Dec 12, 2008

A Ride with the Perverts

Scribbled by Perky |

(*Warning: Post contains obscenities. If you're a minor or a family-oriented kind of reader, pls skip this post)

Yesterday was a public holiday for Selangor, I decided to head down to KLCC to catch a movie as well as do some shopping.


I have no issues about driving there and have no issues paying the expensive parking. If I were to be stuck in traffic jam on my way there, I doubt it would've bothered me as that would give me the chance to listen to my recently purchased Twilight soundtrack (when you live 3 minutes away from your office it gives you very little chance to listen to any music at all).

But yesterday, perhaps due to lack of sleep or lack of alcohol consumption (or both), I decided to take the LRT to KLCC. Aaaah, the joys of public transportation. I thought, you know, I'd give Mother Earth a break by choosing not to pollute her ozone with the exhaust fumes from my car.

The "ever so efficient" LRT

Now I have certain reservations about using our public transportation. It wouldn't have mattered to me if our LRT was slow, or if it broke down even. I mean, I'm on holiday so I've got the whole friggin' day. I could very well stop and smell all the flowers on my way to KLCC. So yeah, time means nothing to the jobless.

However, the thing that bothered me most was my bizarre encounters with all sorts of people on the LRT. All sorts meaning perverts.

I was sitting next to this uncle, who I assumed had balls the size of watermelons because he sits with his legs wide apart 'til one of his thighs kept rubbing against mine. So I looked down at his crotch area trying to see if indeed he had watermelon balls 'coz I was getting annoyed with all this rubbing and touching.

Nope. I was disappointed. No watermelon balls. He's just another perverted old man.

If he was David Beckham sitting next to me with his legs wide apart, I wouldn't have mind

And yes, he really was a perverted old man because when he got up at his stop, he brushed his hand on my thigh... with his palms down!

As just when I thought how much more comfortable my journey would be without that old man, a younger man comes in, only this time he decides to stand directly in front of me. Let me tell you something. Sitting down facing someone's crotch is bad enough. But when that person sways back and forth on purpose, now that's something else!!

I don't think that staring at a stranger's crotch qualifies as looking at "art"

So I looked up to glare at him and for some strange reason, everytime I did that, he would have this sick twisted smile on his face. So I pondered on about that for a while and realized what it must've looked like from his point of view when "shoving" one's crotch into another person's face (*insert your own imagination here*)

Get what I mean?

Eerrrggggh! I will never ever take public transportations anymore.

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21 Your say:

Sam said...

Being a guy, I of course don't get such treatment. But like you, had it been David Beckham - swivel and shake all you want, I'd be happy to watch. :P

Fable Frog said...

did you wore a super hot short pant? you know u have killer legs~ ;) they just can't help it~ but i thought you would have shouted at them~

KhaO-LAr-sEXy-PRESS said...

haiyu so lucky u. :P tell me next time when u go out esp taking lrt. :P

budleee said...


gosh u must be wearing a low top or short shorts.

or maybe you are prettier that you expect you are?

*maybe because u travel alone kot..

Perky said...

Lol! Oh yeah, he sooo can swivel and shake all he like, and I too won't mind one bit ;)

Fable Frog:
No lah. I wore my casual khakis and polo t-shirt... really nothing sexy at all. I think I was too stunned to even shout.

Huh? Lucky?!? Kena sexual harrassment is not lucky at all. It's soooo unlucky lah!

I think coz I was travelling alone kot. I was wearing casual jer... nothing revealing at all.

ally said...

maybe you still look sexy with casual outfit! hehehe! yeah right! unexpected things happen on public transport... if you have the luxury of having your own car, better use it than get harassed again. tc!

savante said...

What a kinky train ride! :) Perky Rides the Rails!

Melissa B. said...

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Altantuya Feels said...

my not-so-explosive advise is....DON'T EVER take LRT during public holidays or weekends.seriously!!

and speaking of perv on the u're feelin' what i've been through...

trust me honey...i've walked on ur heels "experienced"

at one point, a guy put his hand exactly on my's really disturbing!!

p/s: this is my alter-ego speaking ya~ ;) go to the road to fabulousity for more details

*lynne* said...

I've got to say that I personally haven't experienced the pervs, although I've certainly heard about them... the last few times I've been back to KL I use the LRT a lot, but usually not during peak hours, so I suppose that has saved me the worst of it...

Life-on-Mute said...

tell me bout it! If I have a choice I usually would not take the public transport. I've seen an old pakcik who sat right in front of me unzipped his freaking pants to show me his d*ck! WTF man! and not once but twice!!!!!! once inside the KTM and another time at the LRT parking lot in Kelana Jaya :s when ppl tell me take the public transport, save some money and save the earth, I'd say "SCREW YOU!" hahahaha

samantha a.h @ wen said...

OMGOMGOMG!!!! i just commented the above comment using my husband's account >< Ooopsie

sheng said...

Yowtch, that's so bad. I could never imagine myself staring at a crotch other than my husbands....

texas_sweetie said...

i'd love to watch his crotch if he's as gorgeous as Adam Sandler or Edward Collin-- in Twilight..

funny is your experience..lolz

bintang said...

This crotch picture remind me of a character in a Deuce Bigalow movie, Heinz Hummer a gigolo with the most below. LOL!!!

Nick Phillips said...

That's one reaso why I don't take public transportation. Not the perveted part cos I'm a guy and don't get too many guys gyrating their crothes at me but simple for the fact there are loads of weirdos there!

Next time just pay la the expensive parking rates ... hehehe ...

Perky said...

Hehehe... yeah, lesson learnt!

Lol! ok, that was corny :P

Altantuya Feels:
*gasp!* OMG, the asshole really harassed you.. poor baby.

p/s: love the alter ego ;)

You're very lucky. Not sure which is worst - a train full of ppl or a train w no ppl. Imagine getting harrassed where there's no one around to help u. That's pretty scary huh...

Lol! Nasib baik u clarified the identities... if not I would've gone,"Oh kesian si husband Sam... kena harass by pakcik tua... he must be scarred for life!" Hehehe ;)

Hehehe! Somehow I find your comment rather amusing ;)

Texas Sweetie:
Edward Cullen, not Collin, baby ;) Ooh.. yeah, he's super duper hawt! He's the reason why I watched Twilight SEVEN times! hehehe...

Lol! Deuce Bigalow is hilarious. Rob Schneider is so damn funny that my tummy hurts from all that laughing :)

Nick Phillips:
Hehehe.. yeah I know what you mean. I actually stopped using the lrt for a couple of yrs bcoz of them weirdos.

I tot that over time those weirdos would've gone away. *sigh* wishful thinking on my part ;)

bluecrystaldude said...

LOL. You should just stomp on those guys feet. I am sure they will stop doing that. haha. Malaysia public transport? I only use them when I have too, really really really have too :D

Perky said...

Blue Crystal Dude:
Doubt that I would've done any damage if I were to stomp on their feet with my tiny foot ;) Lol!

Hehehe... yeah man. Only use the public transport when you absolutely have to.

Aziya said...

I nearly kena dlm. bas.... tak ingat tahun berapa.... org. India tua.... yuck !!!!

Ron Jerem Lee said...

haiz. i feel so embarassed to hear stories like this. why men has to become so perverted and become an eye sore to the public. damn the fella. curse him.

wat a waste he could have gone further since the victim didnt scream....

(bad joke, but u get what i mean, just gotta protect ourselves sometimes)