May 4, 2009

Launch of Perky Designs Shop

Scribbled by Perky |

Hey everyone,

Finally (yes, finally!) I have my online shop set up on Etsy. Click here to check it out.

I had created a separate blog for my papercrafting hobby/business. You can check out my designs at Also, if you're looking to have a card custom-made to your liking, I'll be more than happy to work with you. Just drop me an email at perky(AT)perkierthanyou(DOT)com.

I've also recently joined Twitter (yes, yes I know, I'm kinda slow with the latest internet buzz. Hey it took me years to get on Facebook btw. lol!). Slowly getting the hang of it. You can stalk follow me on Twitter here.

Lotsa luv,

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15 Your say:

onyxx said...

wow. good luck to your new venture. you really have a talent for this so i won't be surprised if you'll make it big someday

Queen B said...

congrats on the launching~

u go gurl! :)

TZ said...

All the best to your internet business :)

Fable Frog said...

whoa~ suddenly so active online! how can you manage so many things! Good luck & have fun with your online venture ;)

Nick Phillips said...

You can't beat me on not keeping in the loop with the latest buzz, I don't even know what Twitter is, so there! LOL!

Congrats on your new business :D

savante said...

Hope it's a wonderful success! A toast to you!

MiChi said...

Wow... you are iron-lady!

Bibik wanted to make you watch anime.. got time for that?

::. Anton ::. said...

Three cheers! I'm sure you'll have lotsa interested parties. Will stalk your site. ^_^


Perky said...

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes! :D

@Fable Frog:
I can manage to do many things coz I hardly sleep. I'll sleep when I'm dead! Lol!

@Michi:There's always time for anime ;)

Medie007 said...

wow! congrates! :D

yeapie... now i know who to look for for gifts for the buddies. :P

foongpc said...

Wow! Congrats to you for launching a new business! Wish you all the best! And next time I need a custom made card or gift, will contact you!

Oh, I'm worse than you. I don't have Facebook and Twitter! Too busy for such things. LOL!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

amazing!! wish u prosperous darling.

Perky said...

Medie007:I've replied your email :)

Foongpc:Yes, do look me up whenever you need a handmade card :)

psst... no Facebook?? Omg, how did you manage to survive all this time? ;) lol! j/k

Ron Jerem Lee:Thanks! :) Btw, like your new profile pic... it's so you! hahaha

Samantha said...

congratulations! It'll be the first place I go to if I need to get a card

Twilight Zone said...

All your cards are lovely and creative but mine is the BEST la.