Jan 7, 2009

Featured Blogger: Kat Argonza

Scribbled by Perky |

I met Kat (or more like she found me) through SocialSpark. But before I knew her as Kat Argonza, she was simply Tough Girl 101, the American blogger who had served in the army and is someone who loves to run. She definitely caught my attention from the very first post that I read on her blog, and I thought to myself,"Wow, a female blogger with substance".

You see, the many female bloggers I found on the blogosphere were either talking about trivial stuff, or were bitching about their ex-bfs to the point I felt sorry for the poor fella, or treated the blog like as if it were their hour-by-hour diary (e.g: "went to the doctors at 10am. It wasn't good news, so I went shopping. 2pm I went to my neighbour's so we could watch soap together. It's 4pm now, I feel like taking a dump. Must be something I had for lunch....").

Some in my mind were talking too "blonde" that it just irritated me (e.g: "like today I was like so blown away by like how polished my nails were after the manicure that I could like see my own reflection in like my nails"). There was no weight to what most of them had to say, hence it was hard to follow anything they wrote.

But I can definitely relate to how she views the world and the people around her, and maybe that's why I find myself hooked onto reading her blog. She's opinionated but not to the point where we think she's a feminist set out to cut off men's dicks.

I wouldn't mess with a lady who knows how to shoot a gun

She tells us that our bodies are instruments, not ornaments and that we should admire being strong, more than being skinny. And to think that she's only 23 years old! I wished I was that confident when I was her age!

Kat, who is a professional blogger, is also the creator of KO Bloggers, a network that I'm more than happy to be a part of. She hosts exclusive blog contests for its members and I believe that 2009 will see more interesting and fun great things happening inside the KO Bloggers network. Hey, you all should join, too, and you'll see just how right I am about this ;)

I'm glad that I know Kat beyond the blogosphere and that I have her on my Facebook (though I believe that if we had met in real life, we would most likely get along just fine). So guys, go check Kat Argonza's blog at http://katargonza.com/ and http://www.toughgirl101.com.

This feature was done as part of Kat's 1st prize entry for the blog competition I hosted last month.

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9 Your say:

Makoy said...

thanks for being a sponsor :)

supermonkey said...

Kewl.. I always have a soft spot for chicks that play with guns...

I'm gonna say something totally obscene and probably warrants being deleted but I'm gonna say it anyway.. Wanna help me clean my gun?

Twilight Zone said...

Hi Kat Argonza. Meet Twilight the Grandma!

Sam said...

@ supermonkey: Depends on what kind of gun. :P

@ perky: Gals who know their way around a firearm are always fun to get to know. :P

But don't you just love technology - it helps you meet interesting people regardless of distance or time! :)

God's Rock Angel said...

I love Kat's Blogs they are cool! I can't remember how I ended up finding her blog but we both swing by each others blogs and comment every so often also we are now in KO bloggers together with you!

*Anton* said...

Distance will definitely matter if you ever piss Kat off. Wouldn't want to be around when the trigger is pulled! lolz


Tough Girl 101 said...

Holy cow! It's me! It's me!


samantha a.h @ wen said...

visited her blog and I like what I read. Very neat and interesting :D...No wonder you're hooked!

Perky said...

You're welcome! :D

When have you ever said something that isn't obscene? ;P

Twilight Zone:
Aren't you a bit too young to be a grandma? ;)

Yeah, I so agree with you. Thanks to the wonders of technology that I'm able to meet all my interesting friends online, you included! :D

God's Rock Angel:
Yeah, her blogs are cool :) I've been campaigning to get more ppl to join our awesome KO Bloggers hehehe...

Lol! Yeah, distance will definitely save my ass if I ever piss her off. Hopefully that's something I'll never ever do! :)

Tough Girl 101:
You're welcome. The post was long overdue though, sorry bout that...

Glad you liked it. So continue reading her stuff k? ;)