Oct 31, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Scribbled by Perky |

As I sit here in my mother's living room, staring out at her beautiful garden, I can't help but feel so at peace. Some people may dread that it's pouring heavily outside, but I love it. The smell of rain touching the grass, now that's something you don't get in the big city.

And with a cuppa next to my laptop, I'm truly having a much deserved "me" time.

Gosh, there really is no place like home. Or in this moment, shall I say, mom's garden? There's plenty of space in her garden that we can have a backyard party. Oh but if we had a pergola, I wouldn't mind having my wedding reception in our garden.

Mom's beautiful garden is a real testament to the hardwork she's put into it. I can't imagine watering the garden on my own (which is something she does every evening).

And it's not just having to water the plants. You also got to fertilize and trim them. It's just way too much work if you ask me.

But still, it's nice to have a garden that's tastefully done and well taken care of.

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8 Your say:

Fable Frog said...

YES! you should start building that pergola!! and have a wedding there! it'll so be "miranda's wedding"~ minus the autumn leaves....

and i love rain too, but instead of smelling grass... i smell my dog poops~ damn dog poops everywhere~ when hujan, habis the aroma rush into the house!

oh. i just trimmed my "garden" kekeke a lil' TMI?? ^~^

Perky said...

lol... yeah i suppose smelling wet doggie poops is not so fun ;)

U juz trimmed ur "garden"? Tak gatal kerrrr?? >.<

savante said...

Damn I need to make my garden grow! Any tips?

Gratitude said...

A pergola sounds great, covered with a creeper that has nice flowers and lil' light hangin just like the wedding party in MamaMia.

wenn said...

hi..it's lovely to have a beautiful garden..

Nick Phillips said...

I love gardens and I have this dream that if I become a millionaire (please god, let that be tomorrow ... LOL!) I'd build my house with a garden right in the middle of it :D

manglish said...

always nice to be back home..even without a nice garden :P hahhahaha

Perky said...

Use some good old TLC and fertilizer. And if all fails, go plastic ;)

Yes it is... although I shamelessly brag about the garden which I had zero input in ;)

Nick Phillips:
If that dream of yours does become a reality, pls remember to give me access to lepak in your garden. hehehe :)

Click your heels together and say "There's no place like home!" :D