Jul 23, 2008

When the Stars Align (Part 1 of 3)

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Dreams do come true. I didn’t think mine would because it seemed a bit far fetched even for someone like me. I contemplated a few days about writing this post because to do this post justice, I had to forsake something very important to me as a blogger – my anonymity.

When I started this blog, I had assumed a nickname (and even an alter ego) to protect my identity. None of my post would contain my pictures and most of the time, even those mentioned in my stories would be given nicknames. There were times I had to delete some of the comments because my friends had mentioned my real name. Such was the length I went in order stay anonymous.

But the wonderful experience I had while I was in Bangkok was too good, too great to be kept to myself. So I'll be including pictures of my trip here… don’t want you guys calling me a liar lah pulak kan? ;) And finally you all will have a face to go with the alias fabulously known as Perky.

To those who’ve been reading my blog, you guys know that I was in Bangkok last weekend together with Big Fat Witch, McChef, Far East and Cikgu Garang Cat to watch QUEEN’s We Will Rock You musical. For us girls, it was the second time watching the show. As for Far East, well, he saw how enthusiastic and excited we were from the Singapore show that he just had to see it for his own eyes.

Well you all know what a huge fan I am of QUEEN, so huge that I know the story behind their songs, their videos, their biography, the instrumentation for most of their songs, Brian May's solo parts and rifts, the way Freddie works around the notes so he can hit the higher notes later part in the song... If there was a class on QUEEN, I can bet you my scrawny arms I'll ace it. I'm that HUGE of a fan.

The Journey to the Dream Begins Here

The Sunday before we left for Bangkok, I was having lunch with my sis, Big Fat Witch. I had briefly mention to her that perhaps we should make a gift for MiG Ayesa, to show him how much we love his performance (and how obsessed Big Fat Witch is with him).

I didn’t want to just buy a gift. That’s just not personal at all. I wanted a gift that was different, something that MiG can remember us by. So I told BFW,”Hey, let’s do scenes from the musical. You as Galileo (MiG’s part) and I be Scaramouche (his love interest).”

So the idea of the gift evolved from there. We decided to do a parody of the scenes instead. We wanted to make it funny. We enlisted the help of famed photographer Bibik Nyonya and creative director, Mama Diva. We got into costume and snap snap snap, our pictures were taken. Taking pictures is not my forte (something Bibik and Mama can testify to) and it takes one very good photographer to make me look nearly as good.

The gift we made – a parody of scenes from the musical with BFW as Galileo and me as Scaramouche. Sorry, can't publish its contents as that is for MiG's beautiful eyes only...

As I had to go back to Kuching on Thursday (one day before flying to Bangkok), I never even thought of how we were going to pass the gift to MiG, let alone if we'll ever get the chance to pass it to him personally.

Venturing into the Land of a Thousand Smiles

(the promo outside of Esplanade, the venue for WWRY musical)

This trip was joined by Far East, Kitty Cat and McChef (although McChef didn’t join us for the show). Being the lazy spontaneous person that I am, I never even bothered with booking us a hotel room. Just thought we’d do it backpackers style, you know.

The girls goofing around outside the hotel. (L: Big Fat Witch, R: Cikgu Garang Cat)

But Far East is just one of those guys who MUST have a proper hotel room. Yeah, he's such a girl ;) So he booked us two rooms at this hotel called Chaophya Park Hotel. It was only when we got to Bangkok that we found out that that’s THE hotel where the casts of WWRY was staying at.

Far East with Big Fat Witch posing outside the hotel

Yes, we're very fascinated with this signboard ;)

That’s the second sign of the many wonderful things to come.

The Good Samaritan

Since we were staying at the same hotel as the cast members, it did get to our heads that maybe we’ll get lucky and meet them there. So on Saturday morning, we had our “stalker” mode on and hoped and prayed that we’ll get to see the cast members.

It was pretty obvious that we were waiting for them (Big Fat Witch was like a beacon with that WWRY bag of hers). So this Thai guy, who was wearing a WRRY crew tag (probably one of the local crews), approached us,”Hey are you guys waiting for MiG? He already left. You just missed him about half an hour ago. If you’d like you can go to Esplanade at 5pm after the matinee show. The cast usually hangs around there before the next show”.

We were very fortunate to have known that piece of information, otherwise we would’ve waited and waited and wasted more time waiting and hoping to see the cast members.

That guy was our sign no. 3.

Okay, Position Yourselves Guys!

Around 5pm we were at the lounge area near the theatre, waiting to catch a glimpse of the cast members (and if we’re super lucky we get to see the main cast). So while waiting, we did a little bit of camwhoring to kill the time.

Annie Crummer as the Killer Queen. She was sooOOOOoooo GOOD!! Her vocal range is amazing, the facial expression priceless!

And then we saw that people were slowly coming down from the escalator and exiting the theatre. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, we were so damn excited!

Again we waited and waited. There was no sign of any of the cast members. Then Far East saw this lady who was wearing a WWRY jacket and looked like she was very important to the show.

So he approached her (coz we ladies didn’t have the balls to ask. Yeah, literally) and asked if the cast was coming down. She replied,”There will be no meet-and-greet the fans today”.

Oh bummer. It felt like someone took all our happiness away with a snap of the fingers.

But then she said,”But you can take that lift over there and go to the Ground Floor. Perhaps you’ll see the cast members there”.

This lady was our last sign. Some say God was pointing us to the right direction, but I’d like to think that Freddie Mercury had a little something to do with setting this whole thing up. Perhaps it was Freddie’s way of showing me how happy he was to have a fan like me, someone who has been pining her whole life to meet The Flamboyant One in person.

L-R: Big Fat Witch, Cikgu Garang Cat and Perky (Far East dubs us as dolls)

And off to the lift area we go...

(To be continued…)

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MiGfansSG said...

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here's the link:

Thank You!

MiGfansSG said...

Oops! Sorry! here:
WWRY Asia Pacific Tour Cast and Band Fan Forum


2-ton said...

Got this on my alert as I am a huge MiG and Queen fan, haha, this is the best blog evah about going to see WWRY. I hope you did get to see MiG and pass that awesome gift directly to him! He usually is available to fans at the down lift by the car park after the show. And check out MiG's official site. I hope you will purchase his CD at the shop, and google for other fan sites with MiG info and history and forums. I cannot wait to read the "continued"!

Legolas said...

Hope you had fun! Wish I can watch that show.

Perky said...

Thanks for dropping by! Will check out the link :)

Wow... I didn't know ppl can get alerts on MiG and Queen hehehe...
My sis purchased his cd when it was first released. And yeap, she had it signed by him :)

p/s: The story just gets better & better :)

Babes, I had the time of my life!! WoooHooo!!

lyana said...

I don't want to spoil the surprise for your other blog readers, but am writing to say that I've never seen you grinned that wide! :)) Glad you guys had a ROCKING time, the second time around at that. :)

Perky said...

Hehehe... thanks dear. Even I didn't know I had a grin that wide!

I wish I could watch the musical every single day! :)

FUCHSIA said...

OMG, you got many pics here. Awesome! I went see WWRY in Hong Kong. Seems you guys had a good time at the theatre. This is a nice blog!

Perky said...

Thanks for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed reading my blog :)

I wished I had gone to HK to watch WWRY there... but HK is too expensive for me!! Lol!