Feb 9, 2009

The Tuk-a-Klook-Klook Spotted Around Malaysia

Scribbled by Perky |

The photo below is proof that the tuk-a-klook-klook species is NOT a myth.

The female species doing the tuk-a-klook-klook salute

This female species of the tuk-a-klook-klook has been spotted wandering around Malaysia. She was first spotted in Kuching two Saturdays ago, where she met up with her tuk-a-klook-klook mate.

The male tuk-a-klook-klook is not known for its hostility

An unidentified source has confirmed that she was indeed in Kuching and that her purpose there was to attend her human friend's wedding. She first met Bart back in 1994 when she was sent to study the lives of the human species for future hostile takeover purposes. Throughout the years they underwent military training and specialized in the fighting discipline of Taekwon-Do. They fought many enemies together and often took home the spoils of war.

Over the years, they forged & maintained a great friendship. Although he enjoys picking her up & throwing her into swimming pools (or in some cases, the sea), he does entertain her with human stories. She even counts him as one of her tuk-a-klook-klook brother-generals. A useful friend to have should she ever be captured and tried under the human's court of law.

The female tuk-a-klook-klook in her human form in order to blend in with society

On last Wednesday there were rumors that the female tuk-a-klook-klook had landed in Kuala Lumpur. It was said that due to the weakened stage when she was in her human form in Kuching, she had contracted the human virus strand known as the F.e.V.Er virus. Our scientists claims that this was because the tuk-a-klook-klooks do not tolerate rain and high levels of alcohol.

Just when our local authorities were about to capture and quarantine her, the female tuk-a-klook-klook took off to Melaka. This time she was joined there by her "unique" friend, Bibik Nyonya for his sister's wedding.

As of yesterday evening, we have received reports that she is back in Kuala Lumpur but is currently in hiding.

Please do not engage the female tuk-a-klook-klook in any way as it appears she has a secret poisonous tentacle in her pants as evident in the photo below (unconfirmed reports say that the poison from this tentacle will leave you laughing shits & giggles):

If you encounter this tuk-a-klook-klook, please avoid making direct contact with her as she is now carrying the Fl-U virus (a less dangerous version of the F.e.V.Er virus but just as contagious). But rest assured, she will not elude capture much longer.

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15 Your say:

Sam said...

Tentacles was the wrong word to put.

I read it as testicles (which would have been appropriate, with you tagging the crotch area). :P

Twilight Zone said...

Ha ha ha ha! LOL... Crazy monster tuk-a-klook-klook! Where on earth or space did you find this funny name? Get well soon and hope you can replace your tentacles down there with Sam's suggestions! LOL

Perky said...

Hehehe... i thought I'd call it tentacles instead of testicles considering that the tuk-a-klook-klook is an alien species. (Great, now I just called all alien species ball-less....lol!)

Twilight Zone:
Hehehe... I talk gibberish most of the time so coming up with stupid names comes pretty naturally to me ;)

Thanks. I do hope to get well soon. I got another wedding to attend this weekend *sigh* February is really the marathon month for weddings....

sheng said...

Wow, you're really into a lot of things lately that's why we were missing your posts!

Samantha aka Wen said...

LOL! where did you find that mask? I want one too!

Fable Frog said...

Oh my~ really havin' the f.e.V.er wor... haha get well soon miss klook-klook~ oh and what perky "tentacle" you have there~ total envy for the other Tuk-A-Klook-Klook!!

JD Cole said...

"unconfirmed reports say that the poison from this tentacle will leave you laughing shits & giggles"

that sounds interesting ;P

MiChi said...

muahaha.... looks like you are also another creative creature ...
Take some anitbody from human then you'll be ok soon

*Anton* said...

8 labiarial tentacles? How weird, sounds so salah, rite? lolz


lyana said...


aiyoh got tentacles ala princess clara in drawn together! mak takuuuttt nyah!


Perky said...

Hehehe yeah... I don't carry the laptop with me when I'm away on roadtrips.

Fable Frog:
Oh tq tq! I hope I get better soon too. It's so darn irritating being sick.

Lol! My tentacle is the stuff of legend among the tuk-a-klook-klooks ;)

JD Cole:
Hehehe... makes me wonder what went thru your head when you read that line ;)

Hahaha! Apparently creativity only comes to me when I'm highly intoxicated with human drugs ;)

Lol! How creative of you to come up with the name labiarial tentacle. I wish I had thought of that! lolz!

Hahahaha! Free2 jer I kena panggil nyah juz coz I have tentacle >:P

Nick Phillips said...

I actually wanted to buy that Mask from Toys 'r' Us during Christmas but wifey was having none of it ... LOL!

savante said...

Phwoar. And here I was wondering what the arrow was pointing at!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

damn it. the sofa is really rotten.

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Oh shucks. You could just buy it and say that you got it for your kid ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
Hehehe... well that's the whole point.