Jan 27, 2009

Shopping for a Special Occassion

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This coming February 1st will mark my 3-year anniversary of togetherness with McChef. The downside of this particular date is that it’s fairly close to Valentine’s Day, so that means I would need to get him something really special to mark both the occasions. Well, of course, the good thing about these 2 dates being so close to one another is that I only need to get him just one gift.

So immediately I thought about the Playstation 3. Yes, the one that he was supposed to buy after selling off the Nintendo Wii months ago. Now apart from the Wiimote controller (which was why I love, love, loved the Wii), I don’t know why is the PS3 better than the Wii. But since my boy wants it, I better start getting to know this PS3.

So I turned to the bible that is the internet and read on what to look for when buying a PS3. Since what got me hooked onto the Wii was its controller, I thought I’d start my research there. Turns out, the PS3’s controller is also equipped with motion sensor technology. So what that means is that it follows the user’s movements, just like the Wiimote but with more buttons.

I can’t believe I gave him such a hard time for selling off the Wii. Think he’ll call it even if I got him this one instead?

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8 Your say:

lyana said...

hmm am not a tech-geek, but I daresay mcChef would appreciate any gift you get him, really. Esp if it's something he really wants! :P

JD Cole said...

and i wonder why am i not intersted in games~

prefer to play something else tho ;P

anyway, i hope mcchef will love wateva u're planning to give =)

*Anton* said...

So sweet yet so kedekut! :P lolz
Aiyo, mana boleh merge 2 into one?


savante said...

Well you can get him an iPod Touch to replace it :)

sheng said...

I love to have a Wii too.

far-east said...

PS3 is expensive + can only play ori games (urgh).. but d graphics is ah-maaazing!! & most o d titles i've played r pretty darn good. (at rm100+ a pop they'd better b huh?)

all that said, i'll only b a full convert when Final Fantasy XIII comes out - soon i hope. can't wait CAN'T WAIT! XD

p/s : still hot on d Wii? isk isk :'(

A Common Singaporean said...

I still support the Wii becos it is so casual to play.

But for better value, PS3 packs a whole punch of blue ray technology, motion sensor control, high def gaming, syncing with sony's handheld and lots more. This is a monster for the hardcore gamer. And honestly it is a much more worthwhile machine.

Yes, your boy will be obedient for a long time to come. Just make sure he doesn't stick to the machine longer than you..

Perky said...

Hehehe yalah kan. Whatever I buy he'll just have to like it. Hmm... how about a postcard with nekkid ladies? ;)

JD Cole:
I only know how to play. When it comes to the specs & all that, haiyoh! Sorry lah, I don't speak geek ;) hahaha!

Kita kan tengah recession. Have to be frugal mah.

LOL! Frugal kata nya! And here I am, thinking of buying a PS3! Hahaha!

Hmm... he's not the iPod kind of guy. I got iPod & he doesn't even bother with it.

Don't we all? ;)

Far East:
Lol! No lah. Not anymore ;P

A Common Singaporean:
Hmm.. that explains it. He's pretty hardcore when it comes to gaming. I doubt he'll stick to the machine too long. I've got my own bag of tricks to get his attention ;)