May 27, 2008

Flying Grasshopper VS Crawling Maggot

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I so almost forgot to blog about this. When McChef came back from Thailand 2 weeks ago, he brought along this Thai delicacy, which I'm sure most of you are pretty familiar with:

The epic battle between Flying Grasshopper and Crawling Maggot is about to start!

Yeap, it's a fried grasshopper and a fried maggot cooked in salted soy sauce. Mmm yummmmmm!

Now, personally I hate bugs/insects/worms and will absolutely freak out when I'm near any one of those God-forsaken creactures regardless if they're still moving or being displayed on a satay stick. They're just gross!

Crawling Maggot has admit defeat in Round 1. Now, Flying Grasshopper will claim his reward by meeting the Gods in the Heavens.

But curiousity got the better of me, so against the teachings of my dining bible, I gave them a try.

Moments before I ate the grasshopper. Oh btw, that's McChef's mom in the background. She's probably thinking what a disgusting daughter-in-law I am.

The grasshopper:
I honestly don't know how a grasshopper should taste like, but this one is not bad. I'd recommend it to all bug virgins to get your taste buds use to eating bugs. It's crunchy and you can taste the sauce mostly which is salty. As long as you can block out the thought of that this is bug you're eating, then eating this grasshopper should be a walk in the park for you.

Oh yeah, I don't recommend making out after eating the grasshopper. Their exoskeleton tends to get stuck in between you teeth. Yeah, that's so not sexy at all!

The Maggot:
This one was, well, mentally tougher for me to eat. It may be smaller than the grasshopper, but still I had to be coaxed by McChef to try it out. "Just pop it in your mouth, chew, and it'll be over within seconds", he said. On the other, I had his mom going,"Eeehh gross! That's disgusting!"

After going back and forth about whether or not I should eat this worm, I finally caved and threw the damn maggot into my mouth. It was crunchy at first. Unlike the grasshopper (which was all crunchy), you can actually taste the maggot juice. Yeah, I know, it's fucking gross! Oh, and it doesn't end there. After you've swallowed the damn thing, you're left with a bitter aftertaste. Eeew double gross! I should've stuck to eating only the grasshopper, thankyouverymuch.

My verdict on this Thai delicacy? Let's just say I'm just gonna pass on seconds ;)

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8 Your say:

Aziya said...

Good thing now I'm a vegetarian... hehehehehe....

僕はくま said...

TOTALLY GROSS!!... and maggot juice??!! DOUBLE GROSS!! u just killed my appetite for dinner... thankyouverymuch.... OTL

p/s: no hanky-panky stuff from Thailand ke? hehehe... ;)

Perky said...

Lol! I too ain't gonna substitute my meat diet for these creepy crawlies. Kena makan seguni of grasshoppers baru boleh rasa kenyang ;)

Hehehe! It's really not that bad darling! ;)

No, no hanky-panky stuff :( Si jantan tu terlalu busy getting drunk at the wedding reception. I would've loved to receive a "new toy" instead of a box of grasshoppers though.

Nick Phillips said...

You are one BRAVE woman! Kudos to you. I'd rather starve to death than eat bugs ... LOL!

The Banker said...

guess what, i've tried them both too! a colleague brought back those worms/maggots from bangkok and i almost barfed in the office. the taste was strong, yeap. i can attest to that. hated the way the taste lingered in my mouth for hours afterwards.

the crickets i tried in cambodia, and that's actually yummy! i also tried some black bugs that look like roaches. not bad, but i prefer the crickets ;)

Anonymous said...

if i was wasted, maybe i'd try those

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Must try everything at least once in life ;)

You must've been starving to say that crickets are yummy! ;) lol!!

Hahaha! Yeah... nothing like a "bit" of booze to make you brave ;)

::airswift:: said...

euw euw euw.
i am an insectophobia.
especially cockroaches.
i won't even lift a dried leg.
euw euw euw!

gives me chills.