Nov 8, 2008

When It Is OK to Hit Below the Belt

Scribbled by Perky |

I don't know what possessed me to write this. I was halfway writing about something else when I had the urge to write about a particular guy from my hell-raising days past.

I believe it was in 2001 when I had mistakenly took lust for love. I was with a girlfriend one day, doing regular girlfriend stuff in KLCC and decided to walk into the Kinokuniya bookstore.

Other than satisfying my weird obsession with being in bookstores/stationary shops, I wasn't looking for anything particular. But then, something... someone caught my eye.

Not to sound cliche, but really it was like how we watch in movies where the time kinda goes in slow-mo. There he was, standing in the music section, clad in khakis and polo t-shirt, the most good looking guy I have ever laid my eyes on. His looks was borderline on being pretty but somehow has managed to retain his machoism on that pretty face of his. His skin wasn't as porcelain white as most typical Japanese people are. He was kinda tanned, which scored huge in my books.

The above is NOT Japanese Boy, although they do have the same body type.

Without consciously knowing it, I was secretly hiding in between the bookshelves so I could have a better look at him. I grabbed my girlfriend's hand and excitedly squealed to her,"OMG, you have to check this guy out. He's so HOT!!!"

"Well, why don't you just say hi to him?", she replied to me and without warning, just grabbed my hand and dragged me to him.

Anyways, to cut the story short, turns out Japanese Boy is a friend of hers. So we were formally introduced, hung out more and eventually ended dating each other.

In many ways, Japanese Boy was a perfect bf - charming, unbelievably good looking, body nicely toned and tanned, filthy rich, well-mannered, and my friends loved him (and I believe there were days when they'd rather hang out with him than with me).

But he was always on the horny side, which didn't go down to well with me. No seriously, he was like a horny energizer bunny on speed. And I didn't want to go down that road with him because there was that gut feeling telling me something was not quite right with my prince charming.

The resemblance is very cunning...

So anyways, one fine day he tells me he needed to go back to Japan for a month to visit his grandma. In my heart I was like,"Aawwww, so sweet! He adores his grandma."

Ok fine, I was thinking more about the gifts he was going to buy for me from Japan.

While he was in Japan, his cousin (whom I've grown quite close to) and I was doing our usual drinking session when the conversation went something like this:

Cousin: I can't believe you let him go back to Japan.
Perky: I don't see why not.
Cousin: You're the coolest girlfriend.
Perky: What do you mean?
Cousin: He's there to be with his ex-girlfriend.

Cousin then proceeds to take a picture from his wallet of this girl who looked like a porn star.


Let's just say my reaction to that was very unladylike. But I played my cool and got my girlfriends to play along with my little revenge. When Japanese Boy came back, he didn't know that I had already found out about his affair. Because he had all this money to spend (and he wasn't stingy with it), my girls and I took him for a shopping spree.

It was fun at first, trying to burn a hole in his wallet. But unless if I was buying an island, it was very unlikely that he was going to be anywhere near broke. So I confronted him. Basically, he said he loved me very much but he's a man with certain needs and when those needs aren't met, he went looking for it with someone who would give it to him (which was always the said ex gf).


So anyways, long story cut short. I broke up with him. He went back to Porn Star Gf, gotten her pregnant, married her and only to divorce her a couple years later.

He did try to get back together even while he was married to her, but let's just say, it's kinda hard for me to take a guy seriously when the continuation of his generation depends on the lipstick between his legs.

Would you play with a lipstick?

*Writer has ZERO respect for men who cheats on their woman and a -50 respect for women who knows and yet stays with their cheating partners.

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11 Your say:

BiologicalClockTicking said...

Please do not forget the ones who are oblivious to their partners cheating ways. Shall we rate them a -25?

Nice site. Loved reading your blogs! :)

Twilight Zone said...

Good article. I was thinking of all my scandalous friends who fooled with innocent victims. The gals ended up crying on my shoulder. My no-longer friends were so mean and ought to live in hell. Hope you will trust guys again. Many are sweet like me! ....(laughing) Hee hee

savante said...

Emm... but I'm a lil bit horny as well!

Mlle Linie said...

ive been with someone like Japanese Boy, only to realise he had a separate handphone with a list of whores in his phonebook.

thank God I got to know abt before it was too late.

zero intellect, overflowing libido doesn't go very well with me either.

budleee said...

aww man.. that is such a bummer...

so he cheated on you becaue you dont have sex with him..

bummer ...

Aziya said...

well said... well move.... not sure why he always thinking of having sex with you darl. Like linie said... he is bunch of overflowing libido.. ewww...

Ron Jerem Lee said...

what a waste, you should marry the fucker, take 1/2 of his wealth, then send him off to the porn GF, then rip of another 1/4 of his wealth, then marry you again, rip off last round of 1/8 of his wealth again. then send him back home with 300 Yen for a bus ride.

(btw, if any man not take free sex advantage fullest during a relationship - he got tumor in the brain).

pls date me.

Anonymous said...

Is his penis really that small??

ToughGirl101 said...

Good for you! I'm really glad you left him.

Perky said...

Hehehe... yeah a -25 is about right for them ;)

Glad you like my site. Thanx for dropping by! :D

Twilight Zone:
I've learned to trust again, although it took another similar mistake to happen b4 I finally got it right :D

Hahaha! Well, it's not like you walk around with an erection all day long right? ;)

Mlle Linie:
Wow, a separate hp! The lengths some creeps would go to...

To him I wasn't fulfilling my "gf duties". Like as if it was a job to be his gf in the 1st place! Lol!

Guess some men are just born with a "genetic defect".

Ron Jerem Lee:
Hehehe! Haiyah, so much hassle just to swindle some $$$ from him. I'd rather swim in a pool of vomit than marry a womanizer.

Lol! Date you? Darling, pls take a number ya ;)

I leave that to your imagination ;)

I'm glad too! :D

Abdul said...

Hey perky,
Thanks a lot for dropping a comment over at my blog! you have a pretty nice blog design there, have a good day!