Jul 26, 2008

When the Stars Align (Part 3 of 3)

Scribbled by Perky |

You know, when I wrote Parts 1 and 2 of When the Stars Align, never in my wildest imagination that it would attract the kind of attention that it did. I didn’t even know they had alerts for this sort of thing. It was really touching for me to find out that strangers have actually placed links of my blog in a forum and asking others to check my blog out. Thank you guys! :)

I must say, expectation is riding high on this finale post on my WWRY experience. Wow, for the first time I’m actually feeling the pressure to write on my own blog. Afterall, I don’t want to get attacked by other MiG/WWRY fans out there for what may be deemed as a so-so ending.

*Note: Please bear in mind that we were not able to take any pictures inside the theatre hall. Therefore, pics in this finale post will be quite limited.

Best Seats & Surprise!

We arrived pretty early at the theatre lounge… We were already so high from meeting MiG Ayesa (saw him walking around with a hot blondie whom we’re guessing was his missus) and the WWRY band. Every time we saw Caucasians walking around with heavy makeup, we were like,”I bet they’re one of the cast members!”

Originally, only myself, Big Fat Witch and Far East was seated on the 5th row. Due to strict budget, Cikgu Garang Cat opted to get the cheaper 2,000 baht tickets (where the view isn’t as great as the ones you get from our 5th row ;) ).

Big Fat Witch knew how much she loved the show (and MiG Ayesa) that it just wouldn’t feel right to leave her out. So Big Fat Witch forked up some moolah so that Cikgu Garang Cat could sit together with us.

And we kept that a secret from her up to the moment we were about to enter the theatre.

When we finally gave her her ticket, she was more than happy and we were more than happy that she was happy. So all that happy happy happy added to our excitement :)

With our 5th row, right in the centre, tickets :)

I gotta tell you guys this, 5th row smacked in the centre was and is THE BEST SEATS in house. You don’t wanna sit too in front as that’ll restrict your view (and probably give you neck cramps). But you don’t wanna sit too far behind either as you won’t be able to see the tiny details that make this show so awesome.

Before the show - The Mercury Phoenix Trust emblem, which was designed and drawn by Freddie, was based on the Star Signs of the members of QUEEN (yes, this is how it looks like from where we were seated ;) )

Icing on This Already Very Sweet Cake

I don’t wanna go into too much detail about the show itself as I want you all to watch it with your own eyes & listen with your own ears!

But let me tell you this, MiG sang pitch perfect. Even Sivan Raphaely (who played Scaramouche) did very well for herself (her performance in Singapore was a little bit shaky). We thought that the Killer Queen understudy in Singapore was effing great, but Annie Crummer’s performance… left me speechless. Her vocals are *mmmmuuaah* and I so dig her diva attitude!

We were so into the show – we lipsynced along, clapped along, reacted to the jokes (we went “oooh” when Scaramouche mentioned how INXS didn’t even want Galileo in their band – surprisingly no one “got it”). We were really into the show!

There were moments in the show that I swear to you, MiG was looking at us from the stage.

We were smiling throughout the show. Although Carly Graeme (who played Oz) didn’t perform as great as Kerry Ellis, I did shed a few tears when she sang “No One But You (Only the Good Die Young)” as I had my thoughts on Freddie. Yeah, I know, Brian and Roger originally wrote that song as a tribute to Princess Di but I thought it was great that they included this song for him in the musical. You can’t possibly have a QUEEN musical without paying tributes to the QUEEN ;)

At the end the cast and the band took their bows. Both Big Fat Witch and I stood up and gave the cast a standing ovation, while screaming,”You guys rock!”, “Good job!”, “Rock On!” “WoOOOOooOOOhhhhh!”

And the icing on the cake?
MiG Ayesa pointed to us, smiled and bowed to us. MiG, the man himself, acknowledged us in the crowd!

Even the four guys we met earlier pointed at us, smiled and waved. We just became hysterical (I think everyone else in the crowd thinks we’re weirdos or something).

Those acknowledgements from them meant the whole world to us. They said that they were going to make it extra special for us, and those acknowledgements was a personal touch on their end. They kept their word! We felt like we were the luckiest fans in the crowd! :D

We bumped into Ryno after the show at the cafe downstairs. We congratulated him & the cast for a job well done as well as thanked him for this wonderful experience. He asked which show was better - we told him this one was 100 times better! :)

To sum up QUEEN’s We Will Rock You musical, let me tell you this, to fully enjoy it the audience needs to move, get involved and accept the invitation to join in extended by the casts. You can’t just sit there, staying cocooned in the comfort of habit… otherwise you just won’t “get it”.

There were 2 guys seated in front of us but they hardly showed any emotion or movement throughout the show. The typical theatre goers I presume. They just sat there (blocking my view sometimes). God knows what’s wrong with them ;)

I am forever grateful to the musical creators of WWRY and everyone involved in it as they did one helluva job in keeping the flame of Freddie Mercury alive and ensuring that his and QUEEN’s musical legacy survives through this digital age. And I’m pretty sure that along the way, QUEEN’s music will reach new generations.

