Jul 31, 2008

Screw You!

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Today was one of those days where I just feel that I absolutely hate my job and I wanted to quit. Enough of this nonsense, f*ck y'all and goodbye.

It's really amazing how your client twists your words just so that they can have it their way. And today was the first time I yelled at my client over the phone. I lost my temper and I almost wanted to throw the phone on the floor and stomp on it. I even wanted to chuck my computer out of the window. I was that mad.

I don't think I've ever been that mad in years. The last time I felt that mad I put my fist through an idiot's face.

Even though my colleagues know that I would never have promised this client the things she said I did, there's not much comfort I can take from that... because I still feel like I'm being screwed. Because she went up to my big boss and demanded that I keep my "promise". If this client had some common sense, if indeed I had made such "promises", it would've been something that I would've communicated in black-and-white as it is not something that can be verbally confirmed.

But because of the ties we have with this client, she might just have it her way. My words twisted around to pave way for her silly demands. And then I'll be completely screwed.

If I were to have it my way, I'd tell this client to take their money elsewhere (or rather go shove it up your a$$). Because the money really isn't worth all this bs.

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Nick Phillips said...

I felt exactly the same way today but for a different reason in the office.

And I do know how that feels when clients twist your words. I've had on more than a few occasions my clients overriding me and calling my boss and telling her I'm being difficult! Can you believe that?

If I had my way, I'd pulverize the living daylights out of some of them.

Cheer up, the weekends always upon us :D

Aziya said...

Darling... shit does happens... relax and move forward. It's part of life challenge.. *smile*

Legolas said...

Some clients are just so difficult to deal with. I'm way not ready for it but I'm still doing it just because I'm the only one who knows how to speak better English. Cis...

Poor you.

budleee said...

hmm i am one of those difficult clients/ customers..

dare to pulvalrized me?

but i am the smart ones, i get everything written down in black and white :) or record it on my phone


Anonymous said...

funny, u'r proud that ur a smart cheater??!! CAPITAL B-S!!!!

budleee said...

is it me, who anon is replying too?
hey who says i am cheating, if everything is written in black and white or that you have evidence that you could get that deal, does not mean that one is a cheater. if the customer lies well that is a different story.. don't get your undies in a twist anon if you can't handle customers

Anonymous said...

yeah,...exactly!!! same way the government and its timber company alliance works..still bs! and fyi, i handle machine and not human.

budleee said...

thank god!, you would make a lousy employee in sales..

Anonymous said...

yea..i thank God for that....

Perky said...

Nick Phillips:
Lol! Yeah, if we only we had it our way ;) It's just amazing how some clients just squeeze you out of everything!

Yeah. Dah move forward pun... it's just I don't like having to deal with this sort of conflict bcoz it's so unnecessary.

Then you must be pretty darn lucky to have dealt with not-so-smart sales people ;) Lol!

But a client shouldn't have 2 be difficult. I find that if a client and I have good relationship, I always go the extra mile for them. And I'm pretty sure that's how most sales ppl are with their good clients. Perhaps you'd like to try a different kind of approach ;)

Perky said...

Anonymous & Budleee:
1 day I tak check my blog, dah pulak ada "heated" debate.

Anon, Budleee was most probably being sarcastic & funny when he made those remarks. He meant no harm.

Budleee, tak yah lah nak drag yourself into this petty catfight.

There's so much bad shit going out there, that there's really no need to argue among each other.

Peace :)

budleee said...


actually if the sales person knows how to make me feel good, i would tell people about it, drag people to the place and blog about it :D

if you are a lousy sales person, i will bring hell on you, write a complaint letter and blog about it after i take your picture and paste it everywhere


*btw, thanks for understanding my humour :) >hugs< i got kick out of a blog once from a comment like that :D

Anonymous said...