cards with foreign billing address and/or issued by a non-U.S. bank or other financial institution. Of course, there’s a small fee for the service and a slight markup on the purchase to pay for processing your credit card payment, but it’s still a cheaper alternative.

Shopping on the internet can be so much easier at website.

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4 Your say:

Legolas said...

Ooh... That's very clever of them to earn money while helping people.

Anonymous said...

I have been using a similar service called Bongo International for about a year. I love their service because there is so much more selection in the states! Bongo has great customer service and they will help you save up to 82% off DHL prices.

Perky said...

That just goes to show that there's no such thing a "free" help ;)

Wow! That's fantastic. 82% off DHL prices? Man, that's cheap. I should probably check out that website. Thanks!

Champ2244 said...

I use as well. Love the service!