Here I am, trying to go as "green" and as environmental-friendly as possible, trying to do my part to help our dying earth. I separate my garbage, I recycle, I switch off whatever I don't use, I take short showers and try my best to conserve energy and water. My part is very small, but hey at least I'm doing something about our global warming problem. I would love to drive a Hybrid car and have solar panels installed, but at the moment, that's not something I can afford.

And yet unknown to me, my own native land is getting raped by sons of bitches who wants so much money til they shit gold. No, not just shit gold. Maybe have gold diarrhea.

Fuck. I. Am. Pissed.

I come from Borneo, a land that prides itself on its beautiful rainforest and everything that comes with it (the orang utans, the native tribes, the rare plants, etc).


Why on earth do they need to build another 12 more dams when the Bakun dam (scheduled to be completed in 2011) is going to generate so much power that we'll never ever have shortage of electricity.

Dirty politics. Greed. Corruption. That's what those 12 dams reek of.

We need to tell these motherfuckers to stop raping our Earth. And it's about fucking time that our local newspapers pick up on this. Having to read this on Times Online, as a Malaysian, shames me.

This is not just a Sarawak/Borneo problem. This is EVERYONE'S problem. We all need to get off our asses, use our voices and tell these motherfuckers to stop raping our earth. This is OUR earth. This is OUR responsibility. We DO NOT need these 12 more fucking dams when we're going to have the Bakun dam. We DO NOT WANT to make assholes richer while the Earth suffers gravely. Enough is enough.

I'm using my voice and trust me, I'm not going to stop at my blog. Although I'm not sure what the next step is going to be.... yet.

Please read this article and tell me how not to be furious.

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MiChi said...

SHIT.... that's our boleh government....

real real sad la

and i'm going to participate in the off light for 1 hour campaign on 28/3 ... hope it helps from my small contribution.

Jaime said...

I'm so astounded!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gallivanter said...

That is f**king bullshit!! The only thing that we can do is to make our votes count in the next elections. Unfortunately, all politicians are corrupted fools who feed on their self interests.

TZ said...

i felt sad to see most of the rainforest in Sarawak and Sabah has turned into Palm oil plantation... :( BTW, i saw some signboard stated our lovely govt green the environment with Palm oil... what a big joke... hahaha.

savante said...

Fuyooh. Now that is rape.

Twilight Zone said...

That photo looks like Roti Jala but it spoke a thousand words about rape. That was big and scary problem. I had seen similar raped-photos taken in Indonesia. What can we do besides change the govt?

Nick Phillips said...

I'm shocked!!! But I agree with Gallivanter. Let's make it count in the next elections and show these morons we've had enough of them and their crap!

*Anton* said...

It is really sad that this gomen rapists have made their illegal actions so clear that they are totally shameless even when caught. Look at all their heavenly abodes. How the hell on earth they cld afford to live in such palatial homes based on their gomen salaries? And no action taken?

My friends were shocked when I took them to visit the palace of the late-Klang Dato' taiko Deros.


pikey said...

WOW!! It's just really shocking!! Not only our country but globally as a whole, deforestation is going in a very alarming rate.

lyana said...

OMG. we need to start a petition lydd- I'm serious!

Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
Create more awareness on what's going on... let the rest of the world know what's happening to the rainforest.

When other countries know abt this, it will put pressure on our local government to act on it.

How do we start a petition? And who do we send it to?

A Common Singaporean said...

I don't know what to say in front of an angry lady.

I am one of those culprits who likes to drive sports car and drink petrol on tap.

Please forgive me..

You can whack your government but please spare my ass.

And I support you on your green movement.

Ron Jerem Lee said...

ouch. really ugly sight la..... yak.... i will run naked in the jungle to protest!

sheng said...

Same here in the Philippines, we have some politicians who are just too stupid to think about being green!

lyana said...

we can send emails out/FB asking people to put their names on a document where we ask the government to stop such projects and start focussing on more sustainable energy and so on. Then we can send a copy each to the PM and the ministries of energy and environment. I think best if we can get associations like FRIM or WWF involved too. Maybe check their websites first in case they have such petitions and we can just put our names up. Or if we are to be the first ones to come up with the petition, it'll help if we can get a big name (politician, highly respected Sarawak tribal leader etc) to be the patron to the 'project'/petition- and that can give weight to what we are asking ppl to do.

It's hard that I'm overseas, but I'll try and help whenever and whereever I can. Will email you later as well.

Take care for now.


Fable Frog said...

They will always make bad decisions, i know that but this is the worst of it all!

Perky said...

A Common Singaporean:
Lol! Oh man, I can only imagine how much you have to fork up for petrol in S'pore. Perhaps a hybrid sports car for you, such as the Fisker Karma ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
Lol! Running naked in the jungle... hmm... I don't see how that'll change their minds though. But that's really "generous" of u to want to do that ;)

I'm checking out as they have campaigns on climate change. Perhaps I could ask them to include saving the rainforest as part of that campaign.

Fable Frog:
Yeah, no doubt that this was a bad decision. Bad decision by stupid greedy men.

Sherry said...

I am already feeling that green is not enough. Here many development building the apartment,office you name it you got it! IT will only caused more traffic and more jam! The forest is gone there is no more green. Where are we gonna get karbon dioksida?

Medie007 said...


BLARDY HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Perky said...

It is because of the politicians that this is happening.