Mar 10, 2009

3 Women Who Rock My Boat

Scribbled by Perky |

There are currently 3 women who's on the top of my music playlist. One of them I've admired since her American Idol days, while the other two really took me by surprise. I do admit that I can be quite the music snob. If the artist can't perform their song live, regardless of how great the song sounds in the studio, I don't really bother about the artist. I would say I like their music but am not a fan *cough* Madonna *cough cough*

These ladies, however, have great songs and are able to perform them live and perform them well.

Kelly Clarkson
The most successful American Idol and certainly most versatile. She can do ballads and she can definitely do rock songs. She used to do a lot of crazy thrills with the notes, which drove me nuts (and not in a good kinda way), so I'm glad that she's cut down on the "over-singing". Oh, but make no mistake, Kelly can really sing. Huge voice with excellent control, I am a fan.

My Life Would Suck Without You (Radio 1 Live Lounge)

Katy Perry
When Katy Perry came out with the catchy "I Kissed a Girl" song, I liked her but the radio gave that song too much air time and it wasn't long 'til I found her to be rather annoying. Then she has somewhat won me over again with "Hot n Cold". However, I don't think her live performances has been consistent (she tends to sing just under the notes - which gives out the slightly flat sound, but maybe she's one of those who can't sing and dance at the same time). She's certainly very beautiful and has a certain quirkiness to her.

And just when I think she's just an okay performer, Katy blows me away with this performance:

Thinking of You

Katy plays guitar and sings beautifully on this song. *Open mouth, insert foot* I am a fan.

Lady GaGa
I heart Lady GaGa. But she's just one of those artist whom you either love or hate. But I love her to death. She looks great, she sounds great and she's got such an enormous talent. Don't be fooled by the music genre she's in. This lady has got the singing chops. Just click on the 2 videos below if you don't believe me.

Just Dance (Live at Sommarkrysset)
She sings live and dances well. I know there are some of you skeptics who says she's lip syncing. I do believe that it is her singing because there are moments where she's slightly off key and you can hear her breathing in between the phrases.

Poker Face (Acoustic - Live)
You guys just need to check this one out. She's performing on the piano for this hit song. I just love her on the piano coz I can see little hints of Freddie Mercury's influences with the "theatrical" act and voicing that was Freddie's signature. You may not know this but her music is hugely influenced by the works of Queen and David Bowie, and that just makes me love her even more.

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17 Your say:

A Common Singaporean said...

I am not in American Idol. But I think these chaps are great.

The last time they run Singapore Idol on air, I almost faint.

Standard so far apart lah.

jase said...

I heart kelly clarkson too!!!

Sam said...

And I'm so stuck on Gaga madness. :P

Twilight Zone said...

I am so music nerd and I must thank you bloggers for always updating me what's good on earth like the Gaga scene.

*Anton* said...

Twilight ~ still stuck in the Theresa Carpio era kah? wakakaka

I love Lady Gaga. Could imagine JD being in a trance now.


Jaime said...

Three of these songs are currently my favorites. I loooooooove them!

fable frog said...

oooooooooo GAGA all the way!!

word veri: conica : like smile?

Tough Girl 101 said...

LOVE kelly clarkson, especially since she's not over doing it like beyonce nowadays. I also like katy perry when she's accoustic, but is it just me or does she look kinda weird sometimes when she's not singing.

Hannah said...

Kelly Clarkson is cool.

Katy Perry is ok but she needs to release a song that we can actually play at our youth group lol. (Did you know her parents are christian missionaries?)

Lady GaGa - I saw her perform with the Pet Shop Boys at the Brit Awards and it was interesting to say the least. She was then interviewed and she sounded really bored or like she didn't want to be there. (and then flirted with the guy out of the Pet Shop Boys - he's like old enough to be her Dad!)

Gallivanter said...

Kelly Clarkson's latest album is pretty decent. I'm not a fan of this song but I easily have 3 songs from her latest album on my playlist. :-)

JD Cole said...

luv those 3 gurls up there!!

and GaGa is the current obsession~

GaGa West said...

lady GaGa is so talented!!

i'm sure she'll be in the industry for a long time!

just fabulous inspiration! XD

Altantuya Feels said...

kelly clarkson is a proven success! she can definitely sing and her tracks are catchy as well.

katy perry & lady gaga on the other hand, each with only one debut album.

we'll see how both will go on their second album but i have a feeling lady gaga will rock!!

Perky said...

A Common Singaporean:
American standards are much higher as their songs challenge them vocally. I mean, just take their anthem song as an example. That song is tough to sing. So from young their ppl have learned to sing well & that's why many of them can really sing.

And compare that to your national anthem (or even M'sia's national song). Our songs don't challenge us vocally, which would explain why we're so far behind.

Yay! Good for you!

Same here. I've been you-tubeing her the past weekend. Hehehe....

Twilight Zone:
Glad you're getting your much needed music education ;)

Yeah. But I hope that our radio doesn't overplay them though.

Fable Frog:
GaGa could so make me wanna be a lesbian right now ;) She's friggin hawt!!!

Tough Girl 101:
Lol! Yeah, I get that sometimes... it's like as if her eyes can't really focus... especially her left eye. But maybe she's just eccentric.

Lol! I can only imagine if you guys did try playing Katy Perry at your youth group... "I kissed a girl, & i liked it" ... oh man, the reaction would be hilarious.

As for the flirting, maybe she just like being controversial.

I haven't heard her entire new album yet. But I can't wait for the song "Save You" to pickup on the radio.

JD Cole:
Yeah, let's spread the GaGa mania ;)

GaGa West:
I hope she sticks around for many years to come! :)

Atlantuya Feels:
I can't wait for Katy Perry & Lady GaGa to come up with some new stuff!

Anonymous said...

why i see blank white spaces instead of videos?

Perky said...

That's just too bad.

I've checked it on both the Firefox and IE browsers. It works fine. So I'm not too sure what the problem could be for you.

mlle linie said...

kelly rocks! she's the new mariah of the millenium (remember those days mariah used to have no.1 singles every other year?)