Jun 21, 2008

I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

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After reading the review about SocialSpark on Transmission8’s blog, I signed up for it and finally my blog was approved by their Customer Love. The wait was definitely worth it for me as I’m seeing a lot of potential in SocialSpark.

So what exactly is SocialSpark?

Well, SocialSpark is the brainchild of Izea, the same creators that brought us PayPerPost. They have taken a step further with SocialSpark by getting us bloggers and advertisers collaborating together as SocialSpark takes advantage of the social networking craze.

So in other words, SocialSpark allows bloggers to get paid for what they are already doing while the advertiser gets more hype and more traffic driven to them from the blogger’s post. It’s a win-win situation for both parties.

There are quite a number of things that I love about SocialSpark. For instance, from the moment I log in, immediately I can browse the marketplace with great ease. You can scroll the opportunities they have on SocialSpark and immediately you can tell whether or not you are qualified to write for the opportunity and also if that particular opportunity is open to you or not.

When you click on the opportunity that you’re interested to take, you can see very detailed descriptions and guidelines on what you are required to write. On top of that, you can also find out more about the advertiser by clicking on their profile.

Another thing that I love about SocialSpark is how they encourage bloggers to write well by giving additional bonuses each month. Although not everyone gets this, it does give me the motivation to write better quality posts. And who knows, maybe I could be that lucky blogger.

SocialSpark also allows you to know your readers better. SocialSpark gives you detailed demographics about the visitors of your blog, such as traffic by country, who the top referrers are, and even the gender of your readers! Fantastic stuff, I got to tell you.

( Screenshot on traffic by country)

(Screenshot: Top referrers, top outgoing links, gender and age of readers)

(More analytics on your readers)

Another feature that SocialSpark have which I find quite interesting is their Sparks section. If you’re low on ideas of what to write, Sparks is a great place to look for new ideas as well as develop your own preferences and style.

As truth-in-advertising is extremely important to SocialSpark, it is your responsibility as blogger to follow their Code of Ethics:
- 100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
- 100% Transparency
- 100% Real Opinions
- 100% Search Engine Friendly

Anyways, I hope my review has intrigued you enough to give SocialSpark a try. It's really worth the shot.

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