May 25, 2008

Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word

Scribbled by Perky |

The other I was having dinner with a very good colleague of mine at One World Hotel. As I was stuffing my face with free food, I couldn't help but look at the family of 3 seated at the table directly in front of us.

Perhaps it had something to do with their daughter wearing this tiny mini skirt, showing off her lengthy slim legs.

Or perhaps it had something to do with the red wine on their table & how much I was wishing I could have a glass or two.

Anyways, after eavesdropping on their conversation for quite some time it turns out that they were there to celebrate the mother's birthday.

The dad then proceeded to give some sort of speech to his two leading ladies. Most of his speech was barely audible to me as I was busy eyeing the dessert spread in front of me.

Me Tarzan, you Jane. Hear me roar!!

But I could clearly him say this as he turned addressed this sentence to his wife:

"I'm sorry for whatever wrong I've done to you".

And that just melted my heart right away. It was like as if I was watching a real-life romantic movie. I went home thinking to myself,"How nice it would be if my partner and I would be that romantic when we're old & with a teenage kid in our life"? It can't be easy for a father to apologize for his wrongdoings especially in front of his child.

So I was excited to tell McChef about this thing I just witnessed and how much I wished that all men can be, well, man enough to say sorry.

McChef: Huh?? Why would he apologize if he didn't do anything wrong?

Perky: No, you just don't get it, do you? Sometimes, people do something that may hurt their loved ones unintentionally. So, he's being very thoughtful to his wife by apologizing for whatever hurt he may have caused her. Well, I think that's very sweet of him.

McChef: Well, you know what I think? I think he's having an affair.

Men. Straight men. Need I say more? *sigh*

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9 Your say:

budleee said...

i agree with McChef

most men especially at that age will have a mistress/gf/or whatever half their age. its called midlife crisis. some get caught, some don't, most usually go back to their wives.

sorry perky, but we were just looking it at another picture..

Sam said...

You heard a line only "hearable" in Desperate Housewives and you start thinking about how man should start apologizing? :D

I would have died to watch such drama. This only proves that everyone has their darkest... secrets. :P

Aziya said...

Aiyoh.. the way he said sorry pun makes me think something else happeneds...

What if he say... "i'm sorry if i terkasar bahasa sepanjang kehidupan kita sekeluarga and it makes you hurt"...

I'll accept that. But it's still darn complicated... "sorry IS seems the hardest word" after all..

I wish I could read people's mind

Anonymous said...

he 'had' an affair. his apology is sincere. move on. spending the rest of his life in guilt is punishing enuf.

Perky said...

I suppose you're right. But u know, I was just hoping, wishfully thinking that this one was different *sigh*

I think my expectations of men were too high :P

But let's give him some credit lah... the fact that he apologized in front of his child is commendable enough. Have you ever heard your father apologizing to your mom right in front of you? I know I've never seen that happened b4.

Yeah I suppose you're right :)

lyana said...

ROTFLMAO to mcChef's response...

but yes..sometimes we do tend to assume the worst hey?


Nick Phillips said...

Why do people always think a man is having an affair when he apologises to his wife?

I do that to my wife and I'm not having any affairs. But I suppose us men only have ourselves to blame for being stigmatized as such ...

Perky said...

I think it's just human nature to assume the worst. Maybe it's our defense mechanism against the hurt we may feel later on...

Nick Phillips:
A round of applause for you for being a good & loyal husband to your wife! :)

Those qualities are quite hard to find these days. I'm lucky to snag a guy just like that ;)

mlle linie said...

I can't help but laugh at McChef's response. Hahah!

MPOV, men r not the only one obligated to apologise. Women too. Whatever the reasons behind it - intentional or not.

The only question is, whether the other party accepts, willingly, unconditionally. Ituje.