Aug 31, 2008

Designer Lingerie - A Must Have for the Ladies

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I have a weakness for Lingerie. Every time I pass by a Lingerie shop, I’ll be like,”Ooh, that’s pretty. I need to have that!” Need being the operative word here. I could spend a bomb on Lingerie but I’ll be a bit more reserved with my money when it comes to regular clothes or everyday wear.

For instance, when I go for meetings, I’d often opt to wear Lingerie underneath my office attire. I feel that it gives me the added confidence, like it gives me that extra ‘oomph’. I feel strong, I feel confident and I feel sexy. And when I’m feeling that way inside, it really shows in the way I present myself. Hahaha, that’s my secret to being a confident lady – wear Lingerie!


Since I’m always on the lookout for Lingerie, there is this great Designer Lingerie website called Boudiche. Boudiche is actually luxury lingerie brand that is based in Scotland. But if you’re buying from their website, your lingerie is hand selected and gift wrapped before being shipped to its destination. Their lingerie selection is not only glamorous, but more importantly wearable.

I’m a C cup and even then I sometimes have difficulties finding lingerie that will fit my size. So I can imagine what a nightmare it can be for ladies with larger cups. But at Boudiche, they have the prettiest styles and fabulous range of stunning Designer Lingerie and swimwear for the larger cup size to a GG cup.

Freya Lingerie is a popular choice at Boudiche, as its designs are fresh, uses modern colours and is a fabulous fit. The Freya range is available up to a J cup size! Fayreform Lingerie also caters to the larger-cup woman and are exclusively for D-cups and above. One of their best selling larger cup size brands in the boutique, Fayreform’s designs are chic and romantic.

Ladies, take a peak at the Boudiche website and treat yourself to some fabulous designer underwear and bra (I’ve been eyeing the Marie Jo Marlene Thong Rouge for quite some time now). It’s also a great place to buy gifts, bridal lingerie and maternity lingerie (who says you can’t look sexy when pregnant?). Go ahead and indulge yourselves!

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9 Your say:

bintang4 said... I know something :)

lyana said...

for someone who is an ex-eczema sufferer and is allergic to lace- I can only watch sexy lingerie. :(

budleee said...

oh gosh perky, too much details.. so if i do happened to see you drinking tea and eating karipap at ikea, confidently, you are wearing sexy lingerie..

YIKES!!!! to much details indeeed...

*so you were wearing something naugthy underneath for your bibik nyonya photoshoot have you :-?

Legolas said...

Lingeries are so nice! Unfortunately they don't have effect on me. Hmmm.

Perky said...

Glad you learn something new :D

Ala.. lingerie need not be from lace all the time. I've got a few lingerie made from silk, no lace :)

Hahahah! Now you know kan ;)

For Bibik's photoshoot I wasn't lingerie :( Maybe that's why the photos keluar tak cukup vas lol!

I go mad every time I pass by a lingerie shop! hehe.

Fable Frog said...

i saw cute FUWA [the CINA punya Olympic mascots] lingerie in Sg Wang~ mak suke mak suke!! too bad don't have my cup size~ :P I agree with you, sexy inner wear do bring out the confident~ i'm wit'cha gurl~

Aziya said...

I'd spend RM300 few days ago just to get some new lingeries for me...

I'm a sucker for European lingerie design hehehe... they offered some fancy-fancy big size for my measurement.. *laugh*

MiChi said...

I had been very shy to choose my lingerie...since the day I have to wear it until now...

Looks like I must learn to pick up the courage and admire the beautiful lingerie in shops from now on...

Perky said...

Fable Frog:
Yakah? Hmm... i'd like to see how the FUWA lingerie looks like. I'm curious. And if cantik, I will beli hehehe ;)

RM300 is normal when buying lingerie. Tapi bila nak beli baju for officewear, wah... bukan main kedekut lagi. Jacket Padini yang harga RM200 lebih pun tak mau beli coz "expensive". Hahaha!

Oh i think in time you will pick up the courage to enter the lingerie shops. I was like that too at first, but I grew out of it :)