Aug 2, 2008

The Panty Lesson

Scribbled by Perky |

From my previous panty post, I think you guys can pretty much tell that I'm the do-laundry-once-a-week kinda gal. You may think I'm just being lazy but really, I'm not.

When you do laundry everyday, you not only waste water, but also you waste a lot of detergent. Not to mention how much energy you waste trying to do so little laundry. Therefore, it's not because I'm lazy, I'm just being practical about doing laundry.

The thing about a woman's undergarment is that you can't chuck it into the washing machine like you would with men's undies or boxers. If we were to chuck our bras into the washing machine, in no time will it lose it's shape. I spend about RM100+ per bra, so I take extra care of them.

I know there are girls out there who just chucks their underwear into the washing machine. But seriously, that's just GROSS! We women (guys, better close your eyes for this) have discharge and we bleed every other day. Can you imagine having all that discharge and blood spinning around, mixing with our regular clothes? Gross, 'in it? *eerrgh shivers at the thought*

Therefore, I handwash my undergarments.

Problem is, I do it once a week. Maybe twice a week max.

So, there are times when I do run out of fresh undies to wear. I'm talking about the cotton, breathable, comfy, working gal panties to wear. Then when those run out, I sometimes resort to wearing my granny panties to work *gasps at the horror*

Yes, I do. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Then on really rare occassions, like yesterday, I actually ran out of my normal panties AND my granny panties to wear! (well I think a gnome has stashed my panties in a secret compartment somewhere. Either that, or maybe McChef has been wearing my panties too).

So what's a girl to do? I can't possibly go commando, especially not with Scary Bush lurking around waiting to be discovered. And I can't possibly do what guys do - flipping their dirty undies inside out - and wear the "fresh" one. Eew eew eew!

So I opened up my treasure chest and voila! I took out my lingerie panties (the sexy lacey ones) and wore that instead. For the entire day. And the entire night (as I was out til midnight).

Let me tell you this very important lesson that I just learned.

Never ever wear lingerie panties for extended periods of time. Lingerie panties are for show.

The panties just kept rubbing against my erm... cracks/cheeks. I now have what feels like rug-burn, only in my cracks. Yeah, I have lace-burns. In my cracks. Stop laughing. It's not funny okay. It's really uncomfortable!

I'm thisclose to putting lotion around that region, but really, I don't want McChef to get the "wrong idea".

So, mental note to self: Lacey lingerie panties are not to be worn for more than 5 minutes.

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7 Your say:

lyana said...

darliinnnng- buy more cotton panties! :)

I handwash my undergarments too- and the trick is to have two sets of everything if you're busy and don't have the time to handwash your stuffs. off course, this also means one needs a bigger wardrobe, but hey- what's a girl without a huge wardrobe kan? :))

and agree with the washing once week- and use biodegrable washing agents (normally the detergent's labelled whether it is enviro-friendly). :))

savante said...

Chafing panties. Sounds like the leather briefs I once tried. Ugh.

Legolas said...

Hahaha! That's so funny! And we learn a lesson today.

budleee said...


i think i better take note of that when i had to the family laundry...

no wonder they have pantyliners... its to absorb those other things...

Perky said...

Lol! I have plenty of cotton panties, prob is I don't know where I put them most of the time, esp after i wash them (i have a habit of throwing my clothes around ;) ).

Yeah, I'm trying to switch to biodegradable detergents.. prob is they're sooo expensive! *sigh*

Oh. My. God. You did not! What were you thinking? Were you trying to audition as the 47th member of the Village People? Lol! ;)

Yes yes. Important lesson needs to be shared with everyone ;)

Oh you'd better take note if you have sisters sharing your laundry ;)

Dirty Laundry Diva said...

Oh, I also throw my clothes around and have a hard time finding them when I need them.

Just this weekend I lost an entire pile of clothes, they had slipped between the bed and the bed frame.

Anyway, enjoyed reading your post- very true and funny!

Perky said...

Lol! That sounds like me alright - clothes slipping between the bed & the bed frame. hahaha!

Glad you enjoyed my post :)