Brian May often performs with the London production on special occasions like anniversaries and Freddie’s birthday. So I hope that one day I’ll get the opportunity to watch that very special show.

But for now, I’ll just settle with the fact that this is the best thing I’ve ever experienced in my whole life.

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2-ton said...

Thanks soooo much for completing your story! Yes, MiG and the band certainly did deliver on making the show special just for Row 5!!!! And of course your blog is linked on forums and fansites for MiG - his fans want everyone to share in all the MiG goodies out there on the internets! I do hope you will check out all the links on prevous comments and keep up with MiG as he conquers the world! Next stop, England, to be a part of the Queen Symphonic Spectacular! Yes, as in Queen the band, not the figurehead, lol.
Once again, thanks for blogging about your cool WWRY experience.

Nancy said...

I'm Nancy from Team MiG!! I can't begin to tell you how much we've enjoyed your three part extravaganza!! We're one of those guilty forums who have linked to your blog. You have such a way with words and your pictures are amazing.
Please come by and visit us sometime. We've been around since Rockstar INXS and we're still going strong!! We're a global fansite with members who are MiG fans from all around the world!!
Just click on the forum link to visit the chattiest bunch of MiG fans on the planet. LOL!!
Thank you so much for your brilliant blog!! We're so grateful.
Nancy (sunshine)

Anonymous said...

Hello Perky!

You have written a most excellent review of your adventures with your friends and your experiences with MiG and the others from WWRY.

With MiG things always seem to happen for the best and you get to meet him. It is pure magic! You were blessed and so was MiG. What a joyful story you told.

Very happy to see how lovely all of you are and that you finally decided to show yourself to us. :)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this fantastic blog.

I travelled from the UK to Hong Kong just to see MiG in the show and I too was overwhelmed at how approachable and humble he is.

I'm glad you had such a great time

Legolas said...

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! I knew that they would do that in the end! You guys must be high to the roof! I'm sure this will be one of the greatest moments in your lives!

Anonymous said...

hey perky! it's sparklee (steph) from the mig-music.com forum!!! thanks for sharing with us your amazing WWRY BK adventure... i love how, one by one through all those coincidences, you got closer to meeting MiG and the cast! everything fell into place just like it should have :D
hehe and omg like you, i sat in row 5 during an SG show, and i swear MiG looked at me a couple of times too! well, i like to think he did:P
anyways, thanks for you blog, OH and check out this wwry forum, newly created especially for the cast of this international tour!! http://wwryaustraliasia.proboards81.com/


savante said...

Wow. Not surprised you're through the roof in elation! SOUNDS FAB! :) Great for you.

Perky said...

Thank you & am glad that you enjoyed reading them :) Hehehe... well, that is the plan - England would be the next stop! :)

Hi nancy! Thank u so much for your kind words :) I still can't believe that you guys would read all 3 parts coz I felt that it was too lengthy.. but I just couldn't leave any details out hehehe :)

Wow, you guys have been around that long huh? That's awesome! Yeah, will keep in touch with you guys :)

Thanks for dropping by! :) The experience was too good to be kept a "secret" from all you MiG fans out there ;)

I'm glad that you got one heck of an experience from travelling so far to watch the show :) It really was worth the trip wasn't it? ;)

I wish all superstars are like MiG! :)

Yes it is indeed! :) I don't know how we'll top this experience but I know now to "never say never!" hehehehe

We can't believe just how lucky we were! It's just one of those "meant to be" kinda things huh? hehehe... I'm just so blessed for this wonderful experience :)

And I'm pretty sure MiG DID look at you. Afterall, you were seated so close to the stage! :)

Thanks hun! I'm just feeling over the moon (literally!) ;)

Nick Phillips said...

A fitting end to a trilogy that would give the Lord of the rings a run for its money ... :D *clap, clap, clap*

Mlle Linie said...

hey im one of those who read the trilogy also...

can't help it. m ur fan, kan?

Catty said...

WAhhh gedebas the posts about the Bangkok trip! Honestly, I couldn't have found a better way to put it into words. Thanks for documenting the whole journey so well. XD

And thanks for keeping the seats a secret. BEST surprise EVER!!!

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Hahaha! I doubt it could give LOTR a run for it's money but thanks anyways :)

Mlle Linie:
Hehehe... I didn't know that you're a fan ;) Glad you read these extremely lengthy posts :)

Gedebas but panjang... had to break it down to 3 parts okeh... I wanted to cut short but I didn't wanna miss any details out :)

far-east said...

wah nicely written! er, typed heh.. WWRY is awesome thank u thaaank u 4 dragging me all d way 2 Bangkok! meeting Mig & d Band wuz, wuz.. oh how shall i put it, OUT OF THIS WORLD! wah wah best trip EVER!! *clap*clap*clap* ^_^

p/s: so where shall we stalk MiG next? ehehe

Perky said...

The best person who'd know where to stalk MiG next would be Jubes. So we'd have to ask her! Lol! ;)