Apr 29, 2009

Shopping Can Be Stressful for the Clueless Girl

Scribbled by Perky |

Though shopping is fun for most people, but for me, I find shopping to be a rather strange experience sometimes. Unlike most people who shop for the sake of buying something new, I can only shop when there's something I need.

It seems that the only time I'm able to find and buy something I like is when I shop out of necessity, such as having fashion shows or weddings to attend, where I'm required to dress up for the occassion. Even then I usually leave my shopping up to the very last minute.

So it's times like these that I'll round up my girlfriends and drag them along for some impulsive last minute shopping. I need them to keep me focused on shopping (and not get distracted by wanting to stop and eat every half hour) and also someone to help carry my handbag and shopping bags. Plus I could always use the friendly advice.

When it comes to fashion trends, I tend to follow what I see in tv shows or movies. As I've been hooked onto the Gossip Girl series, I find myself wanting to follow Blair Waldorf's style (I have a girl crush on Leighton Meester btw). However, I'm not tall and slim like Blair (I'm short and have tree trunks as thighs, plus I'm still carrying my "Christmas" weight), so it's not exactly the figure-flattering kind of style for me.

Perhaps I could hide my bulging tummy with a trench coat instead. I mean, anybody can pull off the trench coat look right?

With a few more weddings coming up in the next few months and a fashion show to organize at the end of this year, there's still plenty of time for me to look for inspiration for my next splurge by browsing through the various clothing lines from different designers.

With people still buzzing about the recent Earth Day, I won't be surprised if more people go green with their wardrobe. I think that's a pretty cool thing to do.

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16 Your say:

Sam said...

Let's see them pictures of you in different outfits then! :D

Perky said...

Those pics are staying on FB. No way am I posting pics of my bulging tummy on my blog. lolz! ;)

::. Anton ::. said...

Greenie hypocrites eat lotsa meat!


Medie007 said...

we want your facebook! :D

add me add me!

Mlle Linie said...

shop alone - u'd be focused enough alright. that's what i do when i really splurge. being around with girlfriends make me feel like im a burden to them (especially when i take longer to decide), and sometimes, vice versa.

better still - find a friend with same tastes as u, then she should be a good shopping companion as she's likely to go to the same store as u and able to give the advice u seek.

onyxx said...

most of the time i just go to the malls to break the monotony of my routine. shopping is like a tonic to my frazzled nerves when i need something new to distract me. by the way, i love trench coats.

Queen B said...

yes anybody can pull off the trench coat look but only at one occasion!

wearing it all the time makes ppl think there's something going on ur tummy~ ;P

savante said...

I so wanna wear Blair's dresses but I know I look like crap in them :) Same goes for the headbands! I've even tried them in Evita Peroni :P

fable frog said...

Yeah Blair's look is SO in right now... Well for me at least. And i found Leighton extremely beautiful!

hyeah~ show us your style~ But not the jeans and tee look ya. we wanna see you all dolled up!

Nick Phillips said...

When it comes to fashion, let's say I need loads and loads of help. Here's how my dressing goes for various events:

Weddings - T-shirt and jeans
Birthdays - T-shirt and jeans
Client meetings - T-shirt and jeans
Church - T-shirt and jeans

You get my meaning don't ya ... LOL!

lyana said...

Etsy! Etsy! Etsy! :)

and hey, that gorgeous red dress you wore to bibiknyonya's sister wedding was a great buy..so no doubt you'd be able to get something pretty to wear for your functions.

kebaya for the weekend? :P


Perky said...

Anton:Huh? Tak faham :(

Medie007:Ok, ok, will look u up on FB :)

Mlle Linie:Lol! I think u need to get a new set of girlfriends ;)

Ala...the friend who has same taste as me is not always in the country.

Onyxx:Hahaha... nothing like the good old shopping therapy for you huh...

Queen B:Or ppl might start to think that you're a flasher, kan? ;)

Savante:I dun quite like wearing headband coz after wearing, the part yang kena headband will stay flat.

Fable Frog:Lol! Good luck with trying to get me dolled up. I'm more of singlet & jeans kinda girl ;)

Nick Phillips:Hahaha! Nick, you need a stylist!

Lyana:Hahaha! I'll be launching my shop on Etsy after I come back from this weekend's wedding.

U guessed it alright. I'll be wearing a gold kebaya for the wedding :)

Samantha said...

haha same here. I'm really malas and clueless if I shop for no reason. Furthermore I don't like the malls here.

It's an exception when it comes to shopping for shoes though. I loveeeee shoes. But found no reason for them at the moment as I'm bare feet most of the time.

foongpc said...

I don't like go shopping unless I have something to buy. I don't follow too much of the fashion trend. Just wear whatever suits me and looks good on me.

Oh, the best thing about going for shopping is not buying stuffs but eating and dining. Haha!

sheng said...

Shopping, i don't have the moolah for now, but once i have extra, shopping galore... and i guess, since it's regression time, savings galore!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

shopping if using someone eles's credit card... thats better