Jan 28, 2009

Just So We're On The Same Page

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Picture taken from http://www.health-fitness.com.auI don't know how many times I've blogged about my distaste for onions (such as the time I nearly choked to death because of it). The only way I ever eat onions is to have them blended. Yes, blended onions. Mmm... yumm!

Other than that, it's HELL to the NO to onions. I always tell the chef to omit the onions from my dish. If I do find them in my food, I'll just simply take them out (even if it'll take me an hour to finish my meal).

Some people find this behavior rather odd. I mean, if you don't like something, you just don't eat them. What's so odd about that?

But people (and by people I meant my clueless friends) place my reason to hating onions on the same level as one of the world's great mysteries. It's so bizarre (their thinking, I mean). So our conversation would normally run along the following lines:

Perky: I just don't eat onions.
Friend: *gasp!* Oh dear God, why???
Perky: I just don't.
Friend: But onions are good for you. They prevent the growth of cancerous cells, lower cholesterol, stimulate the immune system.....
Perky: Bla bla bla! Says the one who smokes like a chimney, drinks like a fish, and solicits hookers. You're more at risk of dying than I am.
Friend: ........
Perky: Getting hit by a car is more likely to kill me than not eating onions.

So I'm gonna test my reasoning on my readers.

Onions - Why I Don't Eat Them

Have you ever smelt someone's body odor (B.O.) or your own B.O. (assuming that you're not immune to the smell that you don't even know you actually stink)?

Well, that's how onions taste like to me (not that I'm saying I smell or what. Btw, I smell lovely thankyouverymuch). I'm just saying, it feels like I'm eating body odor. It's just.... gross.

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So what do you think? I'm not that wrong to say that, am I?

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15 Your say:

JD Cole said...

i dun eat fish and ppl think it's weird~

u go gurl~ say NO to things u dun like!! XD

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

oh perky onions. i like. oops. haha... garlic u ok? hehe...

Sam said...

I don't eat fish either! :P

My ex doesn't like onions either, it grosses her out like mucho much - so when there was one time we ended up at Tony Roma's and her THEN boyfriend ordered the baked onion dish - we ended up eating that alone. :P

She also hates vegies and garlic though. ;) Always told her she's one weird vampire. :P

Fable Frog said...

you are the 6th girls i know of who hate onions! OMG! does that mean generally, most who don't like onions are girls? hmmmmm well, everyone have some food that we don't like~ not really that odd, but still... i like to tease about it with my friends~ just to piss them off a bit... and of course they know my intention to irritate lah~ gives them something to talk about while they search through their food really~

sheng said...

Odd, no! I don't eat string beans and eggplants. I just hate them, with a passion!

A Common Singaporean said...

Fart. They make you fart, those onions, when you eat them.

Cry, they turn you into a soap opera queen when you peel them.

And the smell lingers on your hand for days when you chop them.. snub thy nose.

That said, its a personal preference when it comes to taste. I personally find its ok, I just avoid squeezing in a lift after a hearty meal of burger with lots of onions.

lyana said...

EXACTLY the point- if ppl don't like something, just don't eat them! and there might not be a reason as to WHY we don't like them, but meh. I don't eat taugeh, petai and durian. As to WHY I don't eat, well- I just don't like them. :P

MiChi said...

I LOVE onion~~!!!

Haha...I love anything that is good for health...I am a health freak ....

Also, anything that can make me become more intelligent, I'll go for it...

Onion can make a person more intelligent and play mahjong sure win one...

Hahha...like onion now?

budleee said...

i love onion

i love durian

i love fish

i love an onion fish dinner with durian dessert!!!!


body odor smells bad when bacteria starts to act upon it, but come on dear, you know you love the smell of mc chef kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan...

Perky said...

JD Cole:
I wouldn't call you weird. I'd say eccentric ;)

Garlic? Eeew! No.

Hehehe I think I'm pretty similar to your ex. I don't like veggies, hate garlic N I hate onions.

Fable Frog:
I can imagine how stress it is to eat with you. On one hand, your friends have to handle your teasing, and on the other they have to "battle" the onions on their plate. Wah... damn stress lah wei! ;) Lol!

Oh I so can relate to that!

A Common Singaporean:
Wow. You are so considerate for not squeezing in the lift. Imagine the lives of the people you saved from your onion-infested fart! lol! ;)

I hear ya, sister! Oh god, petai is another thing that should not be digested by any human >:P

Oh babes, I'm already intelligent even without having to eat them ghastly onions ;)

OH.MY.GOD. You are bizarre ;)

McChef smells like the food he cooks, so that's fine with me since I love to eat. But I don't like it how his hands would sometime smell like onions. Yucks.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Perky, life is like an onion. We peel it off one layer at a time and sometimes we cry.
Have a great new year, best regards, Lee.

Nick Phillips said...

Ok, I have a confession to make. I love onions and must have them in almost everything that I eat that wifey is beginning to complain ... LOL!

Unfortunately I cry like a baby every time I peel them :D

*Anton* said...

I have a close friend who simply adores any dish with onions ...... and she emits an oniony BO!


Perky said...

Uncle Lee:
No, uncle lee, I'd rather say that life is like a box of chocolates. You don't know what you're going to get :)

Nick Phillips:
Hmm... you were already weird to begin with, so I kinda expected you'd be an onion lover ;)

Hahaha! You can tell her this (and say it's from me): "You are what you eat" lol! ;)

Ron Jerem Lee said...

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