Apr 23, 2009

The Effects of Gaming Weekend

Scribbled by Perky |

As mentioned in my previous post, I went for a gaming weekend at Nora's, who is a very good friend of mine from my college days. Not only does she have a PS3, but she also has a Wii, 4 Nintendo DS and PSPs. Cool huh? We were joined by Big Fat Witch and Hanie (also another very good friend from the good old days).

Hanie, Nora and I made quite the trio back in college. I think we played more than we studied. They were the people who made life in college so much more fun. We would have sleepovers, watch Japanese animes all night (instead of studying for exams, lol!) and played PlayStation. However, when college ended, we went our separate ways and sadly, lost touch with each other.

Hanie went off to study in a different uni, while Nora left Malaysia to live in Japan. Thank God for Facebook for reconnecting old friends. Almost 10 years has passed since we last saw each other, but seeing them again, it was like as we never lost touch (or never grew up! We're still the same peeps that we were in college).

This is Prince, who belongs to Nora's sister. He's from Switzerland btw... and he's really huge! He's really adorable and very well-behaved.

Don't believe me? He's almost as big as Ryan (Nora's younger bro), who is 12 years old!

I haven't quite recovered from gaming weekend actually. My arms kinda gave up on me after hours & hours of playing Wii all 4 types of video game consoles. Which would explain the crappy shaky pics above...

Yes, it was that crazy.

Gearing up to play Mario Kart on the Nintendo DS. Mario Kart is a vicious, vicious game!

Anyway, having the Wii Fit tell me that my body age is 46 years old gave me a rude wake up call (my actual age is 27 in case you're wondering, thankyouverymuch). I mean, I was one of the fittest girls in school and college. I used to run 3km every day (8km on weekends), worked out in the gym (thanks to the intensive Taekwon-Do training my instructor put me through since high school as preparation for the many competitions I was sent to), go rock climbing and I had only 12% of body fat. My body was lean, compact and tight.

How the hell did I let myself go like this? Though I'm not obese, having my body spill out in places where it's not suppose to isn't very good either. Lolz!

So I've been taking the stairs instead of the lift this week. And will try to lay off the fatty fried food... *sigh*

After days of unable to lift my arms up, I finally gained almost full use of my arm muscles again. My arms don't ache anymore. Lol!

Damn you, Wii. You're evil. You tell me I'm old and you almost rendered me paralyzed.

I received a very good surprise yesterday, which I'm going to share with you guys in my next post. Anyway, I'm off to shower. Anyone wanna help me scrub my back? ;)

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10 Your say:

Queen B said...

OMG! (oh my gaga)

the CAT is BIG~

so adorable!! we like~ XD

apples said...

Ooh games! I like!

And I love that new banner thingy up there! Cute and sexy, well done :)

Nick Phillips said...

Sounds like you guys got your own private gaming centre racket going, huh? LOL!

Tough Girl 101 said...

You're a hundred percent correct! The wii is evil! It makes me... you know, move around and stuff. Evil!

Samantha said...

I think u'll have to blame your McChef for your body spilling out in places where it's not suppose too...he's just too bloody good :p

fable frog said...

my gawd, she does owns a lot of gaming console amd gadgets~ die hard gamer ker nie~

savante said...

Well, the wii is meant to make you sweat.

Now how about the surprise? :)

Alex said...

Yes I can definitely testify to how fit you were back then. You were very well-toned :)~~~

BUT. I wouldn't go as far as to say that your body is spilling out in places it shouldn't be. You're just curvier these days ;)

Perky said...

Queen B:Yes, Prince is so adorable. He's like a mini tiger :)

Apples:Thanks. The banner was done by my sister's friend, Aimee.

Nick Phillips:Hehehe... and whoever said that playing video games are just for boys clearly have not met us ;)

Tough Girl 101:I'm beginning to believe that the wii is also very manipulative. It's evil but at the same time, it just makes me wanna go back for more. lol!

Samantha:You're right. It is mostly his fault. He wants me chubby.

Fable Frog:Oh you have no idea just how crazy she is. lol!

Savante:Yeah I know that the wii is suppose to make me sweat. But i didn't expect it to call me old >:P hehehee...

Alex:I miss my younger body but I don't miss the grueling work out to achieve that body. lolz.

Curvier?? Hey instead of a pair of butt, I've got 2 pairs ok. My butt has butt. That's not right you konw >:P LMAO!

budleee said...

hmm is that a maine coon? one of the largest domesticated cat breeds. I love these cats and I would want to have one. I wonder how much he eats per day? Probably more than a 12 year old :D

is it me, of is everyone who lived in japan are gaming enthusiasist