Oct 28, 2009

Reviving My Lost Love

Scribbled by Perky |

My schedule has been so erratic lately that my blog has really taken a back seat huh?

To be honest, I haven't quite settled into the rhythm of having a puppy. I've started to take Sasha out for walks in Central Park, which should sound like a walk a park (no pun intended).

But I'm so unfit these days that walking for an hour literally takes my breath away. I'm so tired from walking my dog that I end up sleeping early! And Sasha, being like a 3-year old on speed, she never seems to run out of energy.

If you ever get the chance to see me beg my dog to be tired and go to sleep already, it's very likely that you'll think I'm the most pathetic dog owner in the world. I wouldn't blame you ;)

And yeah, it also doesn't help that I spend whatever available time I have now on Facebook playing Mafia Wars.

That game is totally evil.

But if you're playing MW, you should like totally ADD me on Facebook!!

It is sad to see what my blog has become. It's collecting dust. Even the dust now has dust. It's almost like I've lost my voice (or my mind, or on some days both).

Then I thought to myself, what can I possibly do to make me return to my first online love? All these while, it has been you, my dearly beloved readers (particularly Granny Twilight and Anton), that has been reminding me of my blog.

I can't keep getting nudged by my readers to update my blog. I need to take a proactive role here... afterall it is my blog.

So I'm thinking of turning my blog into more of a collaboration effort. I'm gonna post a weekly question in which you readers can either mouth off in the comment section OR you can submit your post to me via email and along with a link to your blog I'll post it up on my blog. In other words, you'll be a contributor on my blog.

Or you guys can ask me questions and I'll post my answer on my blog. (You may ask any questions except the size of my panties, you perv!)

On a side note: I can't wait for this Thursday. Am going to watch Michael Jackson's This Is It! in 1Utama's GSC. If you're a fan of MJ, you owe it to yourself to watch the late King of Pop on big screen with surround system.

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6 Your say:

Legolas said...

Wah, ask other people to update your blog? That's evil idea! Maybe I should do that too.

manglish said...

hahahah...i have started playing scrabble and bejeweled or something...it is addictive! :)

Nick Phillips said...

Genius, pure evil genius! Getting someone else to write for your blog ... LOL!

Gratitude said...

I'm sure all get a pleasant surprise whenever Her Royal Perkiness wakes up from blog slumber to entertain her noble subjects, albeit in a more subdued manner nowadays.

Daulat Tuanku! ^_^

Perky said...

No, it's not evil. It's a genius idea ;)

Lol. Just don't start on the games on FB... those are even more addictive!

Nick Phillips:
Isn't it better to acquire the help of others instead of letting my blog rot? ;) muahahaha!

Yalor... these days my Royal Highness Perkiness mood has been subdued due to lack of sleep & the lack of a good scandal! I've become a boring person these days *sigh*

savante said...

Update yer blog :) Mafia Wars is good? Gotta try then!