Jun 24, 2008

A Damn Good Read

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The most entertaining blogger to me is this chic from Canada, who goes by the name Jay (short for Jamie). Hands down. No question about it.

Her writing is so damn good that it has moved me to tears more than several occassions (sometimes from how touching her stories are, and sometimes because her story's so damn funny I pissed in my pants).

I absolutely love her stories. She has the ability to pull you into her world, which is very fascinating. When she wrote about her then-husband, it turned me into a hopeless romantic and her writing gave me that feeling I had when I first fell in love. Then when she wrote about her divorce, it made me cry because I felt the sense of loss like as if I was the one getting a divorce myself. Then there's the stories of her coping with the divorce experience, which is very entertaining. Oh, and there's also that story she wrote about eating ice creams that got me turned on real good.

Jay is so open with her life as you can pretty much tell from her blog. Her blog would be the first one I check everytime I'm online, just to see if she had written anything new. Even when she hasn't posted anything new, I'd still go through her older posts regardless if I've already read them before. Because it's that good. I do feel guilty not leaving comments as much as I'd like, but I admire her so much that I worry my comments will leave me sounding like a dork because I can't think of anything smart/witty/cool to say.

Now, I know she doesn't need traffic driven to her blog because she's already hugely popular. But I just want to share this with the rest of you guys so that you can experience the world as Jay sees it. So spare a moment and visit her blog: Kill the Goat.

Btw, who's the most entertaining blogger you've ever come across with?

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5 Your say:

budleee said...

urm actually all of the blogs i linked in my blog have their own unique charm :D

Legolas said...

Ooh... Very good writer. I wish I'm half that charming. But it took forever to load the page! Strange.

Anonymous said...

i check your blog and http://langkau.wordpress.com everytime i'm online.

Perky said...

But surely you must favor one over the other right? hehehe ;)

Am not surprised if it took forever to load. That's how high her traffic is! But yeah, you really should check it out if you have the time :)

Really? That just made me happy :) Hmm... i think i'll check out that other website too...

wEn said...

OMG that icecream one is so funny and so unexpected...boy was I so excited anticipating the finale...a lil disappointed -.-! but nevertheless so funny made me pissed in my pants