Feb 26, 2006


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I was tagged (read: obligated) by Shaggy to do this. Here are 20 random things you don't know about me(or shall I say, need not know or shouldn't have to know or really you should stop reading here 'cause it's a waste of time to read the list anyway). Don't you just love these tags? *sigh*

1. People have cold feet, or cold hands. I have a cold arse. Yeap, my butt is cold. Like, all the time.

2. I find comfort in cleaning whenever I'm stressed out/worried/need to think.

3. I am deathly afraid of roaches. Deathly. I live on the 5th floor and I will not, I repeat, I will not hesitate to jump out my window if there was one in my room.

4. I love to dance. As a matter of fact I've been taking hip hop dance class every week. And I think everyone should do it.

5. I haven't been sleeping any earlier than 5am lately.

6. Perky (my stuffed pig) hasn't been washed for 3 years. I probably should since she's no longer as pink as she was (fine, as a matter of fact, she's black now. I call it 'getting a tan'). My partner thinks I should just buy a new one. I think not. It'll be like replacing your kids with another kid whenever they misbehave.

7. I learned something new during the Winter Olympics. The game of Curling. Very interesting game.

8. Gosh... I'm only at number 8??! How many more do I have to go??? Damn.

9. I have this friend who's getting married to a hooker.

10. Not just any hooker. A male hooker. Oh, and by the way, my friend is also a male.

11. I just don't understand how some people can sulk all day, even if they did get their way (take a hint, you bitch!). This sulking thing is getting old. Everyone's fed up of it.

12. I also don't understand how that same person can complain about the SAME thing almost EVERY SINGLE FUCKING DAY. In fact, there's always something for them to complain about. I don't know about you, but complaining about everything can be quite tiring. Isn't it better to channel all that energy into doing something positive about it?

13. I've been wanting to stuff a wooden spoon down that person's throat for quite some time now.

14. Ok, so numbers 9-13 was random things about someone else. I agree, I have anger issues.

15. I've been craving for ikan terubok masin (I don't know what you call this fish in English but it's pretty damn good, except for the gazillion tiny bones in it!).

16. I absolutely love massages (hint hint hint!!!!).

17. I would really love to learn how to surf. Too bad we don't have big waves here.

18. Damn. 3 more things to come up with. Can't... do.... this.... anymore.... brain... is.... tired.....

19. I haven't finished reading the latest Harry Potter book. I started reading it last September.

20. I prefer answering questionarres to having to come up with 20 random stuff about myself. If another person so much as thinks of tagging me for something like this, I will, mark my words, I WILL shove a wooden spoon down your throat. *evil laugh*

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Anonymous said...

"I find comfort in cleaning " well atleast ur future husband wont have to worry about clean house since guys are usually (!?!) messy.

Interesting :)

Anonymous said...

updates? :)