Sep 21, 2008

Going BINGO!

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I used to think that the game of Bingo was a game for senior citizens as that was what I had often watched on tv – if there’s a scene on the old folks at a retirement home, more often than not they’ll be playing Bingo.

But that perception of mine changed when I went to elementary school in UK. Everyday we had an hour which was devoted to either story-reading or playing boardgames. Apart from my music lessons, PE and swimming classes, I practically lived for this hour because we were each given our little box of milk and a snack, and basically just spend the hour having fun.

On some days it could be story-telling (where sometimes the principal himself would come in and read us a story) and other days it would be us forming groups playing Scrabble, Pictionary, Snakes & Ladders and so forth.

But on one particular day, my classroom teacher Ms Eckles said she had a game where all of us can take part, there was no need to form groups. In her hand was this curious-looking device that looked like a transparent ball and in it were many tiny balls. She handed a card of numbers to each of us, told us to take a highlighter each and sit down.

So there we were, learning to play Bingo. At first I was pretty slow in locating the numbers that were called out but as soon as I got the hang of it, I had my game face on. It was so nerve wrecking waiting for that one number I needed to call out ‘Bingo!’. And even more nerve wrecking when I saw my friends anxious to call out for ‘Bingo!’ too. We were playing for chocolate brownies that day, so you can imagine how competitive we all were. When our play time was over, a riot almost broke out because we wanted to continue on playing. "Please Ms Eckles, just one more!!", we screamed. It was that addictive.

Last year I attended a party and they had a game of Bingo. We were playing for electrical goods and just being in that moment made me realize that you’re never too young or too old to be playing Bingo.

Now we can start them off on Bingo as young as 2 years old. Screenlife Games came out with Disney Bingo DVD game that offers a high-tech twist by combining classic Bingo game play with Disney characters and movie clips. Available at or, this Disney Bingo DVD game lets kids learn numbers and colors recognition as well as matching skills.


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bintang4 said...

Your autoplay music widget is bad for this "insane" site..infact it's violate Entrecard law #11

Legolas said...

Ooh... Makes me want to play Bingo too.

Nick Phillips said...

You know, I still have no idea how bingo is played to this very day ... LOL!

Perky said...

Perky's law #6 says her rules overrules all Entrecard laws ;) But I'll take off the autoplay

Kan? Kan? :) Maybe I should introduce bingo to the girls, but I doubt it'll be a hit coz they all are so crazy about mahjong.

Nick Phillips:
OMG. It's so easy to play & it's very addictive! :)