Jul 26, 2008

Getting Cisco Certified

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Many of you don’t know this but I actually have a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology. Even though I was quite good at it (for my final year project I built a child’s education program using C++ and used Maya to create my 3D animation), I took a completely different career path. But now, I have seen so many of my college friends becoming successful in their chosen I.T. field. And sometimes I do wish, what if I had stayed on and became the I.T. consultant like the one I thought I’d be after graduating?

But now, if I were to dive into any I.T related job, I’d be so lost because the field of I.T has become so diversified that it requires greater understanding and technical knowledge.

Which is why I find programs like the Cisco certification to be very useful to someone like me. Even if you’re working in a field not related to information technology, you can still benefit from it as it can widen your resume. Afterall, many jobs these days do require you to be somewhat a computer literate.

At Cisco, they offer many certifications from general certifications to specialist certifications (for those who wants to enhance their core knowledge by achieving specialist certifications in technologies such as security, IP telephony and wireless). Cisco is a learning network that can enhance and advance your IT career. You can learn about the opportunities for your career path, as well as get connected with the community by sharing insights, opinions and knowledge.

No harm in checking out the programs offered at Cisco. Afterall, in this day and age, it’s very important to have the necessary certifications as it not only gives you better job opportunities but also gives you credibility.

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