Jul 25, 2008

When the Stars Align (Part 2 of 3)

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Making the Right Call

So there we were at the lift area. We were on the 4th floor. We noticed that the lift kept going to the 6th floor first before coming down to our floor. Each time the lift opened, we could see some of the WWRY cast members in it.

What ARE the chances of meeting MiG Ayesa in the elevator?

Yes, that idea did pop into our heads. But each time the lift opened and there were no sign of MiG, we thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be. Then at one point, the lift door opened and it was empty. Cikgu Garang Cat wanted to enter, but I told her no.

I could see the frustration on Big Fat Witch and Cikgu Garang Cat. I could also sense their urgency of getting to the ground floor as quickly as possible. Who knows? Maybe MiG had somehow made his way there already.

So I told them, “Ok, whatever it is, we’ll just take the next lift, ok?”

So we waited for the next lift to come.


The lift door opened.

And on the right side of the lift was a man leaning against the wall, clad in singlet and Bermuda shorts. The first thing I noticed was how muscular his arms were.


It took a while for the rest to notice it was HIM in the lift. And when they finally did, we started giggling like blushing teenagers.

I think MiG heard us giggle, so he greeted us in Thai (he probably thought we were Thai).

I was sooo happy that he greeted us, I started having verbal diarrhea.

“Hi MiG!! We caught the show in Singapore, and this will be our second time watching the show!”

MiG replied,”Oh really?”

And when he said that, he eyes just opened up and for the first time I could see what beautiful eyes he has. He’s so much better looking in person. The pictures really don’t do him justice at all.

We chatted a little bit in the elevator. And when the lift door opened, we were so dumbfounded by our good luck, we almost walked away without taking pictures with him. But luckily, Far East was there and he went up to MiG and asked if we could take pictures with him.

And so the camwhoring begins.

MiG with the Sylvester Sisters

MiG with the lucky ladies...

Group pic with MiG

Dang it! Faiz got a solo shot with MiG!

Got him to sign my program book too!

The best part was we got to personally give him our handmade gift!

And he loved it! In his own words, ”These are so awesome!”, "These photos are awesome!" and "Terima kasih".

One thing I learned from our meeting with MiG Ayesa was how down to earth he was. He didn't have a big entourage (like other big stars do), and that made him approachable and accessible to his fans. He's really a cool, super nice and warm guy.

Before we parted, we told him that we were seated 5th row from the stage. And then MiG said that he was going to make the show extra special for us. In my mind, I thought, yeah he probably says that to all his fans but was still glad that he said it anyway.

Grab Some Grub

It was time for us to look for dinner. Better not go to a rocking musical with hungry stomachs, regardless of how great the musical is. As we were walking around the Esplanade looking for a restaurant to dine in, we saw the WWRY band members: Llewellyn John (bass), Matthew Marinus (drums), Ryno Zeelie (guitar 2), Etienne Oosthuysen (percussion).

Actually, it was Big Fat Witch who spotted them first (it was Ryno’s hairdo that caught her eye). As they were still eating at that time, we decided not to trouble them.

Perhaps if we’re lucky, they’d still be there after we were done with dinner.

We must be very lucky people indeed as the band was still there. I was quite a nervous wreck because these guys are like music Gods. And again, I turned to Far East to do the “dirty work”. So he went up to them and I followed him from behind.

The guys are just so damn cool. They didn’t mind signing my program book, we took pictures together and even chatted for awhile.

The guys were more than delighted after finding out that this was the second time we were watching the show. Just like the first show, we had purposely flown to Bangkok to watch it again.

“You guys were so good that I thought the cast was singing on minus-1”

I even let it slip that we were seated 5th row from the stage. Before we parted ways, the band told us that they were going to make it extra special for us.

L-R: Llewellyn John (bass), Matthew Marinus (drums), Perky, Ryno Zeelie (guitar 2), Cikgu Garang Cat, Big Fat Witch, and Etienne Oosthuysen (percussion)

And again, I was doubtful that they meant it but was glad that they said it anyways.

Even after all this, the best part has yet to come.

(to be continued….)

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FUCHSIA said...

Hi again,

Great pics with MiG and members of WWRY band! Love it. Thanks for showing us.

Legolas said...

GASP!!!!! You guys are so lucky!!! I can't wait how they're going to make it soooo special for you guys!

2-ton said...

You did it!!!! Thank you sooo much for posting those pics, especially of MiG. I can't wait to hear about the show itself, and how it is gonna be special for the 5th row!!!! You are not the only ones who has flown in from SG, either. You just might meet others after the show, looking to meet the cast.

Nick Phillips said...

Geez, you guys sure are lucky :D And by the looks of things, you seem to be enjoying yourself (you think, Nick?).

I can't wait to see what he has in store for you guys. I'm sure it's going to be something spectacular ... the wait is killing me ... :D

Elaine said...

Those are some seriously great photos with MiG!

Anonymous said...

Hi. You guys sure are one lucky lot! :D And you girls are very pretty too...

Perky said...

Hehehe... it was too good of an experience that I couldn't possibly keep it all to myself ;)

Oh oh.. i feel the pressure to write a very good ending to this... don't wanna disappoint anybody ;)

Hehehehe yeah. We flew to S'pore the 1st time, purposely to watch the show. Would've gone to HK, but it was too expensive for us.

So when they released the Bangkok tour dates, we knew we had to go as it was their last stop :)

Nick Phillips:
Oh dear... now the pressure to write a very good ending is really getting to me ;)

Thanks! :) Luckily it wasn't me who were taking the pics coz I suck at taking pics lol!

Thank u thank u! But MiG is prettier ;)