Jul 28, 2006

The Devil Wears Prada

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I have a crisis situation here. My right foot is a size 4 and a half. My left foot is a size 4. Though they function like perfectly normal feet, their size can be quite a turn off when it comes to shoe shopping (perhaps that is why I don't own more than erm 2 pairs??).

Half Tight or Half Loose?
Should I follow my right foot (the bigger but obviously the cuter one), or should I follow the size of my left foot (the smaller but even cuter one)? If I were to follow my right foot, my left shoe would be loose. It's so loose that the constant friction between my left ankle and my left shoe has left me blisterless (wow that's a lot of 'lefts'). THAT'S BECAUSE THERE ARE NO FRICTIONS TO BEGIN WITH!!! But if I were to follow my tiny left foot, I might as well sign up to be the next person to play Cinderella's stepsister.

Neither Here Nor There
They say that you should always follow the bigger size. So ok, now I choose to follow the size of my right foot. But wait a minute, it's a size FOUR AND A HALF!! Hey mister, do you have a size FOUR AND A HALF?? What are the chances of finding the perfect shoes for me? Hmm... NONE. And because of that, I have to get a size FIVE. Which leaves it loose for my right foot and even more loose for my left. HAIYOR!!!!!

Open or Close?
I've always preferred open-toe footwear. I like my toes. I like to look at them as they point up to the ceiling when I walk (Bryan calls them Aladdin's toes, but I call them God-given perfect toes). I like how my toes are different compared to the normal average people's. Ok ok, I love my toes a little bit too much. But the problem with open-toe footwear is that you'll think that my feet is too small for them (that is if you look at my left foot first). Or you'll probably think that I'm wearing sandals that are too small for my 'large' feet (if you look at my right foot first). If I wore shoes, I'd either have to stuff the left shoe, or let my right foot suffer in silence.

p/s: As much as I love slippers, I absolutely hate getting my feet whenever it rains. Puteri sabun... (direct trans: Soap Princess (??))

Two words: Fugly slippers. I love my fugly slippers. They've done me good service.

Left or right?? Just let me flip the coin damnit!!

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10 Your say:

cain & abel said...

solution: go for the bigger size and stuff tissues in the looser one. Just like 12 year olds attempting to wear bras you know? lol!!!

Wildfire Princess said...

you seriously are in need of a professional fashion consultant. Don't worry I charge by the hour. :)

Perky said...

Cain & abel:
Patutlah I never had that idea of stuffing tissues before... Cause I never had to!!! Muahahahahaha!

So gross lah put tissues into my shoe. Jijik.

Wildfire princess:
I don't think I need a fashion consultant, though (afterall celebrities learn to dress up from me ;) ) I need a cobbler. I need to find me the next Jimmy Choo who can make me perfect shoes. Haha.

BigFatWitch said...

yeah, i know how much you love your toes, you toe-sucker *snicker*

BigFatWitch said...

yeah, i know how much you love your toes, you toe-sucker *snicker*

alex said...

fugly slippers? Is that the one you always wear? not so bad wud... for you lah ;)

you suck your toes?!? GROSS!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You suck your toes? :o
hehe... :D

Perky said...

I USED to suck my toes! Like years ago man... YEARS ago! :P lol! they were so juicy.. yummmmmmmmm...

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

juicy? :o
Perky, I am still in "utterr" disbelief and the act is so ewwwwwwwwww . :P