Jan 16, 2009

The Skills That I Should've Acquired

Scribbled by Perky |

I'm not ashamed to admit that I have a certain level of appreciation towards alcohol. But as much as I love drinking it, I wish that I could be more involved in the preparation part.

Back when my days were filled with trying out all sorts of cocktail beverages, I used to sit at the bar and look at the bartenders preparing the drinks. I envied them, the ones who could do flares, I mean.

It's so Coyote Ugly, minus the dancing on bar counters. Though in my case, I did more of that than learning how to do flares with liquor bottles.

But when you're a natural born klutz, throwing liquor bottles in the air is definitely something that needs to be avoided at all costs. My brother tried to teach me once (he used to be a part time bartender many years ago and he was pretty good at flare bartending). Anyways, the skill that I acquired at the end of his lesson was how to catch the bottle with my head. And I gotta say, I'm pretty good at it, judging from the number of bruises on my head ;)

So I've lived with the fact that I will never ever be that cool person who could do cool stuff when mixing drinks.

Next on my agenda was to learn how to open champagne bottles with a knife.

Now this is a cool skill to have, especially if your job revolves around hosting parties. But I'm not very good with handling sharp objects. I mean, I can't even cut a package without nearly cutting the tip of my index finger off. And that was with a pair of blunt scissors! Can you imagine what disaster I'll be inviting with a knife?

But I haven't given up entirely on trying to acquire this skill... If only McChef would allow me to handle knives.

Anyways, if there's one thing I'm ashamed of is my lack of ability to open wine bottles. I'm quite the avid wine drinker, but I have never ever opened a wine bottle on my own successfully. Even with the easy-to-use cork openers, somehow in my hands, I'd still be able to damage the cork to the point that the only way to open the bottle is to break it. So over the years, the skill that I acquired from drinking wine is the ability to avoid opening wine bottles myself and getting others to do it for me.

I guess I'll just stick to being the drinker huh?

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13 Your say:

*Anton* said...

Yup, agreed with you.
Sometimes, we juz need to relax, to sit/lay and absorb whatever has been offered. Let others do all the work! *winks* YUMMMMMMM SENG!


JD Cole said...

u're not alone hun~

i also dunno how to open wine bottles~ ;P

Sam said...

And that is why I buy wine with twist caps instead of corks. :P

Sam said...

But P/S: I think I wanna learn how to use the knife to open a wine bottle. :P

Nick Phillips said...

Sam has a point about buying wine with twist caps :D I have the same trouble opening wine bottles too ... and lets not even talk about how klutzy I can be with a scissor or a knife!

Fable Frog said...

and i thought this is about the calligraphy twilight zone introduced~ LOL

But that woman make the opening champagne with knife part looked so easy!!! hmmm maybe you should try!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

amazing!!. i wonder how many people he killed before manage to do this so well.

Twilight Zone said...

I don't expect gals to open wine bottles coz only men excel. They shake their bottles daily since early teens. Those who failed to pop champagne bottles on wedding nights get BIG BOOS & sorry for their wives. So Perky drink moderately to stay beautiful ok.

Perky said...

But waiting to be served all the time can be boring lah ;P

JD Cole:
Hehhee... I don't know why they make it so difficult.

No doubt twist caps are easier to open, but it doesn't retain the flavor of the wine the way the corks do.

It's a cool trick, isn't it? I saw cameron diaz do it in a movie, and I was like,"wow! that's cool!"

Nick Phillips:
But you managed to get out some interesting stories from your clumsiness. So it's not all bad ;) lol!

Fable Frog:
She's a pro mah, so of coz it looks easy. When I dah successful like her, I'll put up my own video on youtube hahaha.

Ron Jerem Lee:
I don't think anyone died. More like, how many objects got destroyed while she tried...

Twilight Zone:
Drink moderately??? But how? My beauty came from all that drinking what... ;) lol!

MiChi said...

I always open wine bottle, cause I love drinking wine alone, and get drink, and laugh by myself.... hahah...

so, the easiest way for me to open the bottle is to push the cork into the wine, and just drink with it...

alcohol in the wine will kill all the germs in the cork, so, won't die to drink with it la... haha

sheng said...

I have never opened a wine bottle myself too. I will try this opening up bottles soon.

savante said...

Drink like a fish yet I can't open a bottle either. Keep snapping the cork in two!

Perky said...

Hey I've never thought of that b4! Cool! And since there's no cork to close the bottle with, I have no choice but to finish the entire bottle ;)

Lol! Glad to know I ain't the only one ;)