Feb 13, 2009

Hot Air Balloon

Scribbled by Perky |

Everybody farts. Oh, come on, don't go all "eeew!" and all hoity toity on me. You do it, too. We've all farted in public, in our car, in the lift, while sitting down at work, in the shower... basically just about everywhere (although it's highly preferable that we do it when we're alone).

But occassionally, not sure about you guys, I'd have a sucker fart. Don't know what that is? Well, allow me to elaborate.

A sucker fart is the kind of fart that has all the symptoms of being a loud one (or a smelly one, depends on what you've been eating prior to farting). Since you don't want to go pooot in front of your colleagues or other people, you run off to some private area to 'release' it. But when you finally get to a place where you can have some private time (for instance, the toilet), the fart, instead of going out of your body, it goes back in. And you kinda get that feeling that in that very moment the fart is saying to you, "Hahaha! Sucker!"

I mean, what the hell is that about??? Things that wants/needs to get out of the body shouldn't have the option of changing its mind at the 11th hour and causing its host bodily discomfort.

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14 Your say:

*Anton* said...

But Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Remembering how much you love onions, I'll make sure to eat an extra dose before we meet. :P lolz

+Toxic Ant+
(I ain't no Britney)

Sam said...

I just did one while sitting at the computer. Ah... the fumes. :P

Okay, TMI. ;)

But hey, no fun if the fart just comes out all the time right? I mean, it's so much more fun to play hide and seek sometimes. :P

My record was a 45+/- second fart once. I think I was sick, but there wasn't a smell about it or anything.

Okay, TMI. ;)

Medie007 said...

sucker farts...

i normally just fart whenever i want. the roomie gots lot of it. but i thought the 'pooot' isn't that smelly compared a quiet one?

sheng said...

Haha, this is fun, i just did, after reading your post...everybody farts, yes, come on, it's normal. Just that, we should practice etiquettes as well even in farting.

Nick Phillips said...

LOL! I don't bother running off, I just let 'em have it there and then, fumes be damned ... you can always blame the cat, you know ... LOL!

savante said...

Here I thought you were gonna add the sound as well :)

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JD Cole said...

u know it's soooo coincidental that i've been having farting problem lately~ :P

i used to be able to manuever the air but nowadays...it seem as if i've lost that ability

Perky said...

LMAO!! Fine, then I'll remember to bring a cork along so I can plug your rear-end with it ;) Lol!

OMG! You actually timed yourself for that fart of yours. Lol! I think you should go down into the records for having the longest fart ever! hahaha

Hey never ever underestimate the loud ones too ;) hehehe!

Hehehe.. yeah. But unfortunately in this crazy world, there are ppl out there who thinks it's just too damn funny to fart in public ;)

Nick Phillips:
Hehehe... poor cat!!

I think that'll be too much info for my readers. hahaha!

JD Cole:
Maneuver the air??? You sound like you have an acrobatic colon! lol!

*Anton* said...

A lil' ear plug will do..... corks are too big to fit! :P LOLZ


A Common Singaporean said...

Practice the art of Qigong and control thy air, or learn Ninjitsu and "lun".

No I think the safest place is the most obvious pl. Go to some place with heavy crowd and lots of noise, then let it go...ooooh. Nobody hears a hoot and you can always blame it on someone else if a smell is detected...

Ron Jerem Lee said...

silent fart is most detrimental , loud noisy fart is less poisonous.

Twilight Zone said...

I normally enjoy very extremely long and soothing FART after a meal of petai prawns. It goes like Foooooooooooooooaaaaarrrrrrrtttttttttttt!Blek!Blek!Blek!....... .... .... blek! blek! (Left overs)

Perky said...

I'd rather take my chances with the cork. Not sure if the ear plug will do. Wouldn't want any of that nasty gas to escape. lol! ;)

A Common Singaporean:
Hehehe! I've been guilty of doing that b4. Sometimes a noisy crowd provides the perfect opp to let out a fart, even the noisy kind ;)

Ron Jerem Lee:
That just puts a twist to the phrase "silent killers", doesn't it? lol!

Twilight Zone:
EEEEWWWW!!!! TMI!!! lol! >:P