Dec 16, 2008

The Land Down Under

Scribbled by Perky |

I'm pretty psyched about my upcoming trip to Australia this Saturday. Yes, people, I'll be celebrating Christmas and New Years in the Land Down Under! Woohoo!

But as much as I love the sun, I'm really not looking forward to the summer heat. That, and the bugs and spiders that are Australia's version of cockroaches to me. *shudders at the thoughts of those God-forsaken creatures*

Anyways, I'll be spending about 10 days in Perth. So I did some Googling and realize that Perth and I don't have much in common. I'm not much of a shopper kinda girl. I don't buy material stuff. I prefer to "buy" the experience/adventure... and food.

I definitely wanna go surfing (although Perth isn't well known as a surfer's paradise). But still, it's better than nothing. Hopefully I'll get to see some hot surfer dudes, like the ones you get in Gold Coast ;)

I envy Carly Smith - pictured here doing what she does best

Oh, and I definitely wanna go to the Zoo coz it won't be an Aussie trip without me hugging a koala or feeding the kangaroos.

I dont' care how much they stink or how rough their fur feels. I just wanna squeeze a koala

The one that's at the top of my to-do list is visiting the vineyards. Mmmm... Australian wine. Just thinking about the wine tasting trips is already making me warm and bubbly. I absolutely love wine (something I "inherited" from my dad, much to my mom's displeasure).

The second closest thing to paradise on earth - vineyards!

I'm not quite the wine expert like my dad, but I'm slowly getting there. I can basically tell you where the wine's from (Australia, France, South America, etc). Some people can tell the year the wine was made, the flavor, the body, etc. I'm not there yet, but I'm sure with practise (and I don't mind lots of it), I'll be quite the expert myself ;)

I could do this everyday! (Taken from the movie "A Good Year")

So apart from these 3 things, I'm not sure what else I'm going to do with my time. I didn't fly there just so I could get drunk on wine and eat fish-n-chips everyday. So, if you guys have any suggestions on how I can fill up my time in Perth, let me know! :)

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20 Your say:

LizzyT said...

I am sure you will have a great time in Australia. We are hoping to be moving over there to the Central Coast area next year.

Tough Girl 101 said...

HOnestly i would have no idea, but I've always awnted to hug a koala! Is that a silly ambition?

Sam said...

Never been to Perth, but if you're down in Oz - wine, fish and chips, koalas, kangaroos and lots of photos is a must! :P Try checking out if there's a nightlife - I know Melbourne has a lot to see after dark. :)

At any rate, have a good trip!!! :)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Perky, you just go do your thing, have walkabouts, best way of seeing things.
Make sure your camera battery, memory cards are ready.
G'day Mate, Lee.

Anonymous said...

i can't believe i'm missing out on this trip. Grrrrrr >:[

You better not bring me home some stupid stuffed toy or deco crap. We have tons of those already. Though a live wallaby would be a nice addition to our menagerie...

Yes, i'm bitter. Can you tell? =p =p =p

Fable Frog said...

oh~ visit some tourist sites lor~ i'm sure there are plenty~ um, can't help coz never been there~ but of course there's the cam whoring bit to kill time ~kan

Nick Phillips said...

Australia, huh? Well, have fun and here's wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance :D

And I must say that I'm utterly envious of you.

*goes to corner and sulks*


twisted-biatch said...

Go to Rottnest Island - you can take a ferry from Perth City or Fremantle. It's a lovely place.

Perky said...

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'll have a blast there. Bet u're excited about the move :)

Tough Girl 101:
Nah, that's not silly at all. I think we all wanna hug them koalas coz they're soooo cute!

Yeah, photos are a must! If only Melbourne wasn't on the other side.... Melbourne is more happening than Perth.

Uncle Lee:
Thanks for the reminder! Yeah, don't wanna go there only to realize I dont' have enough memory for my pics. Camera and my iPod... and I'm set! :)

Big Fat Witch:
I'm also bitter about you not going. I don't have my wing man :(

I'll get you a snow globe k ;)

Fable Frog:
Lol! Unlike you I can't camwhore on my own. I ain't got the photography skills hehehe... It'll be weird to get strangers to take my pics while I pose gila babi in Perth. Hahaha! ;)

Nick Phillips:
Hehehe... don't be a Christmas grinch, Nick ;) If it's any consolation, I don't really consider it a Christmas getaway coz there's no snow in Perth this time of year. Lol!

