Sep 28, 2008

Torn Between 3 Lovers

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Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy. What have I gotten myself into?

I’ve been wanting to give myself a pretty damn good reward, so I’ve been planning to buy me a laptop. Since I’m “a bit rich” now – having cleared most of my credit card debt, my recent job promotion=better pay, AND having saved some moolah – buying a laptop as my year-end present seems to be within my grasp.

Now I actually don’t need a super computer that comes with all sorts of gadgets or whatever. Afterall, I’m only going to use it for my online stuff – blogging, Facebooking, checking my emails, surfing and playing backing tracks when I practice my guitar. I don’t even download stuff. I leave that to my sister, Big Fat Witch, since she’s so good at that ;)

So I just need a pretty simple and decent laptop. But most simple and decent laptops are either black or white. B-O-R-I-N-G!

So when Sony came out with the pink VAIO, I went into a frenzy mode (which btw comes once in 3-4 years, thank God! Otherwise I'll have to eat bread for many many months). Yes, PINK. And that’s pretty much why I want it. Because it comes in pink. Yeah, yeah, call me a ditz, call me a bimbo, call me whatever. The ridiculous things people do when they have money. But if you ask me, it’s better to be ridiculous with money than being ridiculous yet have no money.

So I recently told Big Fat Witch about my next big purchase, which she then asked me,”Why not get a Dell laptop? They have it in pink and it’s so much cheaper than a VAIO. Plus, you can customize it to suit your needs”.

Huh? Dell has a pink laptop too??? Eeeeehhh, I wannnnttt!

She then proceeds to give me the pros and cons between the 2 brands. And of course, she being pro-Dell, she tells me that Dell is better. And at RM2,000 I can already own a Dell.

However, I’m still stuck in a limbo between these 2 brands simply because I’ve been eyeing the VAIO for the longest of times. So it’s hard to switch my allegiance. But of course, I still have until the end of the year to decide or I could just flip a coin right here and now.

Anyways, I met up with my dear friend, Sean, a few days ago and told him about the situation that I was in. He sat there, quietly, attentively, nodding away like as if he was agreeing with me. And when I was finished telling him my story, he then asked me,”Why get a VAIO? Why get a Dell? Why NOT get a Mac?

A Mac? Isn’t that… erm… more expensive?? Plus, it runs on an alien platform to me.

Since he’s a proud owner of a MacBook (the best RM4,000 he spent on), he tells me why I should “invest” in one.

From the time he started using it, he has never encountered any viruses nor does he ever need to install all those anti-virus software (because Mac OS X isn’t plagued by constant virus and malware attacks).

The MacBook is also the first trip-proof power cord in the world. So if you’re a klutz (like me), you don’t have to worry about bringing down your MacBook with you should you trip over your own computer cables (its power cord is attached via a magnetic connection that pulls out easily).

Also, the guys at Apple teaches you how to use your MacBook for free (which is great since I’ve been using Windows PC my whole life).

And a MacBook has that WOW factor.




But it doesn’t come in pink.





Oh but the Mac black is sexy though….


So here I am. Torn between these 3 wonderful laptops. What’s it going to be? A VAIO? A Dell? Or a MacBook? Oh decisions, decisions…

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9 Your say:

Legolas said...

But my friend did get a pink laptop from Apple. I'm not sure what the model is though. But they do have pink.

savante said...

Sounds like you want a Mac :)

Twilight Zone said...

Buy what you can afford now & sell off to upgrade. I sell off all my computers & mobiles every >2 years.

Nick Phillips said...

I say go for MacBook! But if all else fails, just buy a cheap one and spray paint the casing la ... LOL!

ToughGirl101 said...

Go for the mac! Go for it! Go for it!

Perky said...

I found it legolas!! I found it!! Oh my god oh my god.. now there's absolutely no reason 4 me NOT to get a mac ;)

Hehehe... well done, mind reader! :D

Twilight Zone:
It's not in my nature to buy and sell. I usually buy something & use it til it's spoilt or lost.

I've tried selling my iPod b4 (it was the 1st generation iPod and I wanted to get something smaller), but I just couldn't coz I somehow feel attached to it. I know... I'm weird that way ;)

Nick Phillips:
Lol!!! Yeah, I could just do that ;)

Yeap, a Mac it is! :)

lyana said...

MAC! you can always run windows (XP, vista sucks!) on it.

Perky said...

Hehehe... I went to the Apple store today just to survey2 the laptop. The Mac guys pretty much won me over ;) Can't wait for the end of the year to buy it!

fede said...

I'd recommend you get a mac the white one & get the perspex casing in pink. I have not seen one at the shop i went, but I am sure u can find one in pink somewhere. Mine is flaming red btw, hihi. Now, changaeable casings are changable, in case u decide not to like pink in the next 5 years, you will not be stuck with a hideous looking machine. hey now don't sue me, i'm just offering an idea, pink is lovely too! :D
Now another selling point (of which i am NOT being paid but i'd love to) think of it this way, u slave off in the office for 8hours min on Windows (i presume), think of how great it'd be to come home to eye candy Mac? And yes, Mac Os is freaking easy, you don't even need to know a computer to use it. I kid you not! :D