Sep 15, 2009

Furry and Green Distractions

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HOLY COW!! Have I really been away from blogging this long??? My last post was dated Aug 1st and today it's Sept 15th. That's real bad of me and I do apologize to my readers for being away for so long.

But it's not like I didn't have a valid, good reason, ya know.

I did just recently adopt a puppy, ya know.

But that was MONTHS ago!

I did have this huge event to organise and I was simply taking a break.

Erm... that was last month's news and you should've been well rested by now.

It's kinda hard to type coherent sentences when a puppy is begging for attention.

And you wonder why your puppy is such an attention whore?

OMG, and just when I was in the mood to blog sometime 3 weeks ago, Bibik introduced a game on Facebook called Farm Town and I've been so addicted to it ever since!

Get a life!

My onion-filled farm. It drives me nuts that most of the things I want are still locked to me :(

Seeing that I've been spending so much time playing Farm Town on FB, my brother introduced a new game called Restaurant City! Should McChef decides to set up his own restaurant one day, this game will provide me with plenty of practise in being the mama san restaurant manager.


I just started this restaurant called "The Usual Place" last night

I can even picture the tv ad for my restaurant:
Boy: So where do you wanna have dinner?
Girl: The Usual Place.

Lame, I know. But you gotta admit, it's genius!

So here I am, alternating between playing games on Facebook and watching the U.S. Open.

Seriously, you need to get a life... or get some new friends!

Ok, fine I'll admit it. The real reason why I've finally found the time to blog is because my puppy is in Melaka. She's been sent there to be disciplined by Bibik's Grandmother Dowager.

Yes, Sasha is being taken care of by Bibik's family as I'll be going back to Kuching on Thursday and will be there until the end of the month. And with her away, that gives me plenty of time to get back to life on the blogosphere!

So I'll be visiting all your blogs very soon and there'd better be some good juicy gossip for me to read! :)

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15 Your say:

Jaime said...


Han said...

I am actually ADDICTED to Farmville - it's not good lol.

manglish said...

hhahahahhah you are another facebookholic like me hahha....i was so addicted to barn buddy and i now have banana, peach, apples in my farm ahhahahaahahahahah......welcome back GREAT POST.....waiting for more juicy gossip from you too :)

savante said...

OMG! You got sucked into the farming craze too! :)

Medie007 said...

finally back to the life of a living normaly ppl who is not addicted to facebook. wakakakka.

i'm going to kch too! yay me! but my flight on sunday ler.

celebrate raya ke? :P

Gratitude said...

It has been too long dear. Glad to have you back!
I've been given lotsa farming tips by Fable Frog too.
Have a good trip and safe return ya! ^_^

MiChi said...

finally, finally, finally....! Miss your chilli padi blog... hahahah

Nick Phillips said...

Good God! Is that really you Perky? LOL!

foongpc said...

OMG! You are back! What the hell happened to you? OK, so it's Facebook games (btw, I don't do Facebook, thank God!), and the puppy! Those are plain excuses and you know it! Haha! Go get a life! Get back to blogging! LOL!

Perky said...

I just started and omg, I'm soooo addicted! :)

I have Farmville too, but love Farm Town more... coz I get to harvest other ppl's farm :)

I've heard of barn buddy but so far I've resisted the temptation to start playing it. hehehe...

Hehehe yeah totally!

I sangat muhibbah yer, everything also I celebrate. xmas, cny, raya, n gawai :)

I'll take any excuse to go on long breaks ;)

Thanks, Ant. It's good to be back and hopefully I don't go off for long again. hehehe...

Hahaha cili padi blog!

Nick Phillips:
Hehehe.. I'm encroaching upon geekville border by playing all these games. lol!

LOL! Ok, ok, i'm back i'm back to blogging. I swear! ;)

Samantha said...

OMG u're one of those farmer & restaurant owner on facebook! My brother in law hacked restaurant city and he accidentally tweaked the number wrong so the application error out on him LOL

Missy eLLe said...

wah, i thot i was the only one addicted. hahaha..

ps: this is my new blog id and blog. mari visit!

linie :)

Twilight Zone said...

Perky! Perky! Perky! Mana you pergi??? Adoi, don't be lazy okay if not we will protest!!!

Perky said...

I'm so hooked onto Mafia Wars right now. That's a damn good game to play! hehhee :P

Missy Elle:
Okie dokies... will be at your new blog in a short while :)

Twilight Zone:
No lah darling... bukan lazy. Just distracted. hehehe.... I've just discovered Mafia Wars on FB and I've been hooked on it. I'm such an FB junkie >:P lol.

apples said...

No way, I just read the title, didn't see the rest of the post the other day :)

Restaurant city... sounds familiar, I just don't have the patience for more than five minutes at a time at those games...