Jan 30, 2009

How To Open a Can of Cornbeef

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(A Guide for a B.I.D.)

This is something I'm not proud to acknowledge. However, after last night's incident with the can of cornbeef, I guess it's time to come clean. People, I am a B.I.D., which is the short form for Blonde In Disguise.

Now, to be fair, in my defense, there was no manual whatsoever on the cornbeef can on how to open it. So it's not entirely my fault for being this clueless. If there's anyone to blame, it should be the manufacturer.

I've been eating cornbeef for many years. Love it. You can fry it or you can eat it straight from the can (personally, I prefer the latter). But I've never liked opening the can of cornbeef.

One thing, the pin at the side of the can (the one you're suppose to use in order to open the can), is not very people-friendly. It takes forever for me to open the can. Also, using the pin hurts my tiny, talented fingers.

Anyways, apparently, according to my brother who witnessed first-hand on my "struggle" last night, I've been going about this the wrong way.

To my fellow B.I.D. sisters, here's my contribution to you: A guide on how to properly open a can of cornbeef

1) Take the paper wrapping off the can.

2) Take note of the pin thingy at the side of the can. The head of the pin is currently facing the bottom. Yes, I know, your first instinct is to just turn the pin to the left. That's how I've been doing it all these years as that's the most convenient way.

Wrong! You need to fight that impulse, dear sisters.

3) You need to take the pin off from the side of the can. Unhook the pin off from the strip of metal that's jutting out from the side of the can. However, leave the strip alone. It's supposed to be there.

4) Next, you need to turn the pin upside down. That means, now the head of the pin should be facing the top.

5) Then you need to hook it back onto the strip of jutting metal. Make sure that the head is still pointing upwards.

6) Now you only need to turn the head clockwise. Doing so will make the pin move to the left and will ultimately open the can.

Yes, I know, dear B.I.D. sisters, this requires more work than our brains can compute. But believe me, this way is worth the trouble as you can cut down the time it takes to open the can. Also, this way doesn't hurt your delicate hand.

Do give it a try and good luck!

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18 Your say:

Ron Jerem Lee said...

hey, is this ur first time eating can food?..............

*Anton* said...

Aiyoyo ..... Meenachi! It's not BID ler, try a lil' patience & things wld be much easier. hehe


Tough Girl 101 said...

LMFAO I thought I was the only one that ever had this type of problem :-p

mlle linie said...

oh dear... sounds complicated. luckily i dont eat corn beef so i could spare the trouble of opening a can like this! hehehe

shay said...

xD haha! BID = Brought In Dead (in my work)!

lyana said...

that does sound complicated. thank god the only can stuffs I like is tuna! :)

chameleon said...

I still remember having to figure out how to do that! And don't get me started on how to open the can when someone snaps off the key and loses it!

budleee said...

hahah this makes me want to go out an buy a canned of corn beef. i swear i saw some outside the non halal section..

Fable Frog said...

haha actually i do enjoy opening cans that way~ it's like so creative kan? doesn't need any can-opener & such! But some cans are a bit tough especially when the strip's not cut good enough~

A Common Singaporean said...

Very concise procedure.

You dont seem to be very B.I.D leh.

Perky said...

I kelaparan mah... how to be patient like that? ;)

Tough Girl 101:
Hehehe... apparently this is a phenomenon that gets even the best of us ;)

Mlle Linie:
Yeah it is complicated lol! But cornbeef is so worth the trouble :)

OOh I hate when that happens. You could try using the can opener, which requires a bit more work but it's better than letting all that corn beef go to waste :)

They do have halal corn beef. Cuba lah, it's nice :)

A Common Singaporean:
That's coz I learnt my lesson. If my brother hadn't seen me open the corn beef can, I would've gone on using my B.I.D. "skills". hehehe;)

MiChi said...

yee...just eat like that? better cook a bit la... after got worm egg inside how? if kena eat into the body, jialat loh

apples said...

Oh that stuff looks gross...

Anonymous said...


Tim and I always have a corned beef key attached to our house keys. Very useful for those corned beef cans without the keys(it happens), or the pesky guy who opened his car door too hard and kinked yours.

Hang on, is it corn beef or CORNED beef?


Damn it's good to be right ;)


p/s: the shark patrol is still as vigilant as ever :). Oh hey, now i've got the complete body boarding gear.. yea.. fin sox and wax and bag and fins and leash and chick gf included! (can't buy skills from a shop tho) Quickly get ur ass down here!

Samantha aka Wen said...

LOL I laughed so hard reading this post. Sorry la babe but I just had to ROFL

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Perky said...

If can eat at mamak or roadside stalls, I'm sure my tummy can handle them worms ;)

But it's yummy.... hehehe

Lol! Can't believe you Wikied corned beef.

Good to know that your body board didn't go to waste. Man, I am so jealous!!! >:P Next time I go over you'll be such a pro while I will be struggling with the waves. hahaha

Anonymous said...

THANKS for posting this! I've been looking for a "proper" way to open these corned beef cans but couldn't find one.. till I stumbled upon this!