Jun 23, 2008

The Babies

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It's time for me to introduce to you guys my babies Tiger and Kelloggs. Actually, Tiger's my cat while Kelloggs belong to my sister (and thank god for that too!). We actually got these 2 princesses from my brother's girlfriend. She went to further her studies in Australia and she left us with these beauties, whom she rescued from SPCA.

This one here is Tiger. She craves attention, which is fine by me coz I love to spoil her rotten. She can just look at you 'til you pet her.

She's quite a busybody, too. Always curious (which is probably why I found her foaming at her mouth when I renovated my bathroom in May). And below is a picture of her wanting to sniff my arm after I had a blood test.

And here's her sleeping spot, on top of the Astro decoder. I think she likes it there coz it's warm and cozy.

Like her master, she's quite a masochist herself. She loves it when you pet her quite hard and loves it even more if you slap her thighs. And after I have her all worked up, she'll chase my legs (I've got scratch marks to prove but I don't mind). So yeah, we're quite crazy around each other.

This one here is Kelloggs. She's retarded, really. One night I locked her and Tiger outside on the balcony (mind you, I live on the 5th floor). When I opened the sliding door later that night, only Tiger came in. Kelloggs was nowhere to be seen. So I panicked. My brother panicked. My sister panicked. Anyways, my brother found her downstairs the next morning. Alive. She was covered in her own crap. Don't blame her. 5 storeys is a long way down. Long story short, Kelloggs was never the same ever since.

(She can stay in that pose for hours!)

She's got very black silky fur, very nice to touch. Very thick too. But she can be quite a snob. She'll only come to you if she wants to be touched. If you touch her when she's not in the mood, she'll just run away from you.

(she prefers unanimated objects than the human touch)

This here is her spot - on my rocking chair. She gave me the evil eye once because I was sitting on this chair and she had wanted to climb on it.

And when she's not sitting on the chair, she'll rest her neck here:

She and Tiger have a love-hate relationship. There'll be days when they're very loving towards each other. Then there'll be days when Tiger gets bullied (Kelloggs is the much bigger cat). Once I even found whiskers on the floor after their catfight. Told you she's nuts.

Me, I like her best when she's asleep.

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7 Your say:

budleee said...





so sad.. i lost the cat i wanted to own.. *sigh..

Legolas said...

I love cats. But I don't think I will keep one. I'm too lazy.

Anonymous said...

i wanna say something nice but cats, cats are lazy and useless :-), i like dogs better.

Perky said...

Great! another cat lover :) I just love furry animals in general.

Yeah having cats can be quite taxing esp if you're busy... gotta clean their kitty litter lah... feed them lah... bath them lah... haiyor...

Hahaha! I think the right words to describe cats would be cunning & manipulative ;)

I prefer dogs (big dogs, not toy dogs) to cats but dogs are noisy & you need to walk them, plus i'm living in a condo n we're not suppose to have pets :(

lyana said...

No entry on mojo? but yes, these cats are cute!

boku-wa-kuma (now in Japan ^^) said...

finally i can see ur cats... soo cuteee...!! perhaps one day i can drop by & say hello to them...

pls keep blogging about them once a while yaa... esp Tiger coz she craves for attention rite?.. hik..

p/s: i luv to read "kitty tales" (if i'm not mistaken) on Sat's The Star newspaper. If u havent read it b4, check it out ya!

Perky said...

Nope. Mojo is feeling a bit diva-ish and does not want to be photographed til I meet with all his demands ;)

Boku-wa-kuma (pergi japan tak bawa kiter :P):
If you do drop by one day, jangan lupa bawa treats for the kitties :)