Jan 8, 2009

For Cleaner Insides

Scribbled by Perky |

A new year, a new body(?). Okay, let me rephrase that: A new year, a renewed body. My former boss first brought up the idea of colon cleansing or Body Detox a couple years back. She had taken a few days off work for some “personal” time, but when she came back to work, she was looking more radiant and slim.

So we asked her what her secret was, and she told us that she underwent a detox programme (something she does twice a year, apparently). Although our bodies are design to eliminate toxins, however, over the years it becomes clogged up and that reduces the body’s ability to function at its best. So by undergoing the detox programme, we are helping our own bodies to heal itself and release unwanted toxins in a safe way.

She did catch my attention when she mentioned benefits like more radiant skin and hair, and feeling more energized. No, I'm not being vain, but who wouldn’t want to look better? To feel healthier?

Of course she also mentioned things like going to the toilet more frequently when you go through the Body Detox programme, but that’s to be expected as the body is getting rid of all those toxic build-up. So the next time you have a few days off away from work, consider giving yourself a Body Detox. As much as we care about looking after our body on the outside, it is equally important to care for our body from the inside.

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JD Cole said...

i think it cost a fortune to under-go body detox programme isn't it?

*Anton* said...

I know I'll suck at it!

Mom is so correct to call me a "lil' tikus" for constantly raiding the fridge and pantry. How not to, knowing there's alwiz a tub of ice cream. *haiz*


Twilight Zone said...

I had done the DIY body detox once & I shrunk thinner after 1 week. I do know that another colon cleansing that costs RM2500 where they insert a tube in our asshole to flush it clean like washing a drain pipe. I wanna recommend a really excellent Colon Cleansing powder which works tremendously by hardening like a gel in the colon and then we shit out the same shape as our colon out along with all the stubborn toxin that lined the colon walls. I think I will blog about it someday. I am not selling products wor...

I think you are feeling guilty after over eating binge in down under(?) LOL...

fable frog said...

Actually i really works! I tried once too~ the solution i got wasn't that expensive but OMG! that programme really made us explode in the toilet~ terrible smell and sight!

samantha a.h @ wen said...

ahhh I'm seriously in need of one too. All those holiday food and all those ice cream (thanks to my loving hubby who always seem to stock up my favourite ice cream in the fridge -.-" whenever they run out). Winter makes me fat!

Nick Phillips said...

Will it make me look anything like Clive Owen? LOL!

Perky said...

JD Cole:
I wouldn't say that it'll cost a fortune, depends on which programme you choose. But seeing how you only do it like once a year, it's not that expensive.

Lol! Same here. I think it'll be tough to stay away from those yummylicious food (aka the good fatty stuff) while on detox, but one can always try rite? :)

Twilight Zone:
I think you did the same one my former boss did (she got mention the tube masuk her bubuts, which is so scary mary to me hehehe).

My god, Twilight, you read my mind! I really need to get back into my former shape coz I've got weddings to attend in Feb! *sigh*

Fable Frog:
The toilet part would definitely freak me out. But knowing how twisted my mind can be at times, perhaps I'll be amused by whatever comes out from my insides. Hehehe!

Hey winter is justifiable to be putting on weight. I gained weight during summer ok. What's my excuse? lol!

Nick Phillips:
Lol! I don't think so. If it did, they would've market it on the box ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Perky, my wife is 62 and still looks stunningly beautiful with a traffic stopper figure.. Infact she still looks like I just met her too.
She has maintained, looked after her figure all these years, and can still wear the sarong kebaya she wore on our first date.

As well the blue cheong sum she wore when I asked her to be my life partner....more than 30 years ago.
She brought the 2 dresses here and every year on her birthday will put them on for me.

My wife looks more 40 than her real age, and still no wrinkles too.
Infact some friends tease me I was a cradle snatcher too, ha ha thinking she 20 years younger than me.
Her recipie for what she is today?
She drinks lots of Chinese Green Tea, takes an hour afternoon nap every weekend or on holidays, spends 10 minutes every morning without fail doing stretching exercises.

She eats lots of vegetables everyday and tau fu, hardly any red meat.
We live 5 minutes from McDonalds and past 21 years only stepped in 3 times. Once to eat, twice for drinks only. She avoids oily foods and sugar.

Incidentally, my SIL is 70, slim, and absolutely gorgeous, again with a fantastic figure...she sleeps an hour every day...eats like my wife and exercises everyday...drinks lots of water and Chinese green tea and eats lots of tau fu too.

I too follow a strict diet, ha ha....
You have a pleasant weekend, best regards, Lee.

Perky said...

Uncle Lee:
Wow, that's quite a diet your wife has there. I don't think that that's something I could do... I just simply love to eat hehehe. Your wife sounds like a fabulous person, and I'm sure she is a traffic stopper. You lucky man, you! :D

Ron Jerem Lee said...

the thing about this treatment is - it gets pretty messy if u didn't 'plug' well.