Dec 17, 2008

Winners of My Blog Competition!

Scribbled by Perky |

Here are the winners of the blog competition I hosted:
1st Prize ($20 paid via PayPal and a feature on my blog): Kat Argonza (Post: If I Could Turn Back Time)
2nd Prize ($10 paid via PayPal): Jojo of Mojo (Post: Eternal Life or a Quick Fix)
3rd Prize ($5 paid via PayPal): Dwayne (Post: What Would I Change if I Could?)

Other Posts Submitted:
Journal of a Rock Angel (Post: A Competition)

To claim your cash prizes, please email Kat at with your PayPal account address so she can send your prizes immediately.

Thank you everyone for participating in my blog competition! :D

Kat or other members of the KO Bloggers network will be hosting more blog competitions in the future (which I'll be more than happy to tell you guys about :D). So be a part of our KO Bloggers network (sign up is FREE and EASY), where you can participate in contests and score some cool prizes!

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3 Your say:

sheng said...

Congratulations to the cool people who won...

Hannah said...

I saw my name and got all excited then re-read it and I came 4th.

Oh well! Practice for next time!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Perky!!! Woo Hoo!!!!