Aug 28, 2008

It Was Like a Breath of Fresh Air

Scribbled by Perky |

I had a pretty long day at the office today, which left me wanting to just go home, wind down and chill out. So I was at the elevator, waiting for the lift.


The elevator door opened and in it stood a man. Almost immediately, there was this whiff of air that came out from the lift that smelt very much like durian.

The durian fruit needs to be banned!

"Great. I'm going to be sharing this elevator with a guy carrying durians. Not exactly how I'd like to end my day, but I'll take it."

So I went in and stood behind the guy.

Then there it was again. A sudden whiff of durian-smelling air came rushing to my face. I was getting annoyed by this as I'm not exactly crazy about them durians. I mean, I can eat one or two but let's just say, the durian and I will never share the same space or breathe the same air. I even set a rule with my own mother that she is banned from bringing durians into the car. My own mother!

So I studied this man, and I noticed he wasn't carrying anything in his hands.

And that's when it hit me. Like lighting strike, it just hit me. Hard.













Oh, good lord, it was nasty!!! It made me gag, sick to my stomach, I was turning green, purple, AND blue!!

I'd sell off one of my kidneys to have this on me at that time!

This man needs to be fined for committing such monstrosity!

Erggh, I feel so.... so.... so violated! I need to cleanse my system with clorox or something. Gross. I don't know how he can sleep at night knowing he almost murdered me!

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10 Your say:

ToughGirl101 said...

OMG, that's the most disgusting thing ever... I'm so sorry you had to smell that.

lyana said...

OMG. okay, now I know not to step into a lift with weird smells coming from it. *shivers*

imagine if it was petai...that'd be another nightmare, hey?

Legolas said...

Hahaha! Poor Perky. Get on a detox cycle!

LJP said...

Eeew!! Goof luck with the cleanse!!

LJP said...

...I meant good luck!

savante said...

EEEEWWWW!!!.... I would run into a decontamination chamber!

Nick Phillips said...

OHMYGOD! You poor thing you! LOL! I'd have given him a piece of my mind, that's for sure ... I feel like puking just reading your post!

budleee said...

you pussy!!! how can you be malaysian and not love durian :D


(joking mah, love your blog wink wink wink wink ;))

i don't think it was his ass perky, i think he burp the durian out (sendawa) that is why you can smell the durian. I know, because I burp after having durian's and the lift would smell like durians. I had a friend saying out loud "wah ada durian nih" while i was laughing some more. in another student I let out burp out and my younger sister exclaimed "hey.. did mama cook pucuk ubi masak tempoyak?" (young tapioca leaves cooked with coconut milk and fermented durian). that statement left me rolling on the floor.

well lets be positive and assume he was burping the durian.. if it did comes from his ass... well then.. pengsan...

Aziya said...

Petai more worst than durian babe.... still burping around people after eating petai and durian (even the garlic) is not nice...

Perky said...

Toughgirl 101:
Yeah man, tell me 'bout it. It's just nasty!

Ergggh! Petai! Yeah, that could be an even bigger nightmare!

Detox cycle almost done. Just need to remove this memory outta my head ;) I can still smell it whenever I think about that "special" day. Lol!

Hahaha, thanks dear! :)

If there was one nearby, I think I would've ran like mad to get in. Hahaha!

Nick Phillips:
Yeah, I would've too, but I didn't want the "nasty" air to touch my tongue. Also I was already gagging at that point, which would've made talking close to impossible ;) LMAO!

Hehehehe, yeah I know. I'm such a pussy! ;)

I guess when it comes to food, I don't possess a number of M'sian qualities, such as I don't eat durians, I don't eat sambal belacan or ulam, or spicy food or oily food.

Whether it was a burp or a fart, it's still gross. I mean, the smell is coming from someone's insides! *turning green again at the thought* Hahaha!

Hehehe.. I guess some ppl cant' help themselves. But unlucky me, I got caught in the "crossfire"! ;)