Feb 21, 2006

The Rules Changed?

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*A quick one before I leave for my dancing class this evening.

I know everyone wants to know the outcome of the bet. My partner (in his very desperate attempt to win the bet) rang me up on Friday night to tell me that I got the whole betting thing wrong. It wasn't a "who doesn't call" game. Instead it was a "who calls who first" game. Aha... So, if I called him first, that would mean that I have lost the bet, and vice versa. And because of my failure to understand the bet, that phone call was not counted. That manipulative bastard.

But here's the added twist. If it was a tie (neither of us called first), then we have to drink 3 glasses of ice tea in one shot. First one to finish gets to tell the loser do anything they want. Hey if you think it's easy to chunk down 3 glasses of ice tea, well think again. Just one word: Brainfreeze.

So being the competitive person that I am, I even went as far as getting his cousin to help me out. It was easy to get the support of his cousin. "Hey how would you like to see my partner in makeup? I'll take lotsa pictures for you." I knew I had his cousin hooked when I mentioned makeup & pictures. His task was simple: Get my man drunk (wanting my partner drunk doesn't technically make me a bad girlfriend. A I'll-do-anything-to-win-this-damn-bet girlfriend... yes. Bad girlfriend... no.) You see, my man is easy to influence when he is in his drunken state. So I wanted his cousin to plant ideas of calling me up when under the influence. Anyway, that plan failed.

Saturday came and went but still no phone call from him. Then Sunday came. I received a text message from him saying that his flight was going to delayed for about 3 hours. Hmm... is this his last desperate attempt to win the bet? So I got my sister to call him up just in case it was true(so that technically it wasn't me the one who called him first. Yes, I know... all this technical thing can be really confusing but do try to keep up). My sis spoke on my behalf and she checked out his story, which turns out to be true. Anyways, to cut the long story short, his flight was delayed and no, I didn't win my bet. Neither of us did. So technically it was a tie although we had to call each other up back and forth due to the delayed flight (something about an airbus skidded off the tracks, therefore causing all other flights to be delayed). Somehow that situation reminded me of the boy who cried wolf.

We haven't had our tie-breaker yet. But not to worry guys. I've got lots of tricks up my sleeve ;)

Anyways, since I'm in a rush right now, I'll just answer all your comments here:
Shaggy, you're suppose to be MY friend! You're suppose to be on MY side. Lol! Will do that tagging thing later, I promise.

Never dishonor a man's pride? How about never challenge a woman's ego? Hahaha! And besides, he's got me doing all sorts of funny stuff for his own amusement. How about my pride? Am I suppose to bow down and subject myself to his torture? Lol!

Hi Apples. Haven't seen you here in quite a while. Nice to have you back =)
It was last Sunday. You know what, I kinda agree with you on that. Although it is nice to be tested in a fun betting kinda way (where one gains many things out of another's misery: get to brush up my putting on makeup skills, a Kodak moment, and the more priceless bragging rights. Lol!) instead of the conventional boring if-you-love-me-you'll-do-this-for me, which I think is a whole load of crap. And hey, I'm the baddest of them all ;)
p/s: Thanks for having my back, girl.

I'm cool with that. Afterall, my partner and I we don't keep track of who did what first, or who did what second, third, and so forth. The past is the past, it matters no more. It is the now that matters as it paves way for the future. We're looking at the much bigger picture: Who's going to be there at the end. It's the last one that counts. And besides, keeping scores like that is just so high school, so... how else shall I put it... so yesterday.

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Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That's what I like about you woman... your wicked sense of fun. But your man is equally nuts too. What WAS he thinking agreeing to that makeup & pics bet? If you guys ever decide to reproduce, i think i'd better migrate to another country just to be safe ;)

You know what i think the outcome of the tiebreaker is going to be? i think you're going to lose. yeap, most likely going to lose. you're not very fast at eating or swallowing ;) hahahahahaha!

vonne the bomb.
- all these lame names and lame hand signs... this is what happens after hanging out with you even if it's only for a while. lol. -

Himu said...

ahem ahem :) Hope you do win. But then dont use makeup on him. haha. He deserves it right for agreeing to a bet with his gf.

ps: I am worried I will lose the bet with my gf. I have not yet to hear what my gf has plans for me if I lose. :P I know what I would want. A naked dance maybe hehehe :D

Anonymous said...

Girl, i read your previous post and now i get the whole picture.

You know i'm proud of the way you handled the comment from that anonymous person (erm not this one k. this anon commenter has her -vonne- million dollar signature at the bottom ok). And you're right about not keeping scores or tabs on who was first etc. I love your 'so what' attitude (or as bryan would say it: WHO CARES?! lol.). Afterall, there are more important things in a relationship than having to be so god damn politically correct all the time.

As for the reason as to why he said that you were the first person he's ever sent flowers to is probably because you're the one that actually matters (another one of those perks of dating your bestfriend i suppose?). Or maybe he was referring to his first time having to have the flowers sent from a different continent. Oh why bother looking for explanation when you yourself can't be bothered by these pesky non-important details right?

When i read the 'so yesterday' line, i actually pictured hillary duff singing in my head. haiyor that song is so gonna be stuck in my head for god knows how long.

it also reminded me of a similar situation that i'm in. you know lah how alex and i have this ongoing argument about spending too much time in Times Square. one of his pesky ex works there and everytime she 'accidentally' bumps into us, he always has to do this courtesy thing of asking her to join us for lunch (men can be weak at times i know). and i swear that bitch can just go on about their past - how he likes his coffee, the tiny snore he makes when he sleeps... argh!! she just makes me wanna stuff a fork down her throat. just writing about it makes me wanna judo chop some fuck out there. lol! some women just need to keep their piehole shut about their past. makes them look desperate, pathetic, clingy, unable to let go of the past... sad case.

haiyor... quite long lah this comment. damn i miss you woman. when are we doing our margaritas???! wait, let me rephrase: when are you coming down to s'pore to have our margaritas??!!


Alex said...

Aduh I've been complained by my woman eh? I guess that explains the mad tapping whenever she's around eh? hehehe. I think ah... that you should take lydd's approach to this matter: the past is the past. Biarlah that perempuan buka her mulut sebesar yang dia nak, it doesn't matter.
Put it this way k - the past is the only good thing that she has going on for her (you know i know lah hah... )... so just let her have a good moments. who knows? maybe you could learn a few pointers from her. hahahaa *memang sah akan kena pukul for that statement*

Hmm... why the fuck am I consoling my gf thru a blog? Must b due to lack of flower power this week.

Girl, I think you're going to lose this bet lah. When it comes to food & drinks even the tortoise is faster than you!

Perky said...

Hey watch it... all my ideas are great you know... that's why lah all the cracks just tag along. i'm sure you can see why ;)

As for the incident with the times square girl, what can i say man? you're dating a hot guy, so yeah, naturally all sorts of girls will be attracted to him lah. I'm actually friends with this psycho bitch and if i remember correctly i think she's dating him ;) lol.

No, don't get her to do a naked dance... coz that's not sexy. Get her to do a strip dance. It's more fun that way. Trust me ;)

Hey dude, easy for you to say.. you're not the one who's paranoid.

p/s: The latest bet got cancelled because we didn't have time to do it. hehehehe... but no worries. there's always a next time =)

Himu said...

strip tease ehy ;) umm hehe