Dec 18, 2008

Movie Buff

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I love watching movies. I think a good chunk of my money is used to buy dvds every week. Most movies I tend to watch them only once, but the really good ones, like the really, really good ones, those I can watch over and over and over again.

Here's my list of the 8 most memorable movies (in random order):


I love epic movies and this is, to me, the best epic movie ever made. There's just so many moments where I felt like fighting along the Scots because I wanted to follow wherever William Wallace went.

This movie has everything, from drama to romance, awesome battles scenes (I'm so glad that they don't depend much CGI coz without it, the scenes just looks extra real), and great orchestra works. And the scene where he gets tortured before being executed, that was the most heartbreaking and yet most heroic scene ever captured on screen (I cry like a baby when Mel screams "Freedom!!!").

The Last of the Mohicans

"The photography belongs in a museum, the music is a symphonic magnet, the acting and sparsely spoken words fit like little pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to create an immaculately magnificent picture." - Mark Worrell (

This movie is second only to Braveheart simply because I'm a Mel Gibson fan. I absolutely love Daniel Day-Lewis in this movie. Seeing him run with his long rifle in one hand and a gunstock club in the other, now that's a man right there.


This is the only romance movie I truly enjoy. I've watched this 7 times in the cinemas and I can't wait for the DVD to be released. It's got some cheesy lines and corny scenes, but what makes it bearable is the chemistry between Edward (played by my beloved Rob Pattinson) and Bella (played by the talented Kristen Stewart).

I love all the cast/characters in the movie and the books. Yes, I've read the books (except for book 3 because it's SOLD OUT everywhere in KL!). And I can't wait for the sequel to come out.


There are so many things that could go wrong whenever you take such iconic characters and put them on the silver screen. But in the hands of the great Michael Bay, those iconic characters come to life. My favorite Autobot is definitely Bumblebee.

There's nothing that I didn't like in this movie. The casts were awesome, I love how the robots transformed, the scene where the Autobots were at Sam Witwicky's home was my favorite, there was plenty of humor from Shia, and the action scenes were effing awesome! I just love this movie.

Dark Knight

One name: Heath Ledger. Even if he hadn't died, this movie would still have the same effect on me. Heath as the Joker, now that's a performance.

Iron Man

I've watched Iron Man so many times on DVD, and that's hugely because of Robert Downey Jr. I absolutely love his narcissistic wit and charm. And the red that they used on the Iron Man suit, that's hot.


John Travolta singing and dancing, even as a woman, is worth watching. Michelle Pfeiffer as the over ambitious b*tch is fun to watch. The movie has a great ensemble (the cast sings and dances with such flair and passion its infectious), and in my mind probably one of the best studio musicals to come out in years.

Queen's We Will Rock You Musical

Okay, this isn't a movie, but seriously, they should make it into a movie and cast MiG Ayesa as the lead. I've watched the musical twice (you can read about my experience watching the musical and meeting the cast AND MiG here, here and here), and I just thought to myself, "They need to put this onto the silver screen!"

So there you have it, my 8 most memorable movies ever. I think I did miss one or 2 movies out, but at the time I wrote this I just can't remember what they were. So what's your most memorable movie?

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AJ said...

u watched twilight for 7 times?? OMG!!

and i tot that movie were not favorable by critics

*Anton* said...
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*Anton* said...

Hi Perky, my 1st visit to your nice site. :)

Yur chosen ones were nice, especially Braveheart. I'm a fan of The Gladiator which is currently on Astro.

Dunno why, but I find myself repeatedly watching Notting Hill & Ghost. ^_^


Silly Little Prince said...

you no likes SATC!???

Nick Phillips said...

I think I saw Braveheart about 5 times cos I was infatuated with Sophie Marceau! LOL!

savante said...

Oh baby good morning Baltimore! HAIRSPRAY IS IN! YAY!

Fable Frog said...

Oh~ never watched braveheart and last mohicans before. And i still haven't come around to watch ironman yet... But Twilight 7 times??? Serious?

