Jan 6, 2009

The Australian Double Chin

Scribbled by Perky |

I’m finally back to my blogging life after my long vacation. I should’ve gone back to updating my blog last week but for some "strange" reason, the internet connection in my hometown was so bad, that I abandoned the idea of going online altogether. I believe it was a sign telling me to enjoy an extended break from blogging I needed to recuperate first before going back to my old routine and eat more fatty food, since my hands were free from the keyboard.

I’ll try to keep my experience on Australia as short as possible. 11 days there definitely gave me plenty of things to do, hence more things to write about. So it’s best to sum it all up as I don’t have the will power to write lengthy posts so as to not bore my lovely readers.

We stayed at Quest on Arlington Serviced Apartments. It's expensive, but that's the price you pay for one of the best accommodations in Perth (or so I was told).

My days in Perth started as early as 8am. That’s pretty early for someone who enters the office at 10.30am. My “job” in Perth was to be driver for my mom and her friend, G. And when I’m not driving them around, I carry their shopping bags and “help” them eat. And boy, do they "need" help! By Christmas, I was already sporting a *gasp* double chin! (I better start working out soon. The fat jokes are getting old hehehe. Plus I'll be attending a couple of weddings in Feb, and God forbid if I look anything less than fabulous).

We drove to Fremantle a lot. The men spent most their days on playing on all the best golf courses (such as The Vines and Joondalup Resort), so that left us women with nothing else to do but shop. Mom and Aunt G were pretty determined to buy everything they can, while I was determined to eat all the fish-n-chips I could find (we don't get very nice fish-n-chips in Malaysia).

The Fremantle market, a place where you can find all sorts of stuff at cheap prices

Doing the whole tourist thingy by buying souvenirs for family and friends

Aunt G and my mom, who almost broke into song and dance in the picture above. Shopping has that effect on her ;)

Mom and I on the harbour

Cicerello's - they serve very good fish-n-chips here!

You throw this at the seagulls to keep them from landing on your table. No, j/k. This is the buzzer that let's you know that your food is ready for collection.

The evil stuff that was my daily diet. This is the no. 1 contributor of the whole lotta "extra" that I brought with me all the way from Australia. hehehe ;)

Apart from the constant eating, I was also constantly boozing out. Not to say that I'm an alcoholic or what, but when it comes to drinking, I can pretty much stand on my own. I believe I’ve tried almost all types of beer available in Perth.

The Windsor - our constant hangout

This thing definitely comes in handy if you drive!

Christmas Eve was spent in our apartment unit. Try cramming 27 people in a small apartment, and you pretty much can guess the chaos. Food was plenty, everyone was having a jolly good time and the kids were happy (which was evident from the mess they left behind).

Christmas was spent at my Aunt Helen’s. She married a British man named Roy, and together they have two kids Joanna (who's got 2 very adorable kids of her own, Chloe and Ben) and Andrew.

My very warm and lovely family :)
L-R: Mom, Aunt Helen, Me, Andrew, Dad, Joanna, Yaduk (grandma) and Uncle Roy

I also got a chance to meet up with an old friend and made new friends. We went to the beach together, I tried my hand at body boarding (I think that's what it's called). It was tough considering I’m physically unfit to challenge the Australian waves but it’s definitely something I would love to do again.

Queue with his gf, Wee Leng, and their friend Billy

I've known him since we were 13 years old. But I don't think I can deal with him teasing me with a strip show!

Oh phew! He was just changing into his wetsuit. How, erm, embarassing it was for me to hope for a strip show ;)

All geared up now. The body board and wetsuit were new btw.

This is what happens when you get bitchslapped by the waves ;)

We also went to Swan Valley to do some wine tasting.

But I didn’t get the chance to see the koala bears and kangaroos as no one wanted to go with me. Not surprised, considering all they had in mind was shopping, shopping and more shopping! Oh, and eating too. Shop and eat, that’s all we ever did in Perth.

I guess this pretty much sums up my Australian adventure. I would love to go back there and not come back to Malaysia. Australia really grew on me; I love how warm and friendly the people are, love their weather, and I truly really enjoyed driving there as you don't find idiots on the road (their drivers don't run red lights and certainly don't abuse the disabled parking lots unlike a "certain" country that I know of).

Oh, Australia, I heart you!!

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17 Your say:

*Anton* said...

Welcome back! :)

Glad you enjoyed your trip.

I miss the fish & chips too ..... and the calamari. ^_^


Sam said...

I heart the fish and chips! :)

Glad to have you home at last - can't see Andrew very clearly though, cute? ;)

Twilight Zone said...

Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhh! You are back with kilos of fats and memories! How sweet Perky! Life has been so kind to you! Thanks for the multiple org... comments in my blogs. You missed the X'mas snowman I made for you. I think it has melted liao... LOL!

Homely Guy said...

Wow ... i like the fish n chips ... drooling all over my keyboard now ... LOL

savante said...

Glad to see you back! But where are the hot Aussie beach hunks!

fable frog said...

Welcome back Perky! whoa~ all the way there just to shop and eat? didn't visit the animals there?? pffft! But i have to admit, the fish and chips looks yummy, even just in photo! OMG! now i felt like going liao!

JD Cole said...

welcum back perky~

happy belated new year 2009!! XD

samantha a.h @ wen said...

welcome back gal pal! been missing your stuff...

and I miss fish and chips too! I haven't found any fish and chips so far in Seattle. All I ever find is burgers and fries and more burgers and fries...

me would love to go Australia and never come back too muahahahaha....If I'm ever going back to somewhere near Malaysia to settle down that'll definitely be one of my pick or Singapore :p

Tough Girl 101 said...

Ah! I have never been to australia but I WANNA GOOOOO! Your pics look awesome, the food makes me hungry and, uhmm, yeah, missed you on the blogosphere.

sheng said...

Lovely fish-n-chips. I wanna go to Aussie tooo....

Perky said...

Oooh their calamari is just out of this world! *drool*

I'm glad to be back too :) And yes, Andrew is cute hahaha. But it was his warm personality that I remember most ;)

Twilight Zone:
Hehehe yeah I came back with 3 extra kilos on me *sigh*

Ooh, there's a snowman for me? I'll go check it out :D

Homely Guy:
I miss the fish n chips too. I think I would fly there just to eat them again hehehe.

Lol! I was completely hooked on just looking at them that I totally forgot to take my camera out and snap away!

But how bout we all make a trip to Down Under and stare at them hotties? ;)

Fable Frog:
Shop and eat, that's what family vacations are all about ;) But I really wished that I went to the zoo though. No one wanted to go with me :(

If you do ever go, bring me along too! hehehe...

JD Cole:
Great to be back! :D And happy belated NY to you too!

hahaha burger and fries... that's so typical american food.

I wouldn't mind living in oz, but not s'pore though. it's just too hectic, plus it has the same weather that m'sia has ;)

Tough Girl 101:
Go there for your honeymoon ;) It's a wonderful place and if you love the outdoors, even better! :) I miss being on the blogosphere too, & it feels great to be back.

Hope you get the chance to go there one day and try out the fish-n-chips :)

Mlle Linie said...

man, and i was told perth is such a boring place.

ps: hence why i was studying in melbourne, i never went visiting perth. now im feeling regret slipping in slowly... sigh

Perky said...

Mlle Linie:
Perth can be boring to those who are shopaholics. But I'm more of a chillax and outdoorsy kinda person. so the place suited me very well :)

lyana said...

off course- when faiz gets back here you've got a reason for a re-visit! and I'm like 45min drive from the coast. :P we'll prolly have to bring you to visit the koalas and kangaroos and crocs at beerwah (steve irwin's Australia Zoo) as you didn't get the chance the first time.


Nick Phillips said...

A little late in dropping by over here but it sure looks like you had nothing but fun, fun and more fun on your holiday :D And those fish and chips, what can I say? I'm salivating all over my keyboard ... LOL!

Perky said...

Oh yes, I'll definitely try my best to visit Australia again. Or maybe just go there and never come back! Lol!

Nick Phillips:
Yeah, those fish n chips are really something, aren't they? ;) But the ones in London are still the best though!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

the fish and chips looked quite mega sized need 2 hours to finish half a plate it seems.

so da bao any wine back or not?