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll add it to my to-do list :)

Twilight Zone said...

Aiyoh I soo jealous you are going to Perth! That word only associates my mind that you will find black swans in the lakes and casinos after dark. No nightlife! Filthy richest fellas live by the lakefront in Dalkeith. The koalas and kangaroos in Perth were imported from the East Coast, I was told. Anyway, I had never visited Perth until you come back & tell me whether it's worth going. I seem to trust your words very much lah!

Have fun and be happy ok. Merry Christmas & hugs!

AJ said...

owh my collegue...ermmm make that as an EX-collegue went to Perth for her vacay 3 weeks b4 i resigned...

but she's a spender & a shopaholic like, i guess Perth is really her place

hope u'll hv a great time there & probably get some aussie guys on their knees *if u know wat i mean wink haha!!

Kelly said...

if u love animals u shud go to Caversham Wildlife Park..u get to hand feed the roos and take a close up pic wif a koala..don tink u can hug it..unless u want it to scratch ur eyes out. oh yeah u can take ludsa pics wif a sticks bt its really cuddly.hehehe..If u love clubbing n r&B music, go down to Metros. If u r missing Msian fud, take a cab down to Makan Makan at Vic Park for sum roti..pricey though..Pop by Kings Park at get a gud view/pic of Perth City. U can also take the wine river cruise..oh ya..even if u don fancy shopping, take a train down to City West..there is a mall called Harbour Town..its like a factory outlet.stufs r really cheap..:)if u r down at Fremantle, uve got to try Lil Creature Beer. I don remember the name of da pub bt am sure u can ask ard..its homebrewed.

lyana said...

woohoo! now if only I have the money to meet you in perth.. :( sadly, will only be in Gold Coast this weekend (yes, tempat 'Zachary' tu..) but have fun, take tonnes of piccies and just enjoy yourself. Australia has awesome beaches all around- awesome beach = awesome waves = awesome (and HOT HOT HOT) surfer dudes and dudettes.

Take care and have fun! :)

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

haiyu dont la squeeze koala. :P i'm planning to go next yr. anyway u have a great time there.

Deb DiSalvo said...

Oh, have fun! I am sooo jealous! My brother lives in Sydney (on Bondi Beach) and has begged me to come and visit for the past 6 years! Its just so expensive to fly there from the States. Well, looks like NEXT Christmas me and my family will finally be going! I guess since I've waited this long, one more year should fly by, right?!?

Have oodles of fun!

sheng said...

Care to shop for some postcards and send it to friends, like me for instance? hehe, Happy Holidays in Aussie!

Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
Wah... talk about pressure, man. So sweet of u to trust my words. So if I told u that Santa Claus really exists, would u believe me? ;)

Merry Christmas to you too! *hugs!*

Hehehe... I'm sure I'll have a good time there. At least can "cuci mata" there! ;)

Kelly, you're the best! Now I have more things to look forward to :D

Ooh surfer dudes... *getting all dreamy-eyed now*

Yeah, it's too bad we can't meet up. It would've been nice to see a familiar face there :)

I insists on squeezing them cute koalas. Hehehe!

If you're going there next year, you better save lots of $$$. This trip is gonna make me broke due to the exchange rates alone.

Deb DiSalvo:
Thanks for the kind wishes :)

That would give you something to look forward to next Christmas :D And I'm sure your brother's equally as excited as you are to be going to Sydney. He's waited for you to come for 6 years! Lol!

Lol! Does a virtual postcard count? ;)

Happy holidays to you too! :D

Fable Frog said...

you are going alone??? so cool!! but i would feel so lonely if i travel alone! Yay! now i am excited for you liao!

savante said...

Make sure you take a ton of pics to show us, babe!

Perky said...

Fable Frog:
Eh no lah. I'll be with my family, minus my sister though :( I do feel lonely without her.

We're going together with my dad's business associates and their family. Which is why I asked ppl on what to do there, coz God forbid I get dragged into some guided tour thingy. Lol! I hate those things coz it feels like I don't have control over my schedule.

Will do, hun! :)