For me, i watched ChungKing Express for more than 50 times liao~

budleee said...

that's funny, my sister told me book 1 and book 2 of twilight was sold out, so she bought my youngest sister (who is 11) book 3, eclipse. she finished it in like 3 days while shopping around dubai..

damn, i just started reading the first book. crap! now I want to continue reading it. I pissed my friend off when I told her the Volvo they drove in the book was much much older than the one he drove in the movie. She told me there were newer cars, but I haven't gotten to that part yet :p

sheng said...

I have been eyeing to watch Hairspray over at HBO, and I love Mel Gibson too, I cried in Braveheart... of course, I love Twilight too!

The Banker said...

hey perky, havent been commenting here in ages! haha. this time i think i should put down my ten best-loved movies ;)

in random order:
1. saving private ryan
2. braveheart
3. letters from iwo jima
4. o brother where art thou
5. amelie
6. gladiator
7. a very long engagement
8. kite runner
9. city of god
10. pan's labyrinth

AVCR8TEUR said...

I really liked Hairspray too. A few memorable movies I really enjoyed are "The Last Samurai", "Freedom Writers", and "Remember the Titans".

Thanks for your recent comment on my blog. :) Have fun in Australia!

Twilight Zone said...

Waaah! You movie queen or addict. You got good taste and I agree with your choice. I only need to watch Twilight bcoz got no time. Hairspray, Iron Man and Dark Knight are my favourites.

Perky said...

There's plenty of room for improvement in this movie, no doubt. Critics don't always get it right, considering how well this movie did in the box office. But is it Oscar worthy? Definitely not.

Hi Anton! It's always nice to see a first-timer here :)

Gladiator is great, and there were moments where Phoenix stole the show from Crowe. I love it when Phoenix plays a badass guy!

I love Notting Hill too. In fact, the tagline for my profile was from a line in that movie ;)

Silly Little Prince:
I haven't even watched SATC! Lol! (don't throw your shoes at me ;) )

I don't know, it just doesn't appeal to me. I didn't really watch the show too.

Nick Phillips:
You sound like my dad hehehe... Sophie's one of my dad's fav actress. He was the one who introduced Braveheart to me.

Gotta have Hairspray :)

Fable Frog:
Wow, 50 times watching Chungking Express? I watched that movie once and I didn't get it. Maybe coz I don't speak chinese and I had to rely on subtitles, but I just couldn't grasp the plot. Perhaps it's too artsy for me :(

What? You have book 3??? I looked everywhere for it >:P Maybe I'll have better luck finding it in Australia.

My bf, who doesn't read books, is also hooked onto the books. He even finished reading them b4 I did. He's on team jacob btw, coz he thinks the vampires are a bunch of sissies. Lol!

Hehehe... I have not met anyone who hasn't cried watching Braveheart. Hope you'll be able to watch Hairspray on HBO. I'm sure you'll love that one too :)

The Banker:
Hey you! Long time no c! :)

Wow, you watch a lot of heavy movies. I haven't watched A Very Long Engagement yet. Perhaps I'll give that one a try.

I also like The Last Samurai (love Ken Watanabe). Any movie with Denzel Washington in it is worth watching. And I've never watched Freedom Writers (can't remember if the movie ever made it to the cinemas in my country though).

Thanks for dropping by! :)

Perky said...

Twilight Zone:
The movies I put on this list are the commercial ones though. I do love some Oscar-worthy movies (read: movies no one watches. hehehe) but I couldn't remember the names when I wrote this post.

Oh yeah, 1 that pops in my mind right now is Elizabeth: The Golden Age. That's a very, very, very good movie and no one should ever question how talented an actress Cate Blanchett is after watching her in this one.

There's 1 scene (if I'm not mistaken, it was after she ordered the execution of her cousin), where she was alone, there was no dialogue, and Cate was walking up & down and had to act torn abt her decision & be distraught. That scene was tough for any actress bcoz the camera kept rolling & the actress had to depend on their raw emotion & at the same time, the camera had to capture that emotion. And Cate nailed it :)

p/s: Sorry for the long reply. I tend to get carried away sometimes. Lol!

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Perky, I too buy movie DVD's...
Have you seen 'The Gods must be crazy'? If not get it...its hilarious! You'll love it.

What about 'Last Samurai'? Memoirs of a Gesisha'?
Or...'Lust and caution'....starring Tony Leung.
Have fun and keep well, Lee.