May 22, 2008

Invasion of the Uterus Space

Scribbled by Perky |

The thought of making smaller versions of me used to not be appealing. I mean, can you imagine the world with more Mini-Perkys running around? In order to get an idea of what kind of mother I'll be, you may check out Bibik's post that he dedicated to me.

But now that I've found a suitable candidate to mix my genes with, I simply can't wait to start (as Brad Pitt puts it) "a soccer family".

All this got me thinking.

Will I be able to handle the bodily changes? What if I have those days where I want to bend over to touch my toes? Will my petite stature be able to carry that much extra weight? I mean, 10 months is a looonnnnngggggg time...

Will I be able to be the kind of mother a child can depend on? What if I forgot to feed it because I was too engrossed from watching Desperate Housewives and all those reality tv junks?

Will I be able to stay sober for 13 months +? What if I have a rum raisin ice-cream craving? Or how about a sudden urge to go bungee jumping? Or rock climbing?

What if my child becomes cock-eyed because I used to make jokes about how cock-eyed people become.. er.. cock-eyed(?) You know I heard that pregnant women has very high sex drive.

How about more serious illness? What if my child isn't healthy? Or contracted some illness because of my past substance abuse? Or inherits all my shortcomings and none of my talents?

What if me not eating enough vegetables and fruits causes my child to only have 7 and a half fingers? Or what if it grew a tail? Or a third eye?

People say that having a baby is about well, having a baby. That the baby should come first before you. But how can I possibly have a child when I'm so mentally unstable and have psychotic neurotic issues?

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lyana said...

I should introduce you to my friend here who's now 6 months pregnant and loving it!

Never mind that she was insane enough to do a PhD and work in science, actively involved in sports and loving and living life with her hubby and two doggies- she is what we call (even without pregnancy brains) a klutz. Oh the things she would do in the's so funny. yet she IS fun! and so lovable.

And guess what they nicknamed their baby? Ping Pong! All because they want to keep the real name a secret! hahaha.

But yes, a woman would change once they're preggers...That's what I realised with my friend here..and all the change is for the better! and you's have mini-mes!

As for me- I personally don't like that's another story altogether.

budleee said...


see, you are already paranoid as a mother......
so sweet.


*owh so bibik is a he... i was wondering when reading HIS blog.. jantan ker betina nih.. (scratches head)

Sam said...

I'm taking it that your nipple covers / striptease / massage worked and you had... *ahem*. :P

Anonymous said...

even with all your "what ifs" answered, you'll still be surprised when you get a "mini"...your question should be 'when' not 'if' and you'll be better prepared.

Perky said...

I guess I will know when the time comes ;)

hehehehe.... Bibik is a nyah la yang! ;)

CHOIIIIII!!! No no no... i'm not what you think i am :P

Spoken like a true daddy hehehe :)

Aziya said...

refer to Perky's response towards Budlee's comment...


Perkey: Darling... when we actually having a pregnancy.. the special emotions will come to us (for those who really happy to have a baby)... Dalam pregnancy je macam2 emosi kita akan rasa. Wanita perlukan husband di saat dia sakit akibat mengandung and bersalin. That's the greatest moments in life darling.

Don't worry much about post-natal... I'm sure you will do great instead. All we need is.....


Orang kata after bersalin nie.. wajah wanita tue berseri... Seri seorang ibu baru...

mlle linie said...

i suppose im not the only one with paranoia..

m not married yet and not expecting btw. lol. i adore ur sense of humour babe!

its a shame we didnt get to meet up haritu... we should reschedule.


Perky said...

Eh you cakap ni seolah-olah you pernah pregnant lah! macam tau2 jer what pregnant women go through ;) hehehehe!

Mlle Linie:
Yes yes yes! We should reschedule darling! :)

::airswift:: said...

amboi... sedap je dia kata bibik tu nyah. bibik tu very woman okay.

as for you considering for a baby-
well, when you're ready, you're ready. when you're not, you're not. =)