Mar 9, 2009

On Being a Lousy Friend

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I had installed the Blog List widget (pictured below) with the intention of bookmarking the blogs I read. The other cool thing about this widget is that it displays/sorts the blogs based on the most recently updated (because nothing can be more frustrating to me than visiting the same blog that hasn't been updated since my last visit).

Apparently installing the Blog List widget alone isn't enough.

For some unknown reasons, there are certain blogs where its rss feed doesn't get picked up by my Blog List widget, such as Savante's blog. Even though his latest update doesn't show up on this widget, I still hop over to his blog knowing that there's always something new to read (I have no idea how this doctor is able to blog every single day! lol!).

However, in the case of Samantha, this one hit slightly close to home because she is someone whom I personally know and is one of a handful of my sister's friends whom I instantly liked the moment I met her (I think I just gravitate towards crazy people *wink*). So when I didn't see her blog update on my widget, I just assumed that she had stopped blogging. So imagine my surprise when I read about her updates from another blogger! Lol!

(Anyway, turns out the reason why her blog updates didn't show up on my widget was because she had changed her url and I didn't update her link *Doh!* My bad!)

Though it's good to have a Blog List widget, in my case for instance, it's not the most reliable when it comes to staying in touch with my fellow blogger friends. I find that it's also better to subscribe to that person's blog *insert my shameless plug here*

By subscribing, you will instantly get updates straight into your mailbox. This works great especially if you're at the office and you don't have time to personally visit your friend blog.

There are some companies who are a bit anal with how their employees spend their working hours. Some have even taken the liberty to block certain websites, such as Blogger, thus making us blog-whores a unhappy bunch. Though my company is way too cool to be doing such thing, there are certain days where the internet connection is so slow, it feels like we're back on the dial-up connection days. Some blogs/websites take forever to load! But if you've already subscribed to that person's blog, then this wouldn't be an issue because you would've already gotten the updates into your mailbox.

So yeah, subscribing to one's blog is a pretty good way of always being in the loop. If you haven't done it, it's really worth considering.

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*Anton* said...

How coincidental..... just told a fellow blogger how his company would go anal if they decided to check on every employee's history of websites visited via the main server. He'd be the 1st go get the sack!

Btw, have a wonderful week ahead. Hope your throat has cleared up. *wink wink*

Nick Phillips said...

Yeah, some blogs can take a quarter of a century to load, which is why I subscribe to all my fav bloggers feeds :D And yes, yours too ... hehehe ...

Gavin said...

Thank you for supporting Pwn Greenland. I'm glad you find my retarded crud worthy enough to be on your sidebar.

TZ said...

Hello from the land of Kolok Mee :p

Kolok Mee... yum! yum!

Gallivanter said...

You're on my google reader. :-)

sheng said...

That's nice...i too have installed this widget...

Twilight Zone said...

I thought I was the only one who has Savante's name at the bottom. I thought he was heavy (kgs) to remain bottom like a sinker. Others kept his afloat like buoy. I dunno the reasons.

JD Cole said...

yeah....paul's blog cannot be read by rss feed at most of the blogs~

dats y i put his link instaed :)

anyway, hv a good week ahead gurl~

savante said...

That's due to the blog html actually. Check the side of my blog and you'll find a subscription link that you can paste on the widget.

Perky said...

Lol! Sometimes I takut want to buka some people's blog because got very "graphic" pictures. I'm fine with looking at nude men, even if they're gay, but my colleagues aren't! Lol!

I'm feeling so much better. 95% of the cough has gone away. Looks like your remedy really works! :)

Nick Phillips:
Oh really? Cool! I have you on my Yahoo reader :)

Eeeh! I also want kolok mee!!

Awesome! I have yours delivered into my email :)

It's a widget that's worth having :)

Twilight Zone:
In other words, Savante's bottom heavy? ;)

JD Cole:
You have a great week ahead too, hun! :D

Aaaah... finally a solution to this puzzle. Thanks Paul!

Medie007 said...

oooooooooo!!! blog aku!

woooooohoooooo!!! blog aku blog aku!!!


Ron Jerem Lee said...

alright.... that sentence caught my attntion...."insert" "shameless' "plug"....