I think its best we dun c each other til my pms goes away. I cant control my mood swing n i dowan sik pasal2 marah at u :( dun wori i stil luv u juz as much.

Imagine receiving that text message at 9 in the morning from your girlfriend. I had pondered a while, asking myself:
"Do I need to send this sms to him?"
"What will happen if I do send it?"
"Or should I just talk to him about it?"
"Hmm should I just go awol on him?"
"Will he be pissed enough at me (which could lead to a potential breakup), or will he understand the need for us to be apart?"
"How can he possibly understand what I'm going through if he doesn't have a uterus to begin with??!"

Before I could even come up with the answers (it's much easier to come up with questions than answers, you know), against my better judgement, I pressed on the Send button. After gazillions of sms back and forth, it ended with him saying,"K wateverla. Gtg now. Starting work". Now you don't have to have a boyfriend to know that that's bad. Yes people, I have dug my own grave. Prepare my singleton party, people!!

Usually I can control my pms mood swings. Just take a few deep breaths (after cussing a plethora of things in all languages of course) and I'll be back to being Perky. But once in a while, the ugly monster comes out. The monster that tells me to harm others. The monster that plants evil revenge ideas in my head. Yes, girls, you and I know it all too well.

Tornado warnings that the ugly monster is coming:
- games that were cute are now just plain annoying. So annoying that I pushed bf away and refused to be touched by him. You stay in YOUR corner and I'll stay in MINE.
- bf had accidentally elbowed me on my head (sleeping together can be potentially dangerous, you know). He fucking elbowed me so damn fucking hard that you may mistake me for a friggin unicorn! I had wanted to return that favor back to him, if you get what I mean...
- boyfriend's soft snore pisses the fuck out of me 'til I covered his nose with my hands. Anything to stop the snoring, damnit!
- Chanting "Goos bla bla" didn't help... at all.

With one hand grabbing my crotch and the other raising a third-finger salute, screw you PMS!!!!!

*Note: Taking a break DOES NOT mean breaking up!

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alex said...

Oh my dear dear silly lydd.... you outdid yourself again didn't you?

For us guys taking a break = breaking up. What were YOU thinking!?

I can never understand you girls whenever you girls "need to take a break". My suggestion: Apologize for being such a dumbass b4 you lose your husband.

Himu said...

ALways remember.....

Never let yourself be given to anyone 100%. Always keep atleast 51% for urself and let the rest 49% be for someone else.

My cousin told me once after my heart breakup. And I still beleive it. :-) Hope helps.

PS: Do not hurt him more then he deserves ok lah

sharon said...

i don't expect guys to understand us fully because it was not meant to be, but just understand us a little better. this pms thing is dreadful. sometimes, when i have pms, i can get so emotional i can cry.

Himu said...

oh dreaded! Why are girls so complicated? Why can not it be like simple? :P

Perky said...

Bryan and I are doing fine after my dramatic fiasco. Lol he said of my pms that it's a small matter. Hahaha! How great would it be if ALL men think that our pms is only a small matter? Think of all the things we can get away with, girls! =) I'm drooling over that hot hunk because it soothes my pms...

apples said...

This sounds about right - everything gets super annoying for about a week every month. At least parts of the week, like when it feels like you've got a ton of rock in your stomach, rock that's got sharp edges and jumps around all the time. It sucks.

But... I do make sure never to blame anything on mood swings, and never even to mention the word PMS. The reason is that we girls hate it when a guy thinks our being annoyed for some reason means it's "that time of month", saying we're 'such a girl' or whatever.

If a guy told me I'm feeling bad cuz of PMS I'd 1) when it was PMS - bite his head off, 2) when it wasn't PMS - bite his head off.

It's like saying "I can't drive that well, I'm only a girl" one day, then you have to accept your bf saying "girls can't drive" the next. You've already set the standard and although it's easy to blame things on whatever, I'm not about to go down that road :)