Jul 6, 2008

Panty Raid!

Scribbled by Perky |

Last night I was hanging my panties to dry at the balcony. As I was going about with my business, I noticed this guy from the apartment across of my condo. As I had my lights on, I was pretty sure he could see what I was doing. Seriously, I was directly across his balcony.

Then a thought came to my mind.

"I bet that guy is thinking how weird I am to be hanging this many panties in the middle of the night".

Ok fine, he most likely doesn't give a damn about how many panties I have. But if I was in his shoes and I saw someone else hanging this many panties in the middle of the night, I'd definitely be cracking a joke or two about it.

"She must be the maid doing laundry for her boss. She can't possibly have all those panties to herself!"

"What a weird freak! What does she do? Change her panties every hour???"

"Hey guys, bring your binoculars to the balcony quick. Let's make a bet. Who can guess how many panties this girl have. I'm guessing 103 panties."

"Errrh... what is that thing? Those strings don't look like they're comfortable to wear."

"Whoooaaaa Nelly! Even my grandma's panties ain't as big as those!"

I think I can safely say that he definitely thinks I'm weird after seeing me take a photo of my panties. I needed the photographic proof to show to you guys, so what was I suppose to do? Draw them??? I can't even draw stick figures, let alone draw panties! Oh the things I do to entertain you guys :P

Oh well, that's a week's worth of laundry.

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8 Your say:

budleee said...

well its not that weird... to hang our laundry, regardless of which type it is..

i be worried if that guy has a fetish for panties and starts stealing them from you..

anyways this is not so weird. Tyra Banks panties party is so much weirder

Anonymous said...

nice...much nicer if u could pose in some of them..kinda like those victoria secrets model... hahahaha,,,...but i think i'm serious

savante said...

Darlin, it's a straight guy. He's thinking... ooh, black lacy panties.

liza said...

that was really hilarious perky! although it is just normal for us girls to hang those, i bet he did think of so many things while you were hanging those panties hahaha.

Perky said...

Oh God, I hope no one steals my panties... I only have enough to last me a week ;)

LMAO!! Pose in my undies? I think I need to be super drunk to do that. But I never say never! ;)

*sigh* Yeah, straight men's imagine is pretty limited I must say.

Hehehe... oh one can only guess what that guy is really thinking about! Hahaha!

Aziya said...

Aiya... it reminds me of the year I stayed in the hostel during the high school... I think it's same amount as yours... *hygiene freaks*

Sam said...

The weirdness is actually putting the picture of your panties up on the blog. :P Hee hee~

Ratu Syura said...

Haha! Budlees's right. Panty stalkers are the one to look out for.. Whenever I do my laundry, my line will look exactly the same too. Too bad for other guys, my laundry line is well hidden from public view.. :P