Sep 25, 2008

Somebody Stole My Baby

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Have you ever had that experience of coming home from school one day and found out that your dog had been given to SPCA by your parents? Yes, that devastatingly painful separation and dread of knowing that you will never ever see your pet anymore. Oh, that was exactly how I felt 2 days ago.

Except my lost was about the Nintendo Wii.

Which technically, isn't mine as it belongs to McChef. But that's not the point here. The sense of lost is just the same as losing a pet.

Hey, don't you dare judge me. I love the Wii just as much as I love my family member.

So when McChef decided to sell his Wii to *Far East, I was practically rolling on the floor and wailing,"Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?", "Do you really have toooooooooooooooooo?????"

It was bad enough that I didn't get to finish my Chocobo game, which I was really really into as I was playing it every night til 3 in the morning.

Chocobo Dungeons

But I think it's more devastating to me as McChef plans to get a PS3 (which was the whole point of selling off his Wii in the first place).

You know what a PS3 means to me? It means having to learn how to press complicated buttons again. The Wii was plain simple & genius. It just mimics your movement. But with a PS3 I actually need to use my brains to play a game. *sigh*

And I thought that the whole point of video games was to reduce the need of me having to exert my brains....

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8 Your say:

budleee said...

well guys love the analytical ps3. :D

better grafic

blue ray :D

Sam said...


Get an Xbox 360 - it's much much much better than the PS3. And you can play pirated games too (if getting online is not your thing) - so that's an added bonus.

Yes, the PS3 is fully original ONLY.

P/S: I am a loyal ori Xbox 360 user. Kekekekeke... ;)

Cromely said...

I don't suppose he backed up your game to an SD card before selling the Wii.

I love playing the Wii. I still get angry at Super Mario Galaxy, but I am determined to finish the damn thing.

Perky said...

And u know what blue ray means to me? Expensive original discs & cannot play the pirated ones *sigh*

Lol! Yeah, I know what an Xbox 360 fan u r! Hehehe... I did suggest that to him and he said,"See first". I guess that's a good sign.

Nope, he didn't :(

I played that too! Didn't finish it though coz it started to irritate me after a while. hehehe...

Malaysian Fabric Heritage said...

Foremost, thanks for the nice comment you wrote on my blog.

Sorry that your Wii has to go. Look at the brighter side; you got something new to handle now, the PS3. Brain or no brainer, the game must go on. all the best then.

Perky said...

Malaysian Fabric Heritage:
You're welcome :)

Yeah, I suppose I should be happy about the PS3. If it doesn't work out, I could always scream at him to buy back the Wii ;) hehehe...

Far-East said...

ouch lol

my bro throws his thanx 2 you & McChef all d way fr Scotland! ..& ur welcome 2 fly over 4 a wee bit o Wii + a wee bit o hols hehe ;p

Perky said...

>:P Keji! Lol!! I'll just wait til you buy your own wii & I'll just serang your house. hehehehe ;P

p/s: I actually found a coffee shop here in kch called "Far East Coffee". Lol!!