Sep 8, 2006

Meeting The Other Woman In His Life

Scribbled by Perky |

Do you know how nerve wrecking it can be when you know you're meeting your partner's mom? VERY. In my case, I've met her a couple of times but that was when Bryan and I were just friends. It doesn't really help that I've got a reputation to be the nutty girl that hung around even nuttier guys. I've met my previous bfs' moms before. But what makes this meeting different is that I'm meeting my future mother-in-law. The one that I have no choice but to see during family gatherings... the one I am obligated to invite to for ALL family gatherings.

He told me that she was in town but not once did he mentioned that he intended to introduce me to her... as his GIRLFRIEND-CUM-POTENTIAL-FUTURE-WIFE. So when he told me to bring his clothes that he had left at my place, being the 3-second bimbo that I can be, I went over to the hotel that he was staying without having a clue that I was going to meet her (DOH!). Luckily, it was kinda late so I didn't feel like dressing up (you know the usual skanky outfit with boobs spilling out and butt-cracks waving 'hello' to the world). But I did have my very sexy lingerie on *wink wink*.

I waited for him at the hotel lobby and that was when I went like,"Hey isn't his mom here now? Wait a minute... Am I meeting her now? Breathe Perky... Breatheeeeeeeeee! This room got no oxygen is it??!?"

As I was hyperventilating at the lobby (to the amusement of the receptionists, bellboys, concierge, guests, cleaners - basically EVERYONE - nonetheless) he came to meet me in his very casual manner. He sat down and we talked a bit. I know this trick... this devious trick of getting me to relax before delivering a dreadful news. Yeah, the calm before the storm. And true enough he said,"Let's go up, meet my mom and take her out for dinner". Breathe Perky... Breathe!

Things that went through my mind:
- I've got no makeup on.... I look so plain :(
- My hair! It's a mess! Bryan may love this messy (but sexy) look, but I don't think mothers would agree.
- Zits... Screw you zits!
- Will she like me? Oh you better like me, woman. And while you're at it, you'd better play nice or I'm gonna make sure that you'll never see your grandkids. Ever.
- I hope she'll like me. Please like me... or love me even. Lol!

In the elevator:
Clueless-On-How-Piss-Scared-I-Am-Now Bryan: Nervous?
I-Know-I'm-Piss-Scared Perky: No lah. Biasa jak (trans: I'm fine). Can't you tell, you insensitive bastard?
Still-Clueless Bryan: I've missed you.

He then puts his arms around me and starts to seduce me with hugs and kisses. Great. I'm a nervous wreck and he's horny. *sigh* Men.

Not-In-The-Mood Perky: Babe... There's a cctv here. So behave.
Just-Plain-Mean Bryan: Hahahahahahaha! You're nervous! I knew it! Hahahahahaha!

That's just mean, dude.

He opened the door to his room and there was his mom. It was then that I felt a surge of nervousness and anxiety rushing through my body. And what does Perky do when Perky's nervous? I talk... NON-STOP. I talked about everything - from the usual how are you's to the ridiculous weather in KL to the Megasale (me talk about shopping?!? Even I find that hard to believe) to the death of Steve Irwin (and how I almost cried like a baby when I found out he was gone).

Overall, the meeting went better than expected. I mean, how bad can it be whenever I'm the one making a fool out of herself? Haha. But hey, it would've been worst if she just sat there and didn't say a word right? Bryan said that that was the chattiest he has ever seen his mom with any of his gfs. I don't know if he was just saying that to cheer me up or if he really meant it. How hard can it be to like me, damnit?!

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sharon said...

haha! this is a good one lyds! but so happy for you! it's a milestone, isn't it? :) but i think keeping the grandkids away thingy would do the trick whenever the need arises! ;)

Perky said...

hahaha! Yeah trust the grandkids to do the trick with the in-laws! ;)

Las montaƱas said...

it is good that your future MIL sees you as you are.. without the makeup and such. You can't be wearing makeup all the time with her around right?

savante said...

Bwahahahahah.. if the mother is anything like us, she's sure to love you lah.

cain & abel said...

sounds like a monster-in-law episode here...farney!! Ha ha ha!

Perky said...

Las Montanas:
Yeah you're absolutely right. But I don't think I should be showing her my 'ugly' side 'til I've at least bear her a grandchild ;)

Hmm... i don't think she's gay ;) hehehe...

Cain & Abel:
What to do? My life seems to be like that lor... Lol!

Anonymous said...

Good luck Lydd :) A very big step in ur relationship :) More